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  1. Planetary Fiction: Mercury

    Here's another promo video I did (must have taken me about 40 hours of work to put it together), this time for an awesome collection of stories I helped to edit.
  2. A little Christmas carol...

    I got a new microphone, and this was me putting it through its paces for the first time: Merry Christmas, everyone!
  3. Astounding Frontiers

  4. Astounding Frontiers

    Issue 5 is out now including a fun poem of mine among the awesomeness. I made a very cool promo video for it (I'm getting better at this )
  5. Tales of the Once and Future King

    Thanks, Sho. There are a number of other songs of mine on my youtube channel, but this is the most polished one so far, and the first that I've actually put up for sale. (It can be found on itunes, cdbaby and various other music sites, the link to cdbaby in the video description on youtube). The book itself is amazing and I heartily recommend it
  6. Tales of the Once and Future King

    Another update, I have a piece in a unique collection of Arthurian stories called Tales of the Once and Future king, stories of all kinds, sci-fi, steampunk, urban fantasy, epic fantasy (mine's an epic poem over 100 verses long), in all sorts of settings and period and yet blended together very cleverly into one overall story. I also made a promo video for this one, writing an original song for it that I presented at DragonCon last month. (That's me singing, with my brother-in-law playing the guitar)
  7. Astounding Frontiers

    A little update, I'm one of the editors for a new fun monthly pulp sci-fi magazine called Astounding Frontiers (3 Issues are out), and I'm also making little promo videos for it, e.g. Issues are only $2.99 each on amazon and some good quality fun stories, so worth a try I'd say.
  8. Interview on Catholic Geek Radio

    Cool, I'll be interested to hear what you think. It starts a little slow, then gets more interesting towards the end. I actually mention this place in the interview, but for some inexplicable reason I called the game 3000AD instead of Battlecruiser 3000AD. Sorry about that, chalk it down to kids disrupting my sleep cycles
  9. Interview on Catholic Geek Radio

    My first internet radio interview! We talk a little bit about 9/11 (since that's the day it was broadcast), and then discuss superversive fiction, my books, my writing process and how I started out. http://apiusman.blogspot.cz/2016/09/the-catholic-geek-poetry-and.html
  10. Sci Phi Journal

    There's a free ebook out of my picks of the best story and article from each of last year's issues, available here: http://www.sciphijournal.com/news-20/
  11. Trailer for my book - Nobility Among Us

    There's a new kindle countdown deal on the book (and a first one on the second poetry collection), only 99 cents this week. https://benzwycky.com/2016/05/13/kindle-countdown-deals-on-nobility-among-us-and-heroes-and-wonders/
  12. Trailer for my book - Nobility Among Us

    The second edition of this book is now available: https://benzwycky.com/2016/04/10/nobility-among-us-second-edition-is-now-live/
  13. Sci Phi Journal

    For those interested, Sci Phi Journal has been nominated for best semi prozine on two different recommendation lists (and another site I'm involved with, superversivesf.com, has been nominated for best fanzine), here and here. Various people from both groups have been nominated in a number of other categories (best novel, best fancast, best new writer, best short form editor). Somebody wanted to nominate Beyond the Mist for best novel this year, but it was published 4 days too late, so is only eligible for next year.
  14. Trailer for my book - Nobility Among Us

    All three of my books are now available for 99 cents at amazon for a week, links here: http://benzwycky.com/2016/02/12/kindle-countdown-deal-on-all-three-of-my-books/
  15. Sci Phi Journal