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  1. This thread is open to participation fom everyone, just the description of the plaza linked to in the first post includes the fact that it is just for rp characters that are Galcom staff or diplomats from other alliances, though looking at it again, I neglected to add that info in the main 'what is this place?' description, just in the ISS Fleet Information Centre description (which I really need to elaborate on and do a diagram for like I did for most of the rest of the areas). This is my fault for which I apologise. The only way in to the Plaza is via the fleet information centre, there is a main elevator lobby leading to a row of security checkpoints through to the information centre, so that anyone with a clean security background can enter that. At the other end of the centre is another row of security checkpoints leading to the plaza itself, restricting entrance to that to Galcom or allied staff and recognised diplomats. All elevators within the plaza itself are purely internal to the plaza complex and don't link to teh rest of the station (with the exception of service elevators to the food stands linking to the floor below, which is where food supplies are brought in and is only accessible to plaza staff). In an emergency, people can be transported out if the main entrance is blocked. The information centre itself is comprised of two floors, the main ground floor is a large botanical water garden with various pools, waterfalls, trees, flowers and paths, benches in some places and tables and chairs in others. There are also some information terminals in various corners. Access to the transparent upper floor (half the size of the lower floor) is via glass elevators or a wide transparent staircase with a waterfall cascading down inside it. On the upper floor are some basic food stands (offering the lower end of the Earth menus found in the food court, a large communal area with tables and chairs and some manned information and recruiting desks. If you want access to the plaza you can be a diplomat for an alien nation, a representative of a corporation, a terran sports star coming for a contest on the sports deck, as long as your character has a clean security background. Your effort is appreciated, it just unfortunately doesn't fit in this setting.
  2. thanks for letting us know, maybe next time
  3. It seems the earlier session time is not good for MP people, I'll be around for the second session today (starting in two and a half hours). People should feel free to suggest a different time more suited to US-time zone players if that is the problem people are having.
  4. Yes, we'll certainly be trying out that update as soon as it comes out OK, format for today's sessions and future sessions until further notice People meet up on teamspeak if you have an account there, otherwise via live chat here ten minutes before match start. Once initial numbers have been determined, attendees will be split into two alliances, ten/Mil and ter/ins so that there are equal numbers on each side. Use capital ships (cruisers, carriers) Don't go planetside Use any space launch base you like belonging to your alliance, unlimited respawns for one hour. objective is to kill more of the other alliance than they kill of yours over the one-hour match, numbers will be counted from the server chat log. chat windows can be kept open, no holds barred
  5. The recreation plaza is not open to the public, it is a high-security recreation area, only for galcom and allied staff and diplomats. There is no way a dangerous prisoner would be released there. SC was very clear in his instructions, please do not cause any trouble.
  6. [rp]Ben approached the East African food stand and ordered a plate of posho and goat stew with a bowl of sliced mango and pineapple and a bunch of four pygmy bananas, with a jug and large glass of passion fruit juice to wash it down. He carried his tray towards the central fountain, but on his way there noticed three individuals wearing Earthcom insignia and so changed course to 'intercept' them, "Please allow me to welcome you all, I'm not sure I've seen any Earthcom personnel here before, are you the first? Please make yourselves at home, what do you think of our little establishment?" he inquired with a grin. [/rp]
  7. Yes, the next event will be on the 9th, and the server will be visible in the AWA in-game browser when the time comes.
  8. all the RSS feeds count as his posts, I think, which skews the numbers quite a bit
  9. You'll need to give us a lot more info about your system than that before we can find the problem. Take a look at the system profile link at the bottom of my signature and see if you can give us similar info, including which game you are playing.
  10. either session is possible for me, but the later one is obviously slightly easier
  11. working very nicely, I can put all the graphics settings up to virtually maximum without it affecting my framerate, my poor little CPU doesn't know what hit it It gets pretty hot though, so I should maybe look at installing some case fans. Now I gotta go update my system profile
  12. hehe, I have to justify your generosity to me somewhow, don't I?
  13. hotspots issue is cleared, works great now. I found the following issues in the manual, things that seem to have been left over from the previous edition (will hopefully save some people complaining about things they can't do): Page 12, Section 4.1 (NID description): again, page 13, (WTS description): and again, page 15, section 4.2 (TRS description): Page 18 (VID description): when I tried this in-game, it just cycled the VDD normally, returning back to the missile view Page 31 (TACOPS, planetary scan description): right clicking in tacops brings up the tactical targets menu, and doesn't zoom back in tacops. Page 37 (USING GUNS): This is no longer in the game, as far as I can tell? Page 43 (lighting quality): I assume this should be the other way round ? You stated earlier that the fighter's stats in the game manual are identical to the one in the UC games appendix (e.g. in UCCE). I found a couple of differences, are they deliberate or further typos in the manual? Page 46 (Starlance): in UCCE appendix this is 1.5 km/s, same as all the others Page 47 (IC mk1): in the UCCE appendix this is 45 units/shot. Perhaps the shots per second value was accidentally copied? Also, the game_keys.png file in the docs folder (linked to from the start menu shortcut) hasn't been updated to match the changes in the in-game images. There are a few other non-critical minor typos (that don't change the meaning of what is being said), but I'd have to go through the whole thing carefully to catch them all.
