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    possible... I didn't download it, I carried it along from Bosnia last week on a CD... Are there seperate files of the manual? don't want to download the whole 230 megs just because of the manual... Oh, just noticed that someone offered me via pm to send it. Think that should solve the problem, thanx all.
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    eermm, I'm a little confuesed here and what I'm doing now might pretty upset some people, however this isn't my intent. BC Millenium has been released to the public for free, which I think is great. that implies however that it comes without a manual, which is less great for a game of that complexity, especially if it's the first game of the serie your playing. (Tried to get BC3k running on my Win2K about a year ago, however to no avail... ) So my question would be: does anyone know where I can get a documentation online? I think I could even do with one from 3k, I'm not too bad at figuring things out myself. Just without any clues it is a hopless atempt with that game. I googled a pretty long time for the stuff, didn't find anything Sorry in advance that I'm posting here without registering the game... Actually that's my major confusion. Since the game is free, I didn't buy it (you don't get it anymore in the stores anyways). So how am I supposed to register it?? (or maybe I completely misstook the meaning of "being released to the public"... )