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  1. Sorry about the sig but i was not aware that i was changed into Yukon until today... I think my sig is perfect now...lol if not, i will keep working at it!
  2. Firestar reporting in for October, Sir!
  3. Tek, I think I got the sig now but if not tell me how to correct it and thanks for your help.
  4. Btw as long as the practice sessions are on Friday or Saturday USA time, I'm good as gold. Sunday would mean Monday here which is work time.
  5. Still working on my sig. Sorry, I guess doing it at 2am was a mistake. I'm all new to this but I'm a fast learner!
  6. Well as long as my Avatar and sig are in order now, I am ready to make space tracks!
  7. Greetings again...lol Ok, I have re-registered with the cmdr name firestar still waiting, firestar
  8. Greetings: i have registered again using my other email account as it was the only way i could change my user name to firestar instead of whspy. I am registering in the database and wait official acceptance into Vanguard Fleet. my old email [email protected] new [email protected] thanx
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