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  1. sparky

    Trailer - DOOM

    Oh, yeah, here's one of those REAL DooM-maniacs, having played the games, read the (quite bad) book and now waiting for the movie. All I want is a nice baron of hell, the cyberdemon, and he he he, I'm somewhat lucky. plot? what plot...
  2. sparky

    Star Trek Enterpries New Series!

    Yes and it is the WORST series due to this horrible main actor Scott Bakula (who is almost as terrible as Kevin Sorbo, uh, WUERG). I mean I like the idea of a series playing before the original series, but I couldn't watch more than a few episodes before getting this terrible headache and nausea...
  3. That was a nice idea for ucawa, wasn't it? "Buy the new 'Smart-Tech 30k gfx card' and get a free version of ucawa".... I was indeed speculating about buying a new one...
  4. Yeah, and our taxes need to go somewhere, damn those bureaucrats.
  5. YES, and they even BLOCKED your way, it was so cool when they died in a doorway, NOT ALLOWING YOU TO PASS THROUGH... ah, I remember cursing the bpjs so often for so many castrated games...
  6. sparky

    One Big Fish!

    Hm, I'm just remembering "Blinky" the mutated three-eyed fish from the "simpsons"....
  7. @ paranide, You're talking about the US-version of MoH, and I guess it's forbidden for the swastikas, not violence in game. And YES WE ALL LOVE CENSORSHIP! remembering especially c&c: "Ich verliere Servo-Öl" Ah, yes, who can forget the glorious german Half-Life version, robots instead of soldiers, just vanishing bodies and... GREEN BLOOD.... Then suddenly much more realistic games such as "Raven Shield" is rated for ages 16 and older.
  8. This was a wrong delivered war-bot, which was usually ment to be sent to the army. Luckily it didn't develop its lasers....
  9. sparky

    Dungeon Lords is out

    That's pretty right, but I was looking for a nice arpg for so long now that I had no other chance. And I still believe in the ALMIGHTY PATCH which fixes this buggy universe... as predicted in "The Holy Book of Patches" Version 0.3.4.beta-order it now and become a believer....
  10. sparky

    Gamers Bill of Rights

    sniff, that was to good to be true, somewhat utopic....
  11. sparky

    Dungeon Lords is out

    Ok,today, 21st of June DL is also available in germany. Sparky got it. So much to the promised implemented features in the german version: -automap- A-HAHAHAHA- yes WHEN HELL FREEZES -complete synchronizstion- yes with terrible speakers -more stable and balanced than U.S. Version- ridiculous Hm, guess I have to return to good old Nethack
  12. sparky

    Microsoft Sells Soul to Satan.

    Ah, they are all part of a great family: Billy, Saddam, Satan and Bette Middler.
  13. sparky

    What I'm listening to....

    "Woe to you, oh earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time ist short let him, who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number its number is 666"
  14. Hm, seems to be a BIG game, and big games (after my experiences) have got stronger tendencies for lots of ugly bugs. And by the Gods, I hate bugs.
  15. sparky

    Massive shuts down

    Yeah, only the toghest survive.