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  1. the posts are separated by author, I have fixed some areas so it is easier to see when different characters are speaking. I have also remeoved non RP posts in the threads.
  2. www.internations.net www.redrival.com (redrival is best, but I don't know if the apps are up anymore.)Also you are taking a different approach. I'm formatting them into Word and bolding the speaker.
  3. ok, I'll take a look. And if at all possible PLEASE move the iss site off Crosswinds, 50 popoups is NOT fun to click through.
  4. I've noticed that some of the old history threads are slipping back in the page numbers and if noone has a problem with it, I'm going to convert all of the major RP threads over to text files. So far I made a list of ordering, any corrections or aditions would be helpful. First Gammulan War Threads: Eve Of The War Approaching Apocalypse ?Operation Snowball's Chance? Apocalypse Begins Finding Akira Events Immediately followng the GW1: The Turning of a Wraith The Saga Continues Preemptive Strike Preemptive Strike Part 2 Preemptive Strike Part 3 Preemptive Strike Final Confrontation Preemptive Strike Comments GW2 Prelude to the Dance Gamma Omega Cerberus Stirs The Death Wraith The Wraith Massacre (never Completed) Events following GW2: Into the Fire Act One: Alliances Into the Fire Act Two: Choices Into the Fire Act Three: Firestorm Into the Fire Act Four: Deliverance Into the Fire Act Five: Operation Golgotha (ongoing) Other personal back histories: Defection Disappearance Eternal Vigilance Part One Eternal Vigilance Part Two First Command Origins of a Galcom Commander Joy Ride [ 07-23-2001: Message edited by: Eclipse ]
  5. You could of course try the trader caste if you just want to explore the world and not get shot at... much that is.
  6. Your install path is too long, shorten is as SC posted. You have 9 character instead of the max of 8
  7. yes it's worth 5 bucks, but it gets old prett quick.
  8. Not sure if this is it or not, but you may be stuck in "nullspace" try targeting another object (planet,ship, starstation, jumpgate) setting it as your flight path and jumping to it. Playmods are cheat programs that edit your saved games to give various bonuses. They can cause unpredictable results and even corrupt saved games. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! If you capture or destroy an enemy starbase it will stop launching fighters and capships at you, so yes in that way you can decrease the numbers of enemies. However, BC3K is dynamic so there is no stopping an enemy fleet from waltzing through your patrol zone, so no you can't permanetly clear an area, though if you spent all of your time there you could keep it clear. Of course that still leaves a few dozen or so other areas you aren't keeping an eye on. It might be possible in Bc3K, but not likly that you can figgure out what to do to change the models, so I would say, no you probably can't do it in BC3K.
  9. Been since right before the evac of the vulture that I posted last. Before I start yammering, anything too critical I missed to dredge me and Hoffman into a team?
  10. He hasn't released any of the code for the game. All that he has released is the GBS used to build the mission scripts for ACM and the original ACM scripts to use as a referance.
  11. hehe... I think we all remember the gun control argument... Good to know you got it back.
  12. Read the manual and search the forum about the HSD. And Welcome.
  13. Actually I think it symbolizes our sending the enemy back home in little wooden boxes.
  14. quote: Originally posted by Spuzzum: [QB]then I board a shuttle and get some shuttles to escort me.QB] Are they going to protect you with their mad ramming skills? I usually find that Fighters are more suited to escorting.
  15. Welcome. I find the space FP helpful if I'm dead in the water and can't access any of my ships systems. Of course in the finished game it could be for those who have a death wish...
  16. You think with whatever mony they paid the person to design that thing he/she/it could have done better than an Akira kitbash
  17. Not too bad, not too good, why couldn't they just END THE THING!?!?!! Starts predictable and then manages to go crazy at the end.
  18. I hears she has 60,000 individually modeled strands of hair. I shudder at what that alone would do to my system. Then I consider animating that... I need a faster computer... Did I say computer? I ment 600 computers.
  19. He said he was bored, that should keep him busy...
  20. Go take a tour of the Gammulan quadrant... that should cure boredom pretty fast.
  21. Graphics and Flight dynamics do not a game make.
  22. I'm gonna take a wild guess that it's with your video card... Upgrade time.
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