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  1. Ben and Marc...sorry for such short notice but something has come up and i'm not going to make the matches this weekend...if you'd like to reschedule let me know...once again i appologize...
  2. Ben....Look forward to meeting you as well...and by game lobby do you mean TS game lobby or the Game CQ lobby. Either will be fine...Maybe i'll learn a few tricks for future use...lol See you then.
  3. Ok...lets see...Ben I accept your challenge for Saturday 7pm Nov.19. Lets use Cloacking..And Marc I accept your challenge Sunday Nov. 20 7pm...And also use cloaking...If anything comes up between now and then...just post and we'll reschedule. Meet on TS if its working...around 7pm...
  4. Marc...I accept your challenge for. Saturday Nov 19..7:00pm. No cloaking....might as well make it interesting...If anything comes up just let me know.
  5. Marc...I'm going to have to decline your challenge...I've got alot going on Fri. and Sat. and I have my checkride Sunday....However if you want to plan something for next weekend just let me know...we'll try to work something out...i could use the experience....as brief as it probably will be...lol.
  6. Nevermind it says unavailable..when you go to the link..My mistake.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-h...2033369-5038314 You might want to talk to them
  8. lol...lesson learned and noted. And technically i have finished training. Just waiting on Commander Marvin to make it official. Passed my test yesterday. . Anyway Cadet Out
  9. Sorry I didn't realize that i shouldn't have registered. So i didn't know i had done anything wrong. Or i would have reported. But I'm still learning. And YES..i sent my last mission to Commander Marvin a few hours ago, so if all goes well, I'll be able to remove Cadet from my sig. But again i appologize for the confusion.
  10. Ok. Well i'm still in training anyway. But i'll take care of that.
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