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  1. Well, i was a bit late (time diff in Korea) but...the only one i saw from Vanguard was Matchoo. What happened to everyone?? disappointing!! Also TS was offline again....
  2. What do you mean u cant get AWA? You should have gotten it a long time ago? If Amazon is messing with you i would do something about it. Report em.. Still looking for you to finish your training
  3. Dont forget to start with me first sir...or i will feel neglected... lmao firestar out.
  4. Sir with all due respect, I do have broadband and i have no problems at all with the SP of the game and the server 1 (G) has no problems even on planetside..except for a bit of lag which i recognize as a part of being on multiplayer. If i hadnt checked this with other players as well I would never have even been concerned with it.. Anyway, I love the game and my hat goes off to your hard work for the past 20+ years. Oh, and i dont mind being whacked by the SC..In fact, i feel that i am greatly honored for a good whacking sir! Firestar out.
  5. In response to Cmdr. Matchoo's difficulties on the servers, it should also be noted that Ensign Casey and I, have tested all the servers by reenacting the planetside scenario. We concluded together, that no servers were working properly except Fleet Server 3000AD 1 (G). What we noticed is that the server did not recognize the players moving from Procon_Z to Procon. If the server did not respond showing clearly our change from Procon_Z to Procon, it was fully evident that we would not recognize each other after planetfall. I also might add that we tested these servers repeatedly with the same responses. Cmdr. Matchoo as well as Stategic Cmdr. Ben Zwycky, also experienced the same troubles. We all were on the servers together at certain times. What could be the cause of these problems? I realize that it is best for us to be using the Fleet servers but at this particular time, the Fleet servers were all down. As a result, we were forced to use the other servers. Hopefully, an answer to the problem will be imminent. PS...We enjoy going planetside...
  6. This is the craziest thing ive heard yet. What gives them the right to sell property that belongs to you SC. I agree, they definitely crossed the line this time. Send em all to a penal colony on some far distant non-inhabited planet.
  7. Thank you Sir!! : firestar at your command sir!
  8. Great...i can be on on the 5th sir...oh and i have graduated from the Prime Fleet Academy and passed all. Who do i see for the final checkride? Firestar waiting for assignment
  9. Could you make it on Nov 5...As It would be sunday here in Korea?? Firestar waiting reply... otherwise i would have to be up at 1am lol
  10. Indeed...sooo true. I dont know SC, for me your games offer more than just a lovemaking scenario..it offers the player a chance to dream and make logical (and sometimes crazy) decisions. I just enjoy the idea of it being MY ship... Besides, I agree with Grizzle who needs all that love stuff anyway...just give me something to dock at or shoot...LOL PS...i love AWA and especially planetside...i cant wait til you come out with the next onezzzzz Cadet Firestar--almost finished training
  11. Sure I'll take a spin with ya...lol Thanks for all your help Ben... firestar out. I'll just have to figure out our time diffs
  12. Ok, I got on Teamspeak(actually about 10x now) but no one is ever on there...lol Anyway, how does teamspeak work? Can you use it within the MP environment? How? Sorry for all the questions but this is my first time with teamspeak.. firestar needing reply
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