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  1. OK, I'll be on the fleet teamspeak server in five minutes time(6.15 GMT)until 6.45 GMT, unless someone else joins me for a fleet training session, in which case I'll be there a while longer and pass on some wisdom/fine tune some tactics etc.
  2. I didn't get a scratch in that match, but I was having big connection problems (my radar wasn't seeing anything, not even the stations) so I disconnected and respawned during the match to solve the problem, (which it did), so maybe it registered that as me being destroyed, or I maybe used self-destruct to respawn (which I doubt). Anyway with Denny and Chavik, they were both in fighters and I was pounding away at them both with my PTA, then they just disappeared and in my log they just disconnected, though in the after-match chat later they said I'd killed them. Never mind, I'll be there tomorrow at 1900 GMT
  3. Did I get killed in one of those matches? I thought I would have noticed that. I also thought I killed chavik and denny in the free-for-all, so if they counted I should be on 5 kills, if not, I should be on 3, but I'm listed as having 4 kills and 1 death. I'm confused.
  4. So far it's had a little impact, with more interest being shown in training sessions, one Commander who was earlier inactive in mp showed interest in taking part, but due to some practical difficulties wasn't able to take part this week. I expect things to pick up in the next few weeks. It was the first currently unranked fleet member to get 3 kills (and gain by right Level 4 security clearance with ISS) would be given command of Defence wing, as a one-off offer, because at the moment I'm doing that job myself. The threat of ranked players being kicked out by more active mp players is not looming on the horizon, since the only ones ranked are myself, Zane and Jamont, Jamont won't lose his clearance unless he chooses to leave the fleet entirely, since he was fleet leader for a long time, and myself and Zane are currently the most active mp players. The details of the incentive scheme can be found here
  5. OK, this'll be good. So is that url for those who were at both of the last two matches, or those who were at one of the last two matches? I don't want to get booted for a silly little misunderstanding like that, now.
  6. It doesn't appear in the server list.
  7. I'll be on server 3 in about 5 mins. (am sending some emails)
  8. OK, a real training sesh. Yippee! Maybe we'll even get a full team together for the fleet match. That'd be somethin'.
  9. OK, Nick, can you make it? Anyone else? the fleet tournament match is at 7pm GMT
  10. Then there's the Salvation Army. I don't know the relative percentages of officers (pastors) worldwide, but the ratio of women to men officers in this country is over 50:50 and the fifth last General (the overall head of the entire movement) was a woman, Eva Burrows.
  11. So is the next fleet match time changing with daylight saving (moving to 8pm GMT), or not (staying at 7pm GMT?
  12. OK, with the hour change, the next fleet training session will be Saturday at 6pm GMT (so that's still 12 noon for you, Zane ) and the next fleet tournament match is on Sunday. I'll have to check whether it's changing with the hour change as well.
  13. At the moment I am preparing a level 2 document, and have another level 3, a level 4 and a level 1 planned. We'll see how long it takes me.
  14. quote: Originally posted by DREADA: All I want to know is what is the "infamous" Ben Zwycky teaching his bunch? quote:Originally posted by Zane: Wow, no wonder Zwycky is mopping the floor in fleet matches. I learned volumes today. Just glad they're GALCOM...sorry Shingen! I'm afraid that's classified level 3 and above- ISS only. I have to draw in new members somehow, you know. What better way than training them up to be the best of the best? After all, we are the elite praetorian guard.
  15. Yeah, it was a fruitful session. I guarantee you will improve your mp performance by attending fleet training sessions.
  16. OK, the first person (who is not already ranked at level 5) to gain level 4 clearance by right will be automatically promoted to leader of Defence Wing, given level 5 clearance, and be able to take part in all top-level fleet organisation discussions. I will then remain purely fleet leader. I.e. first one to get 3 kills for us in official multiplayer matches gets Defence wing and full security clearance.
  17. Maybe we could do it with just one other, but I would much prefer more than that, because I wanted to practice some teamwork drills. I'm not running up my phone bill for nothing again.
  18. Well, it's pretty cheap (15 Kc (60c)) an hour off-peak, a little more expensive for the first ten minutes of every connection, and a lot more peak-time. Our income is irregular, averaging out a little over 16000Kc (640 bucks) a month at the moment (about average wage, because we have a big series on it's regular for now, but we only have one more month of that left, and are waiting to see what we'll get after that. This means my wife is usually working on our only computer. Alternatives are basically ADSL. Unlimited data 256/64 with aggregation 50:1 is 700Kc (28 bucks) a month, and 512/128 with 50:1 is 1000 (40 bucks) a month. I'm not sure what exactly I could do for you, I don't really have any big business contacts to sell to or anything.
  19. Steve, while I respect your opinions on most issues, I find myself unable to agree with you here. It is true that the dietary and sacrificial/ritual laws of the covenant Moses introduced had built-in obsolescence, in that the covenant would be replaced with a new one (Jeremiah 31:31-34), which Jesus himself said he came to establish. (Matthew 26:28; Mark 14:24; Luke 22:20) However, in doing so he didnÔÇÖt repeal the moral laws, instead strengthening them, even specifically the sexual ones (Matthew 5:27-32, Matthew 9:3-9, Luke 16:18). The bibleÔÇÖs message has always been at odds with the surrounding culture, even with the culture it came from (Matthew 23:37, the number of verses I could use to support this statement run well into triple figures), and even with ÔÇÿChristianÔÇÖ ones. If someone makes a strong moral stand, whether they are right or wrong, they will always be ridiculed and/or hated by at least some in every culture, it only varies as to which moral issues provoke the biggest reaction. Every culture has itÔÇÖs own favourite vices and double-standards, which they regard as minor and excusable, while they view those of other cultures as vile and detestable. The Bible sets a higher standard than them all, and people donÔÇÖt like having their faults exposed. The correctness of a statement or idea has nothing to do with how culturally acceptable it is. As an illustration, The Sawi tribe in New Guinea until recently (IÔÇÖm not sure if they still do) held up deceit as their highest virtue. Their all-time No.1 cultural hero was someone who took a long time cultivating a friendship with his neighbour, then ate him. When they were visited by a Christian Missionary, who tried to tell them about Jesus, ideas like love and forgiveness had no appeal to them, while the story of JudasÔÇÖs betrayal got them all excited, and he became their new No.1 hero for shrewdly penetrating JesusÔÇÖ trusted inner circle and then betraying him to an agonising and humiliating death. Does this mean that the Bible is wrong in saying that deceiving, betraying and murdering your neighbours is morally wrong? It was perfectly acceptable behaviour in that culture. Further, morality is never an isolated personal matter. Every moral choice you make has an impact on someone else, and will influence their future moral choices, which will influence other peopleÔÇÖs future moral choices and so on. The ripples go out much further than you realise.
  20. Well, we just got our phone bill, and IÔÇÖm in a little trouble. I was on-line for 43 hours last month, and we only get the first 13 free. So from now on IÔÇÖll have to be online a lot less per day, which means saving pages and reading them offline, so my responses will be slower.
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