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  1. looking very good, there SC, everything looks awesome, though something about the damage electricity effect looked a little odd. It might just be the low resolution, I'll wait for the HD version (which I'm really looking forward to ) before commenting on it. *edit - watched the HD version and am leaving Azureus running overnight to pay my penance - everything looks incredible, it was just on a couple of the sparks from the station appeared to be coming from thin air in the large gap between station struts, but it was very minor. Awesome work and great music to accompany it
  2. All ISS members that failed to respond to the roll call have been removed from the fleet database (two-thirds of our listed members ) but they will be welcome to reapply should they become active again. As you were,
  3. Thadius (the newest member of Wraith Fleet) has a dedicated server he would like to provide for the fleets, but can't afford a second copy of AWA right now. Would your offer of a server copy of AWA still stand for him, SC?
  4. Well, we're hoping to change that fairly soon when Rip's server is up again
  5. awesome shots, SC! What is that wide beam in shot 41, is that an antimatter leak or a turret firing (It looks a little wide to be a turret beam, but too straight to be an explosion leak)?
  6. nice server you have there, not a single packet lost in my half hour session on it (it'd be interesting to try it out with some others and see how it performs)
  7. We had some technical issues with our fleet server (which has UC and UCAWA installed), but those are being worked on at the moment, hopefully we should have that back up fairly soon, so after joining a fleet (mine is currently accepting applications, btw ) you could meet up on that once it's ready
  8. Good to hear from you again
  9. For those of you who didn't receive the email from the fleet database (if you didn't, update your profile!) a new roll call was issued at the start of the year. THose who don't respond by the end of the month will be removed from the fleet database. Report in!
  10. that he does, check your PM inbox Rip's server appears to have been down for a while, I'm contacting him about it.
  11. Excellent, thanks, SC, time to do a survey of what game versions people have. I can't remember it's exact specs offhand, I'll be able to tell you on Sunday or Monday, but I do remember we tried running two game versions at once in console mode, but it was less stable than one, so we just stuck to one at a time, switching when required and restarting immediately before a match for maximum stability.
  12. For UC or UCAWA, there shouldn't be any need for someone to sacrifice themselves to host, we have Rip's server to use for that, a solid machine with a relatively high (3Mbit) upload bandwidth. As soon as I get home on Sunday night (am writing from my parents house), I'll give admin details for it to Quazar and Sho so they can manage it as well. If there is sufficient demand, someone can buy UCSE or CE (or UCG) for it as well to enable us to support those versions equally comfortably.
  13. with Peter Jackson involved
  14. Just my thoughts, if you're wanting to start a new series then starting with a game with a massively improved graphics engine would be better for the image of the new line IMO, echo squad seems like a transitional title rather than a full series starter, so keeping it just at Gametap might be a good move to introduce the concept to a wider audience and then blow them away with the quality of the 'real' series, hence my no vote.
  15. I know, but on behalf of everyone It'll also be the first free release of a BC/UC game with multiplayer, so might help resolve the problems we have co-ordinating mp between people with different versions.
  16. The trailer for Prince Caspian is out, and looks awesome
  17. The stations are a big improvement, they look awesome (much more lifelike and massive ), as does the motion blur and the pilot model. Always a pleasure to read these updates, looking forward to the demo (whenever it comes out, no rush )
  18. looking good, though I'm getting a slight borg vibe from the green lighting on the station...
  19. nice interview, and the interviewer seemed really excited about it afterwards, good job
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