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  1. I enjoyed it immensely. Whenever you two can find time (keeping in mind the 2 per month rule), I'd like a rematch.
  2. quote:Yeah, except for the fact that we now know how objective and unbiased was the interpretation of intelligence data that ultimately achieved the bipartisan support to Bush's agenda. If you want to remember, then remember everything, not just the fragments who suit your perspective. And frankly, I may assure you that ppl is now overtly laughing with these desesperate attempts by Mr. Bush to establish a link between 9/11 and Saddam. One of the conclusions of the recent Congressional inquiry is that such link is NOT established, nor is it supported by any intelligence agency, be it of US or of foreign origin.Interesting, since the evidence has been refuted there still hasn't been a motion passed to recall the troops - not even close. If Congress thought the invasion of Iraq was completely under false pretenses, then my friends would be back and not being shot at. quote:And by the way, the prime target of this war was Aghanistan. Irak popped up after...I'll quote what Prez said because I agree... quote:The primary target of the war are Terrorists. We have absolutely no quarrel with the good citizens of Afghanistan and IraqAnd as Bush has said - "We'll fight the terrorist wherever they may be."
  3. Just to add a side note - the President can not declare war for more than 60 days without the approval of Congress. That was set down in 1973 War Powers act. So I just laugh at these people that call it "Bush's War". And for those who think that it only passed because the Republicans have majority - 77 Democrats voted to go ahead with the war. Including previous Presidential hopefull, John Kerry. It's easy to blame Bush for all the countries troubles, when, in fact, he can't actually do most of the job by himself - by law. Checks and balances keep it that way. I could have sworn I learned about this in middle school or before. It's amazing that so many people forget that when they are "Debating".
  4. quote:If you could live in RED CHINA or RUSSIA..why dont you?...WHY you people insist on backing a system which DESTROYS freedom at its very base core...and expect US to MOVE?? sorri fella, this is a fight to the death...Im NOT leaving my country ...Im fighting YOU communist loving _____ to the grave!!!!Do you have any clue as to what you are talking about? I was argueing data as a way of supporting the US military - which I happen to be a veteran, and I'm a Republican. These things do not make a communist. It's obvious you are fighting some imaginary foe that only lives on 3000ad forums and rears it's ugly head to confuse the issue with " Im fighting YOU communist loving _____ to the grave!!!!" rhetoric. Nice. Let me know when you want to present some supporting evidence to the contrary - and no, capitalization of specific WORDS does NOT make them more true. As to the rest of the tripe...not really worth my time. Everyone quotes something about Hitler. Try being original. I promise, it only hurts for a bit.
  5. quote:And, not trying to be aurgumentive, but comparing the civilian related deaths to the ENTIRE population, against those of the Military related deaths, is really a bit out of proportion....dont you think? Quite simply - No. By showing these numbers we accurately show that " your safer within the military, than in civilian life. " It would be different if we were comparing 2000 deaths to 200 thousand deaths. Then it would be a biased, unresearched, non-representative sample of the death ratio. In fact just by being percentages, which by defination means amount up to 100 - therfore putting both numerical groups on an even keel - shows a conclusive ratio of deaths to sample. Also those numbers show total deaths in the military - NOT just active duty personnel. That includes accidents in Germany, or Nebraska, or anywhere else in the world. Now, does that mean that a single death in either group is "OK"? No, but let's not debate data with rhetoric. This tired tirade of 'Big Brother Government' is always lying to us is getting to be a bit rediculous. Forgive me for being childish, but you do have the right to choose elsewhere to live. Now, in a way, I can agree with you that statistical data can be miss-represented by taking specific values from one group and comparing to specifics of another. BUT, in this case we are not singling out specifics. This is ALL deaths, accidental, purposefull, or other, for both groups - Military vs US Civilian. By doing thus, we can keep specificity, and data corruption out of the equation. I know this is a reiterization, but it's an important point.
  6. Just to add to my fleetmates point, here is some data. 297 million US citizens (as of 2004 US census bureau). Less than .01% die per month ~200k. US military has ~1.5m soldiers (all branches). Deaths in 2004 < 2000 = ~.001%.
  7. I accept the challenge, preferably no cloak. Time is acceptable. 1800 zulu (1200 central US).
  8. Sypes

    The Matrix Online

    Planetside is one of the few games that keeps me coming back. I can quit it for a few months and then just pick it back up and see how they've screwed the balance. But, FPS is always fun when you and two-hundred of your closest friends can duke it out all together for world domination. Now as far as Matrix online, I was turned off of that from the beginning. I had a friend that was in beta, and when he could actually get the game to start, it was boring and laggy. Don't get me wrong, I understand that beta implies imperfect, but it didn't seem to improve much even immediately prior to release.
  9. Sypes

    Gamers Bill of Rights

    I agree with all the above. And I'm sick of hearing 'the publisher made me do it' excuse. Have some backbone! SC does and can still make a living.
  10. quote:However, Holstege says the results are probably unreliable and need to be repeated. The problem is that PET scanners measure activity over two minutes - and in men it is all over in a few seconds.She promised she'd never tell!