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  1. Been there.... done that... I run XP64 bit. No pie from [email protected] either. Dunno, but those guys might be busy ? My profile has been updated now.
  2. I've send 2 emails to support to no avail, so i'm trying it here. I can't reactivate my legal ucawa and i've activated it only once. So if someone could please open up my legal copy it would be nice. email adres is ablaauw[at]gmx.net My callsign is cmdr Twobombs of Orion aka Aryan Blaauw Tnx, Aryan Ps: maybe its time to delete the check for this product as UC has been on the EOL list for almost two years now ? But it's just my rambling... _______ oops posted it in the wrong thread, maybe someone can move this to activation ? tnx. [ 04-07-2007, 08:41 AM: Message edited by: Wolferz ]
  3. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Due to an unexpected RL tragedy (passing away of my mother in law) i'm back in Europe for about a month, i won't be able to perform any BC duties. I might check in for the occasional rollcall; but that will be about it I think.
  4. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Yupz, I've read it; i'll reread it to make sure I don't miss some minute detail.
  5. Hi All, Forgot to mention this a few weeks ago; Slashdot mentioned that the parody movie Starwreck: in the Pirkinning has been released *for download* and I would like to recommend it. http://www.starwreck.com Greetings from Tramis, 2B Ps: it's a 300Mb+ D/L
  6. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Okay, i'll look and see what happens next Ps> $ilk, I did that fluxjump jou talked about and it's great to see this part of uncharted space. When you look at the Space maps you're literaly nowhere
  7. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Hi $ilk, my ping times are waaay to high to have a decent MP session from here (here=RSA) + i'm on a modem ! At my office my ping times are a little bit better and bandwith a bit more; yet I don't want to start an MP session, it's really an hassle. mind you: I haven't even activated the MP part.
  8. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    I'm back; having read the developments (and mishaps) from the last 5 years or so, I came to the following conclusion : - Communication between RP writers of the different fleets should be mandatory. Hoping that the SC and other RP writers *might* like the direction your ego-istic RP is heading towards, at the same time ignoring the messages from other (possible far more experienced players)could've prevented most -if not all- permabanned RP writers and cancellation of subscription by other RP writers. Sure, people sometimes develop strange ideas along the way, but one very good RP writer left the scene purely by ignoring the warnings by his and other teammates and the SC which actually stood on the background for quite some time. Which brings me to the next item - After carefull study of the material I found that the RP with the most team efford came out the best by far; and possible even made it to the Game in some form or another... People might or might not agree with that; but I am convinced that good RP is definative a good source for mission scripts. - Japanese Noodles and South African Biltong mix well as a dish. Greetings from Tramis, 2Bombs
  9. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Hehehe - that's a very, very good one !
  10. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Btw: are there some logs/reports from important MP sessions avaliable ?
  11. twobombs

    Cadet TwoBombs Academy Training

    Hi Remo, Thanks for the time and efford you've put into this endeavour. I'll download and read the document whilst I am away for a holliday to the Karoo in a remote village that might have Internet and even electricity. Kidding about the electricity part. During that stay i'll also look into the already existing RP to date; it seems to i've got a lot to catch up from the missions to Jupiter in '98. I'll be reporting back in about two weeks. Grtnx, 2B
  12. Done http://www.netshopeden.co.za/photosite/thu...tuff&c=bcmucawa login orion password fire For some screenshots that I made for people that absolutely never heard of this game.
  13. Hello Orion people, In the past('98) i've been involved in some RP, and as I don't have a fast connection to the Net, I prefer to look into the RP,scripting & documentation/website tasks.
  14. Okay; I was out of this scene since 1999 ( Battle Cruiser Mil ) But whatever happened with the rings around large gaseous planets such as Jupiter & Saturn? It would also have made nice extrasolar planets with the Red & Blue backgrounds that are beautifully laid out.
  15. twobombs

    Shuttle damage with AI pilots

    I think that it has got to do with the depth at which the shuttle-targeter thinks that is the ground level. I often find negative numbers next to the ' target ' area. Maybe the SC can shed some light on this matter; as he coded the routines.