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  1. I never realized it would be so incredibly unintuitve and difficult to actually take the ONE remaining TWO CREDIT class to get my Masters. It seems that one can't simply walk into BJU.

  2. We've been enjoying this as well. Good mix of post apocalyptic and hopeful humanity with aliens thrown in the mix. I'm curious to see where they take it this season.
  3. New high score! 30 minutes waiting in line at Walmart... starting at MIDNIGHT. Seriously folks, can't you at least have the decency to properly staff the checkout?

  4. So, John Carter was decently well done.

  5. Shimizu likes cheese so much that he was willing to eat a piece of smoked gouda out of Tesh's hand while being held upside down.

  6. Finished. At last.

  7. so it seems I find myself the owner of a new iPad. I think it will be a useful addition to the rest of the gadgetry in the house. Of course now I am severely tempted to see about adding slingbox to my dish receiver so the ipad can stream TV or some such nonsense. Tethered to my phone, roadtrips will never be the same.

  8. Benzoyl peroxide should be banned. Or at least heavily regulated and then banned. Maybe products that use it should just be forced to slather hideous warning labels on every product containing the crap. I'm likely going to have to replace the cover on one of the cushions on the couch thanks to the amazing property of Benzoyl peroxide that BLEACHES THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES.

  9. Had a mixed experience at IHOP tonight over on woodruff. It's a much bigger joint than the one by BJU, but I think the waitress showed up once the entire time. Probably the worst service I've seen. She welcomed us and disappeared. Someone else took our order and brought the food. She never once even came by the entire time and the coffee pot that was brought out only had enough coffee for 2.5 of the little IHOP cups and nobody was to be found to refill it. After we'd finished and were talking...

  10. I'm still around, but life has become exceptionally time consuming. To break the usual "I'm alive" response, I'm one class away from finishing a masters in Graphic Design and I recently became creative director at a small company with the task of building a creative department from the ground up that's morphed to include a comprehensive review of the branding and project pipeline. Much progress has been made but it's been and still is a slow process to review the company identity and recreate it while building brand standards and usage guidelines. Beyond that I've become more and more active over the years in the miniature war-gaming community primarily with the Games Workshop line of systems. Within that I've become a rather avid painter and conversion artist for the Epic Armageddon 6mm range, the warhammer 40k range, and the BFG range. Not long ago I was introduced to the tabletop version of Battletech by a very curious set of circumstance due to the passing of Doug Chaffee who did a rather massive amount of artwork for everything from the Space program and military artwork to the Battletech tabletop games, Dungeons and Dragons, magic the gathering, and a slew of scifi stuff (he even did the original artwork for the Starsiege compendium that came with the old game). It's been a rather incredible privilege to help his widow sort all of his artwork and catalog it since much of what he created had a profound impact on my childhood even though I didn't know the name of the artist at the time. Anyhow, all of that has led to me ending up with several large commissions for painting models for people which, unsurprisingly, is a bit time consuming. If anyone is intersted, here's a link to a bunch of the models I've painted over the last year or so: https://plus.google.com/photos/112754356711514421439/albums/5665654050039865793
  11. Today was a day filled with "WTF Microsoft!" moments ending in the eventual bending of Outlook to my will.... everything now looks exactly as it is supposed to, give or take some extra space around the email.

  12. Found this funny: English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar.

  13. It's may and class is over finally! I have time again At least until next semester, but at least that 's my last one! Oh, and I'm still here.
  14. At the high visiting the Picasso exhibition with tessha!

  15. yeah, nice to see you again! seeing people come back to say hi is one of the cool things about the forum even though it's died down quite a bit over the years.
  16. It is wonderful to be reminded that we serve a LIVING savior.

  17. Did Disney really just try to say that everyone knows that the best memories in life are the ones waiting to be made? Really, that's the best you can come up with?

  18. is it sad that tethering my laptop through my phone's 3g is far faster internet than the wireless floating around the hotel?

  19. The radio station here at my new job has music ADD. In the space of an hour I heard Ke$ha, Rap, Train, Country, and Michael Buble.

  20. had a good first day

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