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  1. That might be a bit of trouble for me, but I should be able to make it happen. Apologies for the short notice. I understand the trouble it causes. Anyway, let's plan on next Sunday. This being halfway across the world is a pain in the neck.
  2. Fleet: ISS Fleet Order: System Supremacy Target Region: Treas Proposed Times: Sunday, November 5th, 2006 whatever time is best for my GMT timezone friends (I'm US Central Timezone)
  3. I am free any time tomorrow. Looks like it's just Marc and myself. Good thing this is only a test season - I'm gonna get creamed.
  4. quote:Prez, where are you? Here!!!!! Sorry for the unresponsiveness - it's a long, sad story... Anyway, I'm trying to reach Marc for verification, but I'd like to perform our fleet action on Sunday. (Saturday would be fine, too.) It will be option 2 - System Supremacy in Treas. I have yet to speak with Krasus, but if anyone is in contact with him, let him know. Thanks. I'll make an official fleet order once I have it confirmed.
  5. This is frickin' hysterical. Darn you, I can't stop giggling to myself.
  6. Thanks for the extra work SC. Looks great now.
  7. Well, it shows up as the entire list of "Today's Active Topics" right now. There's 2 pages of entries. I find it disgusting myself.
  8. Oh this is real mature. Look at the mess in the forum. Some guy looking for attention, I guess. Chldren. ****SIGH****
  9. It wasn't me - I couldn't make it over 24 hours. Man, I love this series.
  10. All I can say is: http://media.pc.gamespy.com/media/736/736194/imgs_1.html
  11. This isn't based on a 1994 360 degree first person shooter from Parallax Software and Interplay, is it?
  12. Income reduced BY 90K? My, my aren't we the MONEYBAGS!
  13. I shouldn't laugh. Trying not to laugh. Trying...hard...not to....laugh. Okay seriously. I feel terrible for the Observers themselves and for their families. In that lives were lost, this isn't really a laughing matter. The UN is worse than useless - they are criminally negligent. But I feel for the loss of life.
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