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  1. That might be a bit of trouble for me, but I should be able to make it happen. Apologies for the short notice. I understand the trouble it causes. Anyway, let's plan on next Sunday. This being halfway across the world is a pain in the neck.
  2. Fleet: ISS Fleet Order: System Supremacy Target Region: Treas Proposed Times: Sunday, November 5th, 2006 whatever time is best for my GMT timezone friends (I'm US Central Timezone)
  3. I am free any time tomorrow. Looks like it's just Marc and myself. Good thing this is only a test season - I'm gonna get creamed.
  4. quote:Prez, where are you? Here!!!!! Sorry for the unresponsiveness - it's a long, sad story... Anyway, I'm trying to reach Marc for verification, but I'd like to perform our fleet action on Sunday. (Saturday would be fine, too.) It will be option 2 - System Supremacy in Treas. I have yet to speak with Krasus, but if anyone is in contact with him, let him know. Thanks. I'll make an official fleet order once I have it confirmed.
  5. This is frickin' hysterical. Darn you, I can't stop giggling to myself.
  6. Thanks for the extra work SC. Looks great now.
  7. Well, it shows up as the entire list of "Today's Active Topics" right now. There's 2 pages of entries. I find it disgusting myself.
  8. Oh this is real mature. Look at the mess in the forum. Some guy looking for attention, I guess. Chldren. ****SIGH****
  9. It wasn't me - I couldn't make it over 24 hours. Man, I love this series.
  10. All I can say is: http://media.pc.gamespy.com/media/736/736194/imgs_1.html
  11. This isn't based on a 1994 360 degree first person shooter from Parallax Software and Interplay, is it?
  12. Income reduced BY 90K? My, my aren't we the MONEYBAGS!
  13. I shouldn't laugh. Trying not to laugh. Trying...hard...not to....laugh. Okay seriously. I feel terrible for the Observers themselves and for their families. In that lives were lost, this isn't really a laughing matter. The UN is worse than useless - they are criminally negligent. But I feel for the loss of life.
  14. Can't we conservatives just get along? I hate seeing conservatives I respect argue amogst each other. Let's agree to disagree and focus on what unites us! Hatred of pinko, egg-sucking, commie, tree-hugging, yellow-bellied, terrorist sympathizing LIBERALS! Dear LIBERALS: Just kidding. Maybe...
  15. Glad to see that it looks like it's keeping the same theme as the TF Classic and not going for the WW2 vibe it had back in '98. Funny, that was such a fresher idea 8 years ago...
  16. I have supported Pat in the past, but he is way off base here imo.
  17. How about the "immeasurable loss" of human life in Israel for the last several decades by the bloodied hands of terrorists, Syrian and Lebanese-backed Hezbollah included, all the while the do-nothings of the world sat by and.. well, did nothing? It's amazing how the standards are different for each side.
  18. quote:Posted by SILK: It is quite possible that the incident was orchestrated ... I believe this is exactly what happened. There was a similar case at a campaign rally when Bush was running in 2000. He called a reporter from the NYT (I think) a "grade-A @$$hole". People in this country believe strongly in a person's right to privacy, even the President's. This is one of the biggest reasons Clinton was largely given a pass by the American public for his perjury - it was pertaining to a very personal subject. Bush is a lot smarter than most people think - he's just not that good at improv speaking. Actually, he's awful at it. However he is smart enough to utilize things like this to his advantage; in this case to say stuff without really "saying" it officially. His approval rating will probably go up.
  19. Israel can't win? WTF? How is it they are still even a nation with ancient bitter barbaric enemies on all sides? Israel re-wrote the book on how to kick @$$. I'm absolutely thrilled that the world (and more importantly, Americans) will now witness how a war against murdering thugs is supposed to be fought; and how one is decisively won. Watch and learn, world. Israel responds with overwhelming force, mercilessly, with no regard for the pansy peace-nik appeasement wimps who would have had us enslaved by the Islamo fascists long ago. As it should be. If you aren't one who is comfortable around cold, stark clarity in unwavering pursuit of a moral purpose, watching Israel in the next few weeks is going to make you squirm. Thank God for Israel.
  20. Restaurants I can see. But bars not allowing smokers? That's just silly. Ultimately, it should be up to the man or woman who owns the business and no one else.
  21. Government hypocricy illustrated: Smoking is bad for you, so we'll tax it, tax it, and tax it some more. We'll award massive suit settlements to states that have a huge number of residents with tobacco-related illnesses, and we'll force business owners to comply with OUR stipulations on how they are to operate their places of business in this supposedly "free" country. But, if the government is SO set on protecting Americans from the "evils" of smoking and big tobacco, and their motives are pure and noble, wouldn't it follow logically that smoking should be banned altogether? Oh, that's right - I forgot. That would cause the government to lose the absolutely MASSIVE amount of revenue that they collect through taxes on tobacco sales. Does anyone REALLY think that the government approaches this from anything other than a monetary (read: greedy) perspective?
  22. I prefer the term "Knuckle-dragging retard" myself. But yeah, it was like 9th class or something.
  23. Well, the plane to Phoenix I was on about 2 months ago didn't have them installed yet then, 'cause the guy sleeping next to me was bustin' @$$ the whole flight! I was DYING!
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