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  1. Well, i was a bit late (time diff in Korea) but...the only one i saw from Vanguard was Matchoo. What happened to everyone?? disappointing!! Also TS was offline again....
  2. What do you mean u cant get AWA? You should have gotten it a long time ago? If Amazon is messing with you i would do something about it. Report em.. Still looking for you to finish your training
  3. Dont forget to start with me first sir...or i will feel neglected... lmao firestar out.
  4. Sir with all due respect, I do have broadband and i have no problems at all with the SP of the game and the server 1 (G) has no problems even on planetside..except for a bit of lag which i recognize as a part of being on multiplayer. If i hadnt checked this with other players as well I would never have even been concerned with it.. Anyway, I love the game and my hat goes off to your hard work for the past 20+ years. Oh, and i dont mind being whacked by the SC..In fact, i feel that i am greatly honored for a good whacking sir! Firestar out.
  5. In response to Cmdr. Matchoo's difficulties on the servers, it should also be noted that Ensign Casey and I, have tested all the servers by reenacting the planetside scenario. We concluded together, that no servers were working properly except Fleet Server 3000AD 1 (G). What we noticed is that the server did not recognize the players moving from Procon_Z to Procon. If the server did not respond showing clearly our change from Procon_Z to Procon, it was fully evident that we would not recognize each other after planetfall. I also might add that we tested these servers repeatedly with the same responses. Cmdr. Matchoo as well as Stategic Cmdr. Ben Zwycky, also experienced the same troubles. We all were on the servers together at certain times. What could be the cause of these problems? I realize that it is best for us to be using the Fleet servers but at this particular time, the Fleet servers were all down. As a result, we were forced to use the other servers. Hopefully, an answer to the problem will be imminent. PS...We enjoy going planetside...
  6. This is the craziest thing ive heard yet. What gives them the right to sell property that belongs to you SC. I agree, they definitely crossed the line this time. Send em all to a penal colony on some far distant non-inhabited planet.
  7. Thank you Sir!! : firestar at your command sir!
  8. Great...i can be on on the 5th sir...oh and i have graduated from the Prime Fleet Academy and passed all. Who do i see for the final checkride? Firestar waiting for assignment
  9. Could you make it on Nov 5...As It would be sunday here in Korea?? Firestar waiting reply... otherwise i would have to be up at 1am lol
  10. Indeed...sooo true. I dont know SC, for me your games offer more than just a lovemaking scenario..it offers the player a chance to dream and make logical (and sometimes crazy) decisions. I just enjoy the idea of it being MY ship... Besides, I agree with Grizzle who needs all that love stuff anyway...just give me something to dock at or shoot...LOL PS...i love AWA and especially planetside...i cant wait til you come out with the next onezzzzz Cadet Firestar--almost finished training
  11. Sure I'll take a spin with ya...lol Thanks for all your help Ben... firestar out. I'll just have to figure out our time diffs
  12. Ok, I got on Teamspeak(actually about 10x now) but no one is ever on there...lol Anyway, how does teamspeak work? Can you use it within the MP environment? How? Sorry for all the questions but this is my first time with teamspeak.. firestar needing reply
  13. Thanks Ben, Yeah i got on the server finally. I'm still learning how to use this thing...lol I will read the manual more and try to get it going right ...shouldnt take too long now now that i have registered on TS. Thanks again, firestar out. ps...explain to me a little more about MP you want me to join??
  14. PS is the User Password and the Channel Password the same or ???
  15. Acknowledged Sir..I did finally find Prime Fleet West and I tried to get on but i got a message saying it may be offline or not using TS. Do I have the right password? Could you send it to me again? Just send it to [email protected] Will press on with the next missions sir firestar out.
  16. Well, i guess its time to give my input... First, even though i havent been on this forum long...i greatly fell in love with BC Millenium and from that time i have seen such great changes that my head swims everytime SC comes out with a new version. The truth is that Derek has spent years perfecting this game and i think it is the most awesome game ever developed. Ok, at the beginning the graphics were indeed shaky...but hey the technology hadnt even caught up with Derek's dream anyway..But now, look at how his dream has become a reality and wow...how the graphics have come alive especially using the Directx 9.0c I have great respect to the SC for his many many years of developing this into the most exciting sim for space ever invented. As for X2...i loved it too but how can you compare..sure the graphics are hot but i enjoy the idea of being who you want and the scenarios of Universal Combat and AWA etc. much better. Why? Because, UCAWA and the others have the ability to land on planets and fly a spacecraft..not to mention the figters, shuttles etc. and who knows what the SC has in store in the next ones....Also, i think UCAWA etc. is so true to what it would be like...making decisions and oh yes...the stupid mistakes we make like..leaving our CC on a planet and forgetting to turn on the AP and halting...LOL OMG i've fallen into that one b4 just as probably we all have..i just had to laugh...standing there as a so-called Commander of a starship while my stupid FO is taking my Megatron for a spin as i look gazing into the sky of an unknown world and thinking..and i'm a commander...what a stupid thing to do...but...the truth is that is EXACTLY what many of us would do as noobies anyway...I could give so many instances of making stupid errors...leaving the shuttlebays open for intruders to steal the shuttles...the list could go on. Did i like x2? Yes...absolutely but it is a completely different game with a completely different plot...why do we need to compare... I for one loved em both. For me UCAWA etc. has more roleplay and adventure..and i cant wait to see the future of the game. Something we all on this forum will indeed be a part of... firestar out. ps...comment please...lol
  17. Acknowledged Sir...and will check on things after work.. thanx firestar out.
  18. servers are up and running again. btw...no go on teamspeak yet. when i search after connect with 3000AD...it says 0 servers detected... advise please... firestar out.
  19. Acknowledged Sir...also, we are able to get on the servers...Teamspeak is another matter for me. It seems that when i ask the thing to search for 3000AD, it comes out with 0 servers...I have been following the guidelines fine...just cant recognize the servers in the program... No problem with connecting to the servers on 3000AD though.. I will try to connect again when i finish work... firestar out.
  20. How did he get the password anyway if he is not a member?? firestar out.
  21. Hey Ben, I dont know any CMD Black....Anyway, i have tried today to get on the servers...still no go...are you able to get on? firestar out.
  22. Still no go on the server? Anyway, keep me posted guys... firestar out.
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