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  1. David Foss

    Line Of Defense Announced!

    Sweet shots, SC! I already applied for the beta! I've been waiting a long time to get my uniform back from the dry cleaners. I'm pleased to report that's finally happened, and GCV Deterrence is ready for duty Good to be back!
  2. David Foss

    Orion Fleet Muster 2012

    Commander Foss reporting for duty!
  3. David Foss

    Hello Orion

    That sounds like a plan I look forward to meeting up with everyone again. It'll be a grand old time as it always was. Hopefully we can get an RP thread or two started at some point, too. Time will tell.
  4. David Foss

    Hello Orion

    Awesome! Good to hear, and thanks! I've only seen a few screens so far, and it looks freaking awesome I can't wait to have a few RP standoffs when the time comes. Speaking of RP, do folks still partake in that wonderful pastime?
  5. David Foss

    Hello Orion

    *Salutes* Holy crap, looks like we're both back! Commander David Foss, reporting for duty. Damn, it's been a long time Looking forward to getting back to the action. The crew is dusting off GCV Deterrence as we speak. Request permission to resume my duties. Sho, Blades, how the heck have you all been?
  6. David Foss

    New Fleet Command Structure and Deployments

    Foss here, Greg. If you're still in need of new people, I'm back on duty as of this time. I'll do what I can to get up to speed as soon as I can.
  7. David Foss

    Another Resnig story...

    I must be the luckiest Commander on the forums. I've never had a problem with the guy. He's never contradicted my orders. It's wierd! I issue all kinds of orders to my Marines and they do their jobs admirably. Not even a peep from Resnig... Of course, that could also be attributed to the fact that I reassigned him to guard the underside of an APC! I don't remember if anyone ever had problems with Resnig issuing orders when he was KIA or being cloned. But I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it happened...
  8. David Foss

    Off Duty

    Seems there's still some activity around here. I'm glad to announce that I'm finally back from my unannounced drop off the face of the earth. If there's still a position for me, I'd like to come back to work. -Foss
  9. David Foss


    I don't have any suggestions for a thread from the past, but how 'bout an old face? I'm pleased to say that I can finally come back. Between job searching and rendering my 3D stuff, I intent to make my second home here once again. Good to see there are still a few familiar faces around.
  10. David Foss

    Hmm...Well this is a change!

