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    St. Augustine, Florida. US
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    scuba diving, 3Dgraphics Design and game modding
  1. Dennis St.Augustine

    A return to the old days....

    I think in reality, PC gaming isn't the only existance. Real Life has to get in the way some times. But PC gaming is far from dead. I wish I could figure this one out and get on it as I wanted to a couple of years ago. But, I'm just as stumped now as I was then. LOL I take it a lot has changed during the past two years since I've been gone. (NO I WASN'T IN JAIL...My priorities at the time was to take care of my parents. They have crossed over)
  2. Dennis St.Augustine

    EA Launches Wing Commander Arena onto Xbox LIVE Arcade

    So.... Okay, I've been out of circulation for quite a while and couldn't help but notice the enormous amount of reading I have to catch up on. BUT...in a nutshell... Where is this going and how is it coming along?