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  1. Well, seeing as BCM's freeware now, and that I can't find an actual copy... well, anywhere, I figured I'd give it a shot. Confusion immediately ensued. So after a few... time units of some sort of pouring over the manual/key info, I managed to create a MERCENARY... Yeah. Anyway, I get this logon/logoff screen. Don't know what to do with it and I just feel like getting used to it, so I decide to head out, figuring I'll return to the screen later. The only problem is... how? I can't really figure out how to interact with much of anything, and a quick scan over of the manual proved to not offer the information I was looking for. Of course, I'm not actually sure what this was, and the manual makes me think it was just the confirmation menu for character creation. So, yeah. Tongue-tied and twisted just and earthbound misfit, I... have no idea how to get off of this planet. I assumed I have to go into a base somewhere and buy a ship or something, but... I'm not really sure how to do THAT. The manual doesn't mention groundbases. By the way, the registration bit doesn't seem to support the free games. I've posted the small amount of system information I know directly in my sig until I can figure out how exactly to setup a proper profile. I don't recall the PM mentioning the free versions, but I might be wrong.