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  1. Ok, I've seen it with UC and it display completely but I've forgot that you couldn't set the Thrust profile via the TDD anymore... So no it's just a graphoc relative problem that havn't so much importance (It just seem desperately empty ^^)
  2. Here is the "bug" I didn't already know of it is a problem with my graphic cards or not... I'll try to install UC and see if it work there... So the problem is that the wide circle that englobe the TDD doesn't display, so I can't set thrust profile correctly... It's a little problem because I've a AZERTY keyboard and not all thrust profile are available pressing 1~0 keys... If you have an issue, please tell me... I'll update this post ASA I've check if it's the same on UC Thanks. [ 11-06-2005, 01:43 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  3. I wish to join the Prime Fleet as a Commander Cadet (once again after more than a year of non-presence, due to some problem to get UC. My old name was Mahzel) I'm already registered with the fleet DB and the fleet forum, and I waiting your agreement to be activated. Regards Cadet Erahel
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