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    A christian, like juggling, languages (especially czech), most sports (esp. athl

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  1. Thanks, this one took a long time to make (I first wrote the song over 2 and a half years ago, there was a very long delay in getting the music for it and hundreds of hours of rendering time for the various sequences)
  2. The planetary anthologies series has been transferred to a different publisher, so I won't be making any more promo videos for those, but I've had an epic time gate-themed poem accepted into Saturn, so watch out for that when it comes out. A new multi-planetary trilogy that I edited went on sale today (book 1 did, pre-orders opened on the other two), and I made a promo video for that which starts with a scene from the Jupiter video (my wife said the trailer makes her want to read the book, even though she knows it's not her kind of book, so I'd call that an advertising win):
  3. Those awesome public domain images from the Juno mission were just begging to be used like this, I couldn't help myself
  4. Jupiter went live earlier this week:
  5. Thanks, and I did, on a micro budget, too. The music is public domain, though I added some additional bass drops and effects in appropriate places. I've built up a very large library of stock effects, footage and images that I tapped, added to some 3d modelling in three different applications (blender, daz studio, hitfilm pro). The voice actor doing the audiobook version supplied the voiceover, the author supplied a couple of images from shutterstock, and I blended in some template animations from viddyoze, a model and couple of animations from mixamo and a bunch of images from pixabay and footagecrate. My most complex video to date. The client is very happy with this one.
  6. Another one unrelated to the planetary series, but went on sale today (used a ton of different tools and libraries in this one, my first video since getting a dedicated rendering rig (a second-hand workstation):
  7. This one is not related to the planetary series, but is a fun crowdfunding promo for a new space opera series (books and a card game ). There are two days left to get in on it for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI7ZLryA57E
  8. Thanks, I'm trying to make them good enough to somehow go viral, but no such luck so far.
  9. Earth is coming out in 4 days, in the meantime, here's another promo video I did for a fun an unique book that combines 1001 Nights with A Princess of Mars (and starts with a modified shot from the above Mars video):
  10. I forgot to post the Mars video. Here it is (took a lot more work that I thought, and ended up being a couple of weeks late):
  11. Thanks, Sho, Mars is up next in just over two weeks, really need to get to work on that one so it's suitably epic
  12. And this is the one I did for Venus: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=ZdHOBlIpj6M
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