    I'm good. Been learning to program since Spetember. I started out feeling like this: Now, it's more like this: I know the captions for these are happy and joyous, but I'm learning Java. No joy at all. Bloody annoying, and it's only gonna get worse. I'll be learning C++ and such next semester though, so it's not all bad. Just don't ask me about the study time. Akuma's here right now, thanking you for the replies. She fell down the stairs, though. Her bum's still okay, so it's no problem for me. *duck* Just kidding. She hurt her arm, but no breaks. She has the energy to bite my arm for what I just said, so I'd say she's fine.
  11. “You’re wrong sir. You did have a choice. You chose not to choose. That’s where you went wrong.” I turned without another word and headed through the passage. In my veins, I could almost feel the poison flowing through. I could almost feel the monster that was just waiting for the right moment to flare up and take us all down. I caught up to Chavik, getting his attention as silently as I could. "What's that?" he asked, indicating the vial in my hand. "Something to help you last a bit longer in your old age." I said, trying my damndest to mask the dread of what I was about to do behind a wall of something resembling a sincere smile. It must have worked. Chavik took the shot with only a mild glare at my comment. While I was administering it, I leaned in close. "When we find Akira, I want you to be the first one out of here. First one back to the LZ. No heroics. This will only relieve your symptoms temporarily. If they return before we get back, let me know, but there's nothing more that I can safely do until we get back to the ship." "What do you mean..." "You're reacting to something, sir. I'm not sure what, and I can't tell with this equipment. This is a general relaxant. It will help you deal with whatever it is and keep you alert, but it won't last more than a couple of hours." The shot finished, Chavik continued on. I wasn't sure if he said anything or not. I was still trying to wrap my brain around the concept of what had just been done to us... And of what I'd just done to Chavik. If he did as his doctor told him, he would make it back. If not... No, I didn't want to think about that. It'd be far worse than hightened respiration. It'd probably be akin to ones heart exploding. Probably. I didn't want to wait around to find out. I continued forward, not looking back at the Fleet Commander who had just signed our death certificates.
  12. I hate caves... Don't get me wrong. I'm not claustrophobic, or anything. I hate caves of any kind. Last time I was in one... No, I won't go into that. That is how much I hate them. I also hate explosions in caves. I hate explosions in caves because, if someone inside the cave was looking for you, they would be led toward you. If someone was outside and looking for you while you were inside, they were usually the cause of the explosion, and subsequent cave-in, to trap you beneath the surface. I hate caves... The echo of the grenade detonating was far louder than the actual explosion. Maybe it was just my imagination running wild as the dust drifted around the corner. Leaning around, I saw the newly formed passage way, and York was endeavering to make it large enough for the group to get through. Only one thought occurred to me as I noticed the dust and pebbles falling from the ceiling above. I hate caves...
  13. So many things had changed in the past few days. Nine years ago, I'd been the CMO aboard the GCV Kev's Star. Just after the Battle of Jupiter, I'd been promoted and reassigned to the Deterrence. My first mission had nearly resulted in the destruction of my ship, and had taken the lives of over twenty young soldiers. A few years after that, Blades gave me command of a Battle Group. I was never able to figure out why he'd done that. Then, to top things off, he put me in charge of a base. A ground base, of all things. I had tried, until that time, to only be planetside during leave. Now, nine years later, I'd been a medical again. It had restored something that I'd thought lost in me for a long time. I'd been saving lives instead of taking them. Now, as if some cruel joke of the universe had been played on me, I was back in a position where I would have to kill again. The difference was, though, that this time, I would be shooting at other humans. An occurrance that had been, up to this point, blessedly limited. I thought about the lives that could soon be lost. Thought about their hopes and dreams, what they might wish to be. If this mission didn't go as planned, the consequences could be a lot worse than if we succeeded. Hundreds versus thousands. No, versus millions. Damn the numbers, I thought silently. The rifle, slung silently across my back. The pistol secured in a back holster. The wrist laser, a last resort. I looked down at the medikit hanging off my shoulder. Hope I don't have to use you, old friend. Though I would rather that, then have to shoot someone. Somehow, though, I got the feeling that I would soon be firing with the rest of them. Whether I liked it or not, I'd volunteered for this mission. If that meant that I had to shoot the enemy to ensure my comrades - Insurgent and Galcom alike - made it back in one piece, then so be it. [ 09-27-2001: Message edited by: David Foss ]
  14. David Foss

