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  1. Enemy Starfighter Looks spiffy!
  2. I have to say I was simultaneously thrilled and disappointed with Tron: LEgacy. It has a lot of great set pieces and it takes you a pretty good ride, even if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.... unfortunately the flick draaaaaaaaaaaaaags between set pieces That being said it's definatly worth seeing in theaters, especially in IMAX 3D, with booming bass of a theater, it will instantly turn you into a fan of Daft Punk Not as awesome as it should have, Tron Legacy is a good popcorn adventure for 3.5 out of 5.
  3. Duke Nukem Forever is going to be released! o.o Gameplay Vidfrom PAX
  4. At almost 3 times the cost and since you can use the upgrade version to do a clean install anyhow, not a whole lot of point doing it any other way.
  5. Through happy chance I was able to get a copy of Window 7 Pro upgrade really cheap through work. I had a mind numbing time trying to get it to install. (Note for other users, if you are upgrading XP 32-bit to W7 64-bit. Go here to get the USB install tool and Here to make it work. to save yourself similar headache. After using a work around to get the process started, it was a breeze. As for th OS itself... I think that says it all. Just wanted to gush and say I love Windows all over again!
  6. Raziel

    Mortal Kombat

    No one knows yet if this is supposed to be a clip for a new movie or a teaser for a new game, but either way fuggin sweet o.o Mortal Kombat
  7. Raziel


    Movie title pretty sums up my feelings! 5 our of 5
  8. Admittedly I would love to see a true sequel in the vein of Terror from the Deep or even better Apocalypse(didn't care for the retro-future style, but easily best in the series). I think from what coverage was available. X-com Alliance would have been an awesome game. So, i think we have a great chance of something truly special.
  9. X-Com Returns! From what info is available it looks to be int he same vein as the canceled X-Com Alliance. Which looked so sweet in previews ...Can't believe that was almost ten years ago...I'm so old Anyhoo, what a way to start a day
  10. I'm in the beta (heart Fileplanet). It's good, not great but good. Personally im a little underwhelmed by the away missions, rather boring to me. However the space combat and "exploration" is great. I'm still fresh from the tutorial, so my opinion might change as things go on.
  11. The Expendables! Looks awesome
  12. Raziel


    I loved the movie, but the end battle bugged me. I can understand why they wanted to be up close and personal for the Tree battle to minimize damage to the ore vein...but for the finale, wouldn't it have been just simpler and faster to 'nuke the site from orbit'?
  13. Riverworld Trailer Looks pretty good
  14. Hm. I just read about this on i09, but apparently Syfy is going to give Riverworld another shot and will have a new Mini-series/pilot coming out either end of this year or sometime next year. Spiffy
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