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  1. For all those people that dont have the money to pay for a website, or just dont know how to make one. you can now have a free website already made for this game, all you have to do is e-mail me this application filled out. at [email protected] I will be in touch shortly after you send it... What Game are you Applying for- Ingame Name - AIM Name - Age - Gender - Occupation(students count too) - Hours available to dedicate your time to this MMO a week - Previous MMO games - Years as a gamer - Current games - Ever have any leadership in a Guild- Guild name- How many Members- What game- how do u rate yourself as a gamer (check all that apply)- A. Hardcore Gamer B. Mature Gamer C. Just want to have fun Gamer D. New to the whole Gamer idea E. Evolved Gamer(meaning over 15 years of gaming) F. Dedicated and Active Gamer Give a little background information on who you are and where your from,just a little brief description of yourself outside of the previous questions. e-mail this application filled out to [email protected]
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