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  1. yeah... still around. Things are still a bit rough, but there might be light coming through if I can manage to pull in enough regular freelance clients.
  2. Personally, I loved it. Benedict Cumberbach does an excellent job in Sherlock and it was plain fun to see a evil version of him running around in this.
  3. Thanks. Bit of a shakeup has left me without a job. I've been commission painting wargaming miniatures and trying to build of a regular freelance business since there aren't any openings around here right now which has helped with the bills but definitely isn't simple or easy.
  4. I'm here, been a rough couple of months with life in general and may be a few more yet to go.
  5. Here. Missed last month since half of it was spent on my first real vacation... to europe
  6. My wife just had the revelation that she never had a Twinkie... And now she never will. Unless anyone is hoarding twinkles for the coming zombie apocalypse as brain decoys?

  7. Things I learned from the history channel: the US currently has a fleet of 282 battleships.

  8. So I'm making coffee and the commercial for taken 2 comes on. I hear Liam neeson narrating 5...4...3...2...1...Stop. And the time for the coffee goes off. And I think huh. That was odd.

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