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  1. Link What strikes me as downright hilarious is this I mean you have to feel for the kid, not only is his pop a nut, but his pop is nut trying to destroy all the games he loves o.0 Must be some great dinner table conversations at that house.
  2. A rather scathing, yet hilarous take on hip-hop and crunk. *warning* some language Read-A-Book Haha
  3. Raziel

    TV- Burn Notice

    I'll be glad when the stupid tennis open is done, and we can get back to Maimi.
  4. that's because of the site revamp. Here is the new Link http://www.3000ad.com/site/screenshots_ucce/
  5. Raziel

    TV-Flash Gordon

    Meh. Lexx sucked when it became a show. It was better off as the made for Tv films. They should give Tremors a another shot
  6. This is Sci-fi channels attempt to remake a sci-fi classic, in order to fill the void left by SG-1's departure. Well..I was raised to not say anything, if you can't say anything nice....but lord this was bad o.0 . I mean on the level of SCi-Fi Channel presents bad. We are talking so horrendous that even Doctor Who, is a masterpiece. *shudder* It is so bad, that SC would donate money out of his own pocket for another season of BSG just to keep this show off the air.
  7. Raziel

    TV- Burn Notice

    A CIA agent for an unknown reason is issued a Burn Notice, ie. meaning fired. But the CIA doesn't just give you a pink slip, and let you take your skills elsewere. They destroy your history, your finical records everything and strand you in a city of their choosing. So he's stranded in Miami and he wants to know why he was burned. In the course of tracking down clues, he inadvertently helps out people with their problems. (Like getting revenge on a scammer, who hurt a friend of his mother, so that his mother would tell him some vital information. etc) It's a pretty funny show, and It's got Bruce campbell in it. So how could it go wrong
  8. This is a new show on USA. Thursdays at 10. Definitely one of the best new shows this season
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQQS8pGw1M0 Haha
  10. Raziel


    www.plif.com www.leasticoulddo.com www.sexylosers.com (very NSFW) www.vgcats.com
  11. Sarah Silverman at MTV awards Ouch.. Yet HAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. I really don't keep up with the multitude of graphics cards, seemingly released every second . So as the time comes for an upgrade what would you all recommend? My System profile is accurate except that now I have 2.5gb of Ram.
  13. Superman vs Frosty The whole site is hilarious but this one just made my sides hurt.
  14. It's official, Blizzard is working on Starcraft II. You can take a look at some of the new Protoss units and the first movie here http://www.starcraft2.com/ Awesome and yet kind of dissapointing. I was kind of hoping for new MMo... But still
  15. Raziel

    TV- Drive

    The Drive website. The show has been canceled and they may show the final 2 produced episodes some time in May or they may just air them online only. http://www.fox.com/Drive/
  16. Raziel

    TV- Drive

    I can't believe it :9 The show had only been on for FOUR episodes and they canceled it It's not right to kill a great show like that, even Tremors: The Series got alonger run.
  17. Raziel

    Uwe Boll

    Did you watch the clip of the opening scene? Haha. that was funny as hell
  18. I was reading the official forums for the game S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Shadow of Chernobyl, and some one posted a link to a web project about the real Chernobyl. Kidd of Speed: Bike Ride through Chernobyl Very interesting and also really sad.
  19. Raziel


    Haha. I have to admit that's kinda of funny in a dark sort of fashion
  20. Matt Damon = moderate Actor In Bourne Identity Wahlberg= mediocre actor still trying to live off Boogie Nights.
  21. STALKER innocent of art stealing On a side note, STALKER is a great game
  22. Raziel

    TV- Drive

    Just watched the premier tonight, It was pretty good. I can't want to see how the rest of the season pans out.
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