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  1. Shield Issue: When i try to modify or raise/lower shield, the bar on the left side of my hud doesn't move or adjust to the power level I just set. HUG Issue: There is no ring in the center. In UC There was a big green ring in the middle. Windows 7 64-bit 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM ATI Radeon HD 5830 Latest Drivers DX10
  2. http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50015029 Point Number 3 Your original pinned thread SC.
  3. I downloaded the freeware version of UC because i saw in a topic by SC that is is Vista suported.So i thought i would get rid of the glitches that appear on my screen..like....lines blinking on my screen, buttons highlighting, and shading problems..well i downladed it and did the compatiblity mode for SP2 and it still does the same thing. HELP?
  4. well are ther any fixes i can do in the compatiblility mode?
  5. I keep getting video glitches when i start flying in my cc. help please
  6. This is a reply to $ilk about his log About Flux-13. if you enter Supernova 10, flux 13 is in that region too right. well flux 13 would end either in: a black hole, supernova 9, or Tarean. according to the galaxy links in the appendix for UC. maybe searching other supernovas. but you can ony get to most of them by flux field, and they have different exit points...like blackholes
  7. so for the intruder sound, just find said file then change the mp3 in it to say...a voice recording or a cooler phrase u have in mp3 format? and dont change the zip file name?
  8. I know you can change the playlist in the game, (but idk how to, ive read threads about it) But could you change what the mother or, I guess, the oficers say. Like instead of "Priority one, we have intruders on board" Marines assigned to search duty." Could you make a recording of yourself saying "Warning, intruders onboard." "Marines ordered to irraticate." This kind of adds your own personal touch. Is it possible?
  9. does any one have screenshot of a RANDOM strike aftermath?
  10. they might just attack marines...??
  11. i think a shuttle might be to small to hit up close. i tried with my guns once but they wouldn't even hit it. they would cross eachother like in a blind spot
  12. ...I've seen some downloads and software for it. Wonder what it would do for the Battlecruiser games...hmm? Imagine... -launching fighters and shuttles -going into HJ -confirming or denying planetfall/dock -activating tacops, perscan, navitron, ect...then exiting them -autopiolit on/off and more JUST BY SAYING IT!!
  13. nope, alive and kickin. G4 tv does their thing on it every year
  14. What great things have you seen come out of this years E3. And what about next year's E3? I think SC should go and spread the knowlege about all his games and future ones to come. Which means more $$ for him. And maybe more GAMES for us.
  15. When I first got my copy of UC I asked cheatcodes dot com to have UC as a game on the site. Well today i check the site for the first time in years. Well they now have UC on there. I don't know but it could be like a place to put tips and tricks.
  16. #1...NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU or.... #2...128MB ATI Radeon X1300
  17. Good blind spot...First cloack far away from the station, then HJ to the supply station(you'll end up much closer to the station than jumping to the station, then manuver into the workings of the station, extamples: holes!! this way the guns wont get you and the fight will have a hard time getting to you, then declock and weaken it then turn your PTA off when it get close to SOS then capture
  18. And since the probe is in a region marked as gamulan explorers, try being one and see if u can send ur AE to the stargazer surface without dieing
  19. I heard that someone OTSed the probe and then a message said "Stargazer here we come" I also heard a rumor that says Galaxians are pure enery, what if the lightning and other things like that are the Galaxians, or they live in another realm like a spirit worldish place. Or try to find a way to remove cloaking, maybe the is a cloaked base or station...or just wait till their iridium is depleated
  20. is this in BCM or UC. Not that i would use it *cough maybe just for a fun game cough* lol
  21. Tip...When you get in a fighter to destroy freighters, load a marine in a shuttle to pick up the pods and tow, that way u can keep going after new prey. Or you could go CC surfing thats always fun
  22. so im thinking of a new computer soon and it will have vista. will it be good or even better for UC(original)?
  23. yeah i only have UC. i was think of updating...which one-UC:AWA or UC:SE
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