    Trade Center Bldg

    I avoid the news specifically because 95% of the reported news is bad news. I avoid political discussion and entanglement, simply because I get a headache thinking about the decisions that polititians make day in and day out. As of today, I leave all that behind. Akuma came to my house this afternoon in tears. A few hours after the first crash. I'd just woken up, and had no idea about what had happened. For some reason, I knew that the cold I was feeling wasn't just the weather. Then she turned on the TV, and I saw the things that everyone else has been watching for countless hours. Now I'm reading words of people who, if they were in office, seem to be willing to "nuke" those responsible, before their responsibility is even proven. To those, I would offer these words. Whether you read them or not is your choice. Reading is easy, though. I ask that you also hear them. It is obvious that eventual military action is now not a question of if, but rather, when. I'd hoped never to see such a thing in my lifetime. I've seen footage of Atomic Bomb tests. Footage of such bombings, that I need not name. Those images were taken over fifty years ago. Half a century. I saw that footage in Grade 2, and I cried. In the middle of class, I started crying. I didn't see the people! I didn't need to. A few years later, I heard stories about how people's sillouettes had been burned into the few buildings left standing. Images, for all eternity, of those people's last moments on this earth. And predictably, it is being suggested that that same fate should be wrought about once again. Also, predictably, it is by people who were not there when those two Atom bombs were dropped. And I'm willing to bet all that I am to say that those same people have never been to those horrific places. If you had been, I do not believe that you could ever suggest such an act. Today, I saw two of the tallest buildings I'd ever seen, be struck by commercial aircraft, and tumble to the ground. I saw people jumping, falling. And I saw Dr. Heath, right after the collapse, immediately trying to render aid to those who needed it. I imagine that he's still out there right now, waiting for the chance to save a life. So why do you people suddenly call out for more death? Because you're angry. As I am. We all seek Justice. Yet it should be noted, that Justice has never been found through the use of a nuclear warhead. Nor from any weapon. It ended a war, yes. It "saved" thousands of lives, sure, but at what cost? Humanity learned of the awsome destruction of the Nuclear Bomb. That harsh lesson prevented the Cold War from becoming something much worse. Yet, as we've all learned, in principle or in experience: History has a habit of repeating itself. It happens when those in control, forget the lessons of the past, and act on their instincts. I hope and pray, that President Bush, or any President after him, never has to give the order to push that button. He already showed great promise today by not forgetting the things that have gone before. I do not encourage armed conflict, but I recognize when it is no longer an option to avoid it. I would rather "send in the troops." I would never sanction the dropping of a nuclear warhead. Please understand, that I am not trying to insult anyone. Everything that has happened today has been the result of a "knee-jerk" reaction to a horrific and unprecidented event. My reaction is no different, and I know that. I recognize that you are all speaking from your hearts. As of now, my heart tells me that the time for words is over, and action must be taken. As such, I am going to be donating blood first thing tomorrow. It's not the time for more death. Now is the time to heal the injured. Since I cannot go across the border to lend aid, I will send, instead, my life's blood. Not all of it, mind you, but as much as I can spare. And as much as may be required to see this crisis through to the end. It is 1:30 in the morning. I can't sleep, and an attempt to do so would only result in more torture. I apologize if I have offended anyone. What I have said, I feel, is something that needed to be said. I intend to say no more on this until we've all had time to think things through. I've seen it on the news, and I still can't quite believe it. Some part of me does, though. Some part of me, the part that was crying for six hours, and cries now as I type this post, does know that it is real. My condolences to all those who lost friends and loved ones. My prayers to all those who do not know yet, the fates of their friends, their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, family. My prayers also, to those who are awaiting the rescue teams. May we all be carried through this tragedy, this day of great sorrow. [ 09-12-2001: Message edited by: David Foss ]
  15. I paid attention to the briefing. Heard the questions, heard the answers. I even read the expressions of every man and woman in the room. But to all outward appearances, I might as well have not been there at all. Outwardly, I was staring, very intently, at Commander Minako. She was distracted, worried about something. Judging from her expression whenever she looked at me, she was definately angry. Most likely the fact that Blades was going along on this mission. Well, why shouldn't she be worried and angry? After all, Blades had just given us the the plain, no sugar-coated truth, that we were likely not going to make it back. Given their apparent new-found feelings for each other, that was understandable. And to think that not even a week ago, Savage had been a mere heartbeat from blowing her and the Tenchi into atoms, believing her to be a defecting officer. I was making her nervous, I guess. I figure that due to the fact that as soon as the briefing was over, she was on her feet heading for the door. I followed, keeping a respectful distance. It wasn't long before we were in a corridor that was empty enough for me to talk to her. With just less than an hour before we left. Now would be the best time. She apparently thought the same, if not for the same reasons. She spun around, speaking angrily. "What do you want?" "I want to talk to you." I said insistently, pulling her aside. We headed down the corridor, away from as many people as we could, before I stopped and turned to face her. She was visibly confused, even worried, perhaps. "What do you..." She started to ask, but I cut her off, answering her question. "Remember our conversation aboard the Vulture?" Akuma furrowed her brow in concentration. Finally, she responded. "About the kid who...?" "Yeah, that conversation." "Yes, I do, but what does that have to do with..." "Everything, Akuma. Your brother died because you couldn't do anything. That kid died because I didn't do anything. You led Akira into a trap because you didn't have any other choice. From this point on, you do. Because of your relationship with Rattler, I could understand your decision if you wanted to defect, even though I would never condone it. Your life as a Galcom officer is a hazardous one, and it would be even more so if you joined the Insurgents. Eventually, you will have to do something. The cold war between Galcom and the Insurgents is one step closer to becoming a real war every day. If that day ever comes, you're going to have to make a choice between your loyalty to Galcom - to me, and especially Blades - and to Rattler." Then, I stopped softening the words. "You might someday have to decide who you're going to shoot. Personally, I hope that day never comes for you, but if it does... Don't make the choice to do nothing!" As I turned to leave, Akuma's eyes softened, and tears began to show. I wiped them gently away, letting a faint smile show. Then, I headed down to the medical bay for my shots. So many things had changed during the past week. Something felt out of place about this mission. I couldn't understand why I had such a sense of forboding, of unease... no, of terror, about it. Something told me, deep down, that this mission was going to change my life forever.