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  1. Max Payne 3 coming this winter! Teh Hotness!
  2. Press the Start Button-Ludacris
  3. Special MK Sound bites. Haha. That's pretty cool
  4. What in the heck, happened? Don't know how they went from the awesomeness that was Casino Royale to this disjointed mess? I had such high hopes for this movie. So seriously disappointed. Quantum of Solace gets a 4/10.
  5. Most likely, Clerks II and Mallrats get funnier everytime I watch them
  6. While not one of Kevin Smith's better films, it was hilarious. Great popcorn flick and I think a must have for the inevitable unrated Dvd 7.5/10
  7. KOTOR MMO!!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Google Chrome Google now has it's own web browser. Been trying it for a bit, pretty spiffy.
  9. Max Payne Movie Trailer meh.... Looks like it may make a decent rental flick, but Mark Wahlburg doesnt exactly strike me as an action star let alone as Max Payne. Could be worse though, he could be playing Duke Nukem
  10. Mirror's Edge Looks pretty sweet
  11. Raziel

    Tron 2!!!!

    Not that i know off, but here is a bootleg version of said trailer http://gizmodo.com/5029479/tron-2-trailer-...s-wet-worldwide
  12. Carrier without hesitation. Shuttles > all, ergo more shuttles = more win
  13. Raziel

    Tron 2!!!!

    Tron 2 Trailer Showed at ComiCon Sweet
  14. Sony annouces no more BC compatibility w...t....f... Considering they only have 2 excellent exclusive titles, removing access to their other libraries seems powerful stupid on Sony's part Sigh...
  15. Man I can't believe it's been so long since I've worked on a story I'm trying to get back into the habit and to kick things off I thought I post a short teaser for story I am working and should have completed soon-ish. I hope you enjoy
  16. George Carlin passes away
  17. Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Need to skip to about 3 minutes into the vid, if you just want to see the footage. Man, it looks sweet
  18. http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/star...uder/index.html Dunno what to say about this. Loved the first one even though it butchered the book beyond recognition, liked the second one even though it was barely even comparable to even the first movie. This could be really bad...or so horribly bad that it's awesome.
  19. I've Been playing ARMA and CoD4, but that has been buying time until the end of may. Director's Cut of Mass Effect!! W00t!
  20. Raziel

    Iron Man

    Screw Nick Fury. Next movie will have War Machine!!
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