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    St. Augustine, Florida. US
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    scuba diving, 3Dgraphics Design and game modding

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  1. I think in reality, PC gaming isn't the only existance. Real Life has to get in the way some times. But PC gaming is far from dead. I wish I could figure this one out and get on it as I wanted to a couple of years ago. But, I'm just as stumped now as I was then. LOL I take it a lot has changed during the past two years since I've been gone. (NO I WASN'T IN JAIL...My priorities at the time was to take care of my parents. They have crossed over)
  2. So.... Okay, I've been out of circulation for quite a while and couldn't help but notice the enormous amount of reading I have to catch up on. BUT...in a nutshell... Where is this going and how is it coming along?
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