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  1. my jaw is been cut off and extended along with the chin, I have more news, not good. He said that during x rays or what ev, they were checking with a full body x ray for implants and to see the effect of the surgery on the body and there was some thing in my right hand. It will also be removed and I might be left with a lack of motor function, most likely, no video games. I asked if it could be ignored, if i do, my carpell tunel will multiply exponentially. I wish to know if i can be put into stand by or temp deactivation until I see if my arm can game again. nervous as hell LB
  2. Hello, I just got released from the hospital. I have undergone Maxio Facial transplant surgery or something of the kind. I am just letting you guys know I'm here but kind of out of it. My recovery time is somewhere in the vicinity of 3 months in bed. I will check in when I can. Sincerely, LB
  3. LB here (recruiting/managment) awaiting futher orders
  4. X2 is good for burning time, X3 all the way, it rocks, cap ships are pretty cool and its awesome to be able own more than one ship, it and uc are different. UC is exploring based and more close ended than X3, but X3 can not deliver on cap ship combat and isn't as realistic, in short, UC is traditional cap ship accelling combat X3 is squad base dog fighting and is better in every other aspect but realism, so it's a tie. Sim fans for a realistic galaxy, X3, lightning fast combat cap ships, UC Freelancer- sucks after you get enough cash. There is an antidote. Easier online play and all the mods make it worth while. so ties all around
  5. Damn it, you're right screw this, I'm gonna order AWA from here. In the meanwhile I am transfering to recon *LB leaves the room*
  6. Did you get the Patches? I'm not saying your stupid! Far from it, I can't make games, but Egosoft is making patches to make it better, so when I get it I'll just wait for the patches to make it better!
  7. I'll give it a few days and then I am going for the Recon Squad, that way I can play UC online but I can do my missions on my schedule so matchoo could you check the possiblities of a transfer? I am not signed up for mp yet so maybe in a year or 2 I'll head up the recon jocks! Lol
  8. Ah well, I'll give it a week or I'll get AWA from here or what ever and join the Recon squad instead, after all I'll get AWA so I can play online and I'll have more time and do a better job if i can work on my own schedule
  9. Right, I might have been ripped off at amazon.com or what ev. If I can't get a copy of AWA I'm gonna give up the chase and just head to the Recon squad Besides life is too hectic for me right now. I work close to constantly and I might not have time for online except for with our fleet so I might head to Recon anyway, suggestions are welcome as well as insight
  10. Can't, still waiting for the blasted game to arrive. Well see you guys next time i hope
  11. LMAO! But I NEED to get oblivian, i just got a Dell XPS Gen 2 with a seventeen inch plasma screen on it plus surround sound and led lights and all the wistles and bells so I can't wait to see oblivian run on my pc!
  12. I ordered from Amazon.com and it was in a storage house in Asia, thats why. Is anyone going to get X3 other than me? X2 is okat but you can only blow up so many things before it's time for the next game
  13. UC is great but I need to get my hands on AWA, its so damn hard to find! I had to order my copy from asia or someplace like that but WTF, right? Any way, I think we need to see an option that says a few things, here are my ideas: "Gimme all your crap or I'll blow that scrap heap you call a ship to hell", one more we need capturing, u can get prisioners but no hijacks, so here is a saying for that: "We have locked your ship up with our FATAL system and unless you heave to and prepare to be boarded, you will be destroyed with no regrets or second thoughts, this is not a drill, and BTW have a nice day."
  14. well, the British got X3 and it's halarious. Everyone is complaining cause everything didn't come off so well but now everything is all in tune, so it might be worth getting the game. But seriously check out their forums and you'll see.
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