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  1. I don't know if it's the right place to post, or if i may send a message to SC...* After getting Battlecruiser millenium (now freeware) i checked a bit on internet and french forums, looking for french players playing battlecruiser series. First thing is that Battlecruiser series are not well distributed (in france), second is that there is a real public for those games, and third is that many players are repulsed by the "hard-to-understand" english of the manual, and his size (i don't talk about the complexity of the game, cause that's what it make it so good). Trying to "initiate" a friend to the game, i send him a translated tutorial file (except for instant action tutorial). In the translation i keep word related to game interface (acronyms and game buttons like Navitron, roster, waypoint orders...) and colored them. My friend (which english is resumed to "thank you", "where are the toilets ?", "where is the nearest pub ?") then become abble to play (still asking questions even me find stupid but...) So if you (SC, 3000AD) are interested in distribute games in non-english countries, i think it could be interesting to known that only a traduction of tutorial, manual, and appendix, could be enough. I'm not talking about a game complete translation, which is really a big work. Since you understand english and known the game a bit like me, it's easy to translate (but may be a bit long for manual ). I think you can easily find gamers able to do it (for free of course, just like me )
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    When you think "nice planet, let's land to admire it", and then realize that Jupiter don't have a ground in fact. When you think you are a great commander (after having capture a dozen starstations) landing on a planet, and try to exit in first person mode for the first time. Looking at the keyboard commands you just read : f,z = jetpack hoover. Using z "-wow i'm flying, flying, flying...", release "-let's go back to ground" and finaly hurt yourself to death, like a fly collide to a car windscreen. When you try to tow a disabled sol-air vehicle whit your CC. When you think " let's destroy this station with my powerfull STS-STARFLASH missiles" When you get your first RANDOM missille, and use it to the first planet you find, witch is actually only inhabited by ally/neutral.