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    Univeral Combat. (role playing in general)
  1. DarkCommand

    Best carriers (...at least I think so)

    Megaron, plain and simple, iv killed so many ships, inclueding super carriers and not taken a spec of damgae to the shields, much less my armor.
  2. DarkCommand


    Ok this may be some were else on the site but I cant find it. What is the point of destryoing an enemy ODS? I blew one up and IDK if any thing happed?
  3. DarkCommand

    The PTA turret sweet spot

  4. DarkCommand

    Joke of the day

    There is a King who has a princess, And there are 3 princes who want to marry her, so the King issues a challange to the 3 princes: "I play alot of ping pong, and I always lose the balls, so whoever can find the most ping pong balls in 3 months can marry my daughter." Ok, so they all go off. Tts been 2 months so the first prince finds alot of balls, and decides to head back early, he gets to the pallace and the King asks him" Well how many balls did you find? and the prince says: 255 to be fair the king must wait till the rest of the princes retrun. 2 weeks later the second price come back with 300 ping pong balls, and the first prince leaves. Finally on the last day the King is very nervous. The last prince comes back and look awful, his robes are ripped and hes all bloodly and he has a really big slimy thing over his sholder that hes dragging, and the King says How dare you enter my pallace looking like that, and it dose not look like you have a single ping pong ball! the prince replies PING PONG BALLS, I thought you said KING KONGS BALLS.
  5. DarkCommand

    Joke of the day

    Not to be racist, but that joke also works with americans and mexicans........(no offence intednded to mexicans.)
  6. DarkCommand


    OK ounce again I did not put as much in my post as I should have. The problem is that Non-Religous people use Religion to control very good religous people. Im my opion Religous people are very good and kind people, but when some one, As Jaguar said; its a political reason that that person uses to take control of the religous groups. Ounce again proving my point. If you put your faith (and Belife) into some one like a bishop or the pope, that says "you must do this" then that person will probely do it fearing eternal damnation if they dont. Now some one who listens, but has ideas can reason it out and say, "well I know what you want me to do, but its wrong" And there we have the point that none of you have even come close to, lol. This is about Religous Ideas Verses Religous Belifes. Not about; is religoun a good think or bad thing. Religous are just an exuse for humans to explain the unexplainable, which is impossible, becasue you cant test or prove any thing about religious belifes, and thus you need a more fluid theolgy, one not bound by rigoud rules, but one that can change and grow with technology and humanity.
  7. DarkCommand

    2005 season

    what happened? I have not been getting PMed so I have not been to Galacom, whats going on?
  9. DarkCommand


    lol I knew that this post would get alot of respones and I was right (: Well just to clarify, I never said religion is bad, I know there are some people that is all they have, but I think its better if people had Ideas rather than belifes. With an Idea you can question your existance, not be afraid about doing some thing wrong or fearing fire and brimstone form the "creator" The problem is that people always try to use religon as an exuse to control people, with belifes that is very easy, with ideas its very hard and almost impsoible.
  10. DarkCommand

    Congress plans scrutiny of Patriot Act

    DIE PATRIOT ACT DIE sorry anger managment.
  11. DarkCommand


    Hello, I thought id come here and share my opinon with you bunch of geeks, (im one too) Honestly, Id like some one to tell me some good that religion has done for the world. People take there beliefes to seriously and should take up looking at reiligon as ideas, ideas that can change and grow with more ideas from others. In my opinon to many BAD things have happend with reiligon as the cause: crusades being one, terrorist exuse for causeing harm, and just general feudes between people. Just cause some one BEILIFES something you dont dose not give them the right to get mad and try to kill them, dose it?, I think not. So if people had ideas they could change them and share them without any one getting mad, or at least so I think. Please tell me what YOU think, and what good you think Reiligon has done for the world, id like to know. (Edited Spelling in topic subject) [ 05-27-2005, 12:43 AM: Message edited by: Remo Williams ]
  12. when is the next match at Galcom?
  13. DarkCommand

    2005 season

    I just PMed ben, so if he wants me on the team ill be there.
  14. DarkCommand

    Fleet training

    lol, the Special ops fleet is out cold. ok, lets try when shcool gets out (like one week)
  15. DarkCommand

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    lol dude I just ment for fun, but tnxs anyway