  14. I find the invincibility tags on all the enemy cap ships in both of the major engagement scenarios intensely annoying. I know they switch off after ten minutes or so, and I understand it balances the invincibility of the friendly cap ships and the proximity of the enemy cap ships to a friendly station, but it just makes the whole exercise seem a bit arbitrary and restrictive IMHO. *sneak up on enemy cap ship, get into his PTA blind spot and blast away, taking down his shields and, oh dear, the magic moment hasn't arrived yet, have to try and get out again, exposing yourself to his PTA fire all the way* I hope the scenarios in the actual campaign aren't going to be all like that, or it would be a major turnoff for me.
  15. 2 issues, shame this is my last night of testing, I'm out all next evening and then my 7 days are up ): Issue 1: I tried docking with the GCV-Merlin and I was told it was an invalid docking target, although the manual says that I can dock with it (end of page 5- start of page 6): Issue 2: I've also worked out what issue stingray was talking about in the adrenaline vault forum thread you linked to. It's a hotspot clash in the restore saved game menu. It's an old issue with the frontend that I maybe never got round to reporting, or someone did a long time ago and it wasn't considered important. at 1024 x 768 resolution (maybe at others, I don't know if it changes with resolution, my monitor doesn't go any higher), the hotpsot for the sixth save slot in a profile clashes with the accept button and the hotspot for the sixth profile slot clashes with the cancel button. To reproduce (example 1): start new game, choose any profile slot EXCEPT the 6th one from the top (i.e. make sure that one remains unused) enter name, start a scenario (it doesn't matter which one) as soon as it starts up, choose exit (full save) save in the sixth save slot from the top in that profile restore choose the profile you just saved (so that the sixth save slot appears) click on restore the accept button is almost totally blocked (just the top edge of it sticks out above the hotspot for the sixth save slot, and that is where you can click on it to activate it), the cancel button is not above a used hotspot, so is not blocked at all and all of it can be clicked on. example 2: same as before except choose the 6th profile slot from the top and save in any slot you like. When restoring ANY profile, the 6th profile hotspot is immediately under and blocks the cancel button in the same way as the sixth save slot blocks the accept button (so if you select the profile from example 1 above, both buttons will be blocked, otherwise just the cancel button will be blocked) I hope that clears things up (and restore stingray's faith in his laptop )
  16. OK, nice to have my easy access rolling back One minor thing I had to double check, when viewing the tutorial doc in-game, I can only view up to page 12 and no further. All the other docs can be viewed with no problems, and the tutorial doc linked to from the docs folder works fine when viewing it in acrobat reader, it's only when viewing it in-game that this issue occurs. Anyone else getting this?
  17. Apologies for my tardiness in responding, life has been extremely hectic the last couple of days, and I have been trying to confirm a couple of issues I think I found. First impressions: graphics- awesome, immersive, realistic, everything I could want and more, very nice touches on everything, some minor issues but I'm sure those are not game related. the cockpits are great, but I miss the mouse hover info on the radar screen. I understand that is difficult to implement in combination with the cockpits, so it's not a complaint. voices and sounds, big improvement, background chatter is not nearly as annoying, I have to try and get my framerate up a little so that mouse flight controls are smoother, I'll be experimenting with that tonight. Fighters seeming to take more damage is down to the fact that in this game you are being placed in a starlance fighter, which has the tied weakest guns of any fighter. Not a complaint, just an observation for those who want to insist there's something wrong- there isn't, you are just starting at the bottom, and I expect you'll move up to more powerful craft in later episodes. I found some controller issues with the mouse and keyboard flight controls, namely some conflicting key maps: A (without any other simultaneous key presses) is both roll left/slide left and the autopilot toggle, which means the roll/slide function is lost D (without any other simultaneous key presses) is both roll right/slide right and the designate target button, so if you have a target selected, you can't use this button to roll right These two are displayed in the game commands help file in the keyboard controls, cockpit views/tactical and miscellaneous images. (I just noticed the miscellaneous image has the key combo for game frame rate and version info wrong, should be ctrl V, not V, this works fine and doesn't conflict, just the help file has it wrong. I haven't checked out everything, I will look some more tonight) right click when using mouse flight controls brings up the tactical targets in the current region, instead of launching a missile (this one I need to test out a little more to make sure) the issues with A, D and right mouse click are not game-killers, since there are other keys available that will do the same, but they are more awkwardly placed.
