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  1. Thanks, Derek! This is a really exciting time for me, and it's all thanks to roleplaying here that I found I had a talent for storytelling in the first place.
  2. Issue 4 (with chapters 6 and 7 of my story) is out now, also available in paperback version
  3. For those of you who forgot what my voice sounds like, I gave a short audio interview on the story here: http://www.sciphijournal.com/meet-the-contributor-ben-zwycky/
  4. Thanks guys, I think it's the best opening I've ever written, (and the rest isn't bad either :-P ). Chapters 4 and 5 will be coming out in issue 3 of the magazine in January. Canshow, there's a link to the novel's sales page in the menu bar at the top of the page there (Nobility Among Us), you can read up to the start of chapter 4 for free on the amazon page.
  5. You can read the first chapter of my contribution for free now: http://benzwycky.com/2014/11/14/beyond-the-mist-chapter-one/
  6. By the way, issue 2 (with the start of my serial in it, as well as a lot of other excellent stuff) came out on the first of this month.
  7. This might be of interest to some people here who like to think deeply about the issues that sci-fi stories raise. It's a new monthly journal combining sci-fi and philosophy in various interesting ways. Take a look and see if it's something that will interest you. http://www.sciphijournal.com/ (I have to admit my bias here, I really want to see this journal succeed, and not just because I have a story published in issue 2 and beyond )
  8. At four hours old: At one day old (daylight):
  9. Do to hospital bureaucracy, they only started the induction around noon today, but at 13:27 Czech time, 12:27 GMT (just under an hour ago), Lydie Anna was born, 51cm, 3.690kg. Both mother and child are doing well so far.
  10. My wife is going in for labour to be induced tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. our time (7 a.m. GMT). This is normal and planned, we've been through this before with our third son for the same reasons (baby getting too big due to pregnancy diabetes), there were no problems that time, and no signs of any health issues so far this time either. If all goes well, they'll both be back home for Christmas. The doctors have been saying their certain it's a girl this time, we'll see if they're right soon enough . I'd appreciate it if people could pray that everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  11. Thanks, Sho, I'm pretty proud of it, I've managed to get this far with my only marketing expenses being for giving out review copies and registering the domain name (having no money for any more than that tends to focus your mind ). I won't know how sales have gone until April next year. There's a load of other poems and a couple of sample chapters on the site, take a look around and if you like what you see, think of some people you could recommend it to.
  12. Just thought I'd share the youtube trailer for the project I've been working on this last 7 years. It's not connected to anything on here, apart from the poem itself being based on one I initially posted in the fleet multiplayer section of these forums. If anyone decides it's inappropriate to post it here, then I'll take it down again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWPGxQKy4bg
  13. I'm not sure if it would be considered spamming to post a link to the youtube trailer for my book (incorporating a much improved version of the above audio), so I'll just ask people to PM me if they want a link to it.
  14. How's about a bit o' thread necromancy, then? I've revised it hundreds of times, polished and polished and polished, submitted to a few publishers and got turned down, got someone to do some nice artwork for it and I'm finally actually self-publishing this thing, should be available for sale in a couple of weeks if all goes well. As canshow suggested here, I will be putting together a poetry collection afterwards. As if raising one thread from the dead wasn't enough, who here remembers this? I made some improvements and incorporated it into the novel, and even made a rough sample of what it should sound like, here. The improved lyrics are: Hear the approach of the marching drums. With each beat, the enemy is closer; With each beat, your pulses rise. With each beat, our men are more united; With each beat, focus fiery eyes. With each beat, our forces are advancing; With each beat, no more room for fear. With each beat, our targets become clearer; With each beat, the time for war is here. With each beat, with each beat, with each beat... They stop. Now is the calm before the storm, the last breath of silence before the roar of battle begins. Every man is straining at the leash, watching, waiting, for the fateful order to be given. Here it comes...
  15. Very nice, now if someone can find all those little looping movies that played when you were docked in the stations, I loved those.
  16. We have to have a facebook page to be part of the beta?
  17. Hello there Race, hope you're doing well
  18. Oh, we certainly do, I could watch his sweet little face all day and never get anything done , same goes for playing and talking with the others.
  19. Welcome back Remo! I'm still around, mostly just watching from the shadows for now, my time's more limited with our fourth son still under a year old.
  20. Registered, looking very nice, there, love the assets lists
  21. Very nice, looking forward to having a few exploratory missions in there
  22. Thanks, guys, she deserves all the congratulations, since she did all the hard work after all. I should have some new pics to show after the weekend.
  23. My wife gave birth to our fourth son about 6 hours ago, Timothy was 3.9 kg and 53cm, both are doing well
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