  18. Rip's going to be rebuilding his MP server from scratch, the previous one was dismantled after some hardware issues, and so if the offer of free server copies still stands, we'll need one of AWA (plus maybe UC:CE, seems like quite a few people are interested in MP based on that, we'll need to do a survey) for him. Also, Ixos has also got a server he wants to make available to the fleets on demand, and he's been a regular participator in fleet MP for the last two years or so, so I think he can be trusted and it would be good to have a backup server just in case. The only version he has is AWA, so a server copy of that for him would mean a good solid AWA MP server on the European side of the pond that he could join himself.
  19. Excellent. May you continue to be a blessing to each other all your lives
  20. [rp] Ben jogged from the sports deck to the lockers to collect his bag and then found himself an unoccupied shower cubicle. He stepped into the room, locked the door behind him and undressed, then moved on through the sliding doors to the cylindrical tornado shower unit itself. As he stepped through, a digitised voice gently announced, "Adjusting interface," the four sets of four large jet nozzles traversing vertically with a gentle hum and click to be at the same height as his major muscle groups. "Full access recognised. Please select program," it requested, and Ben chose the 'standard shower' option from the waterproof touchscreen in front of him. Water sprayed down through a central set of nozzles from the ceiling at a pleasant temperature. He looked up and let it fall into his face and then looked down to feel the spray on the back of his neck and shoulders. "Not bad, let's try some of the other options, let's see... power shower," and pressed the relevant 'button'. Immediately the flow changed to a much more intense pulsing spray that gently massaged his shoulders. "Nice," he enjoyed the sensation for a few seconds, then looked up at the screen again. "How about... gentle rain?" And selected the option. A flow about the same strength as the 'standard shower' now came from nozzles spread across the whole of the ceiling, so there was no escape from the water. "Interesting, I guess 'driving rain' will be the power shower equivalent of this, then," a short test confirmed this suspicion. "What next? Let's try 'full body massage'," and a button press later the power shower flow was back at the central region, together with a similar pulsed flow from the sixteen horizontal jets that massaged up and down his calves, thighs, abdomen and chest region from four directions at once. "Ooh, that's good, I'll have to come back to this one," then shut it down and looked at the last two items on the list, "Full body wash, that'll be a gentler form of what I just did and then there's - tornado. Well, I'm intrigued..." and selected it. 'This will initiate the tornado program for ten seconds. Are you sure?' Appeared in the middle of the screen. "Okay, now I'm really intrigued, and a little scared, but..." and selected yes. A warning on the screen told him to stand in the centre of the floor and a five-second countdown appeared, but didn't begin until two solid-looking cylindrical handles slowly moved out from the wall to a comfortable arms length from him and then locked in place. The nozzles on the sixteen jets all widened and then the count began. Ben gulped and took the hint, grabbing firmly onto the handles and bracing himself. As soon as the count finished, extremely powerful jets surged out of all of the nozzles at once, buffeting his body like he had never experienced before, the ten second duration suddenly seeming a lot longer than normal, and then they stopped just as suddenly, leaving Ben shaking and panting. "Whoa," he coughed, "wow. I think that's enough experimenting for now," and then went back to the normal shower setting to finish. On redressing and exiting the cubicle, he now had a large appetite and so headed for the food court. [/rp]
  21. OK, to get things moving, we are scheduling UC:AWA MP matches to occur every two weeks starting from 11am Eastern Time (4pm GMT, 5pm Central European Time) and a second session from 2pm Eastern time (7pm GMT, 8pm Central European Time). These sessions are open to all, fleet and non-fleet alike and people will be assigned to teams based on who comes, not on their current alliance, for a simple team deathmatch-type scenario. If a sufficient core of consistent attenders builds up, then we may move to a more structured fleet-based format. The first of these sessions will be on Sunday the 24th Of February 2008 (2 weeks from the time of posting). Who's up for some combat ?
  22. Well, since everyone can now make the second session, it seems a little superfluous to hold two meetings, but it's a bit late to change things now. I'll pop in around 11 am to see if anyone's around and ask Ixos to set up his AWA server for this evening European time (12pm or 3pm EST)
  23. I will be home at that time, so it should be OK, but my kids will still be up, so I might get a little distracted during the meeting I think everyone in a fleet leadership position has an account on the TS server, people who can't remember their details should PM me what password they want and I can change it for them (and tell them their username if they've forgotten that )
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