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  1. I've been playing with the ultimate space combat bundle lately, and IÆve discovered that UC Second Edition isnÆt all that stable on my system, it could be savegame corruption I suppose, but I donÆt know. I just thought it was odd that I can run UC, UCAWA, UCCE +UCCE V2, and GC, but not UCSE. I do have that odd crash with the keyboard config screen with UCAWA & UCSE, could that be related somehow? however, I think the most likely candidates are either my soundcard setup, or a vista incompatibility bug of some kind. Just tossing a few out there. On campaigns it seems to crash after a few (2 or 3) system jumps usually when hostiles drop in, but not always. In roam I canÆt seem to find any real common denominators. Yes, I know I donÆt really have any in campaign mode either.
  2. IÆve never played the earlier Battlecruiser games, to young at the time I guess. However, I pretty much fell in love with the first UC when I finished reading the blurb on the back of the box, oh, so many years ago. IÆve stuck with the original UC up until recently, mainly because I didnÆt have the funds to upgrade my pc. I woundup getting a new one not too long ago, then I moved to france for two weeks, and had to ditch most of my stuff. Hence the laptop. A few months after my return trip, I found myself with a bit of spare cash, so I got the ultimate space combat bundle, and have been enjoying the downloaded content ever since. Well, hearing that UC CE is going to be the last title of itÆs kind, I just thought IÆd post my few cents. To: SC & the 3000ad dev staff, IÆve enjoyed these simulations substantially, and IÆm grateful that people still put that much thought & effort into making videogames and software in general. IÆm sorry to hear that the last UC title has come and gone, but you have to admit it was a good run. Sincerely, the invisible guy - I love to cloak Oh, BTW SC, have you thought about adding Q-ships into UC? having a few transports with military grade PTA, main guns & sawping a few shuttles for fighters? & having them tagged identically to those stock transports, so you can't tell them apart til they start ripping you apart? just a thought
  3. Invisibleguy

    LB's official newbie start up guide

    for the pricier parts, i just wait till i'm at a friendly port to do my repairs (free parts, can't beat that).
  4. Invisibleguy


    Unless IÔÇÖm sieging a station or in a firefight IÔÇÖll just have a shuttle capture ÔÇÿem for me. otherwise i just kill em
  5. Invisibleguy

    What's the worst situation you have survived?

    a few days ago i was in my fully modified (minus the artifacts) Megaron rampaging around sol (if you haven't noticed i'm an insurgent), and right after i took Galcom HQ... a stormcarrier levels it, right after i undock, and as i'm avoiding all his fire (i mean all of it) i tear into his rear at near point blank range and i am bushwhacked by 2 firestorms, and an astrom in a few more seconds, now i see one firestorm the other is cloaked, and the astrom is incoming, also notice that about 22 hostile marines have boarded my ship and i dropped the cloaked firestorm as his cloak surges when he's firing (and rapidly firing at that) as i'm directing the deck by deck engagements i forget all about the astrom jumping in and he cutdown my shields when i finally remember he's most likely here by now. and by the time i got the ship moving he sliced nicely through a few key systems, right before i tore him apart with my teeth. (oh, BTW it was 4am my time, i'd been up for about 32 hours) almost didnÔÇÖt make it back to mars (which by this time was TER/INS). how's that for latenite stupidity?
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    My awesome tactic!

    my cap ship tears-up shuttles on a regular bases. and i think the warmonger has 3 PTA turrets in range of the above arc. (at lest from what I remember in combat situations) i should pick my words more carefully, my bad. sorry.
  7. Invisibleguy

    Best carriers (...at least I think so)

    the only time i ever got that beatup was when i was takingout a storm carrier and 2 firestorms jumped me. but i wasn't damaged that badly though.
  8. Invisibleguy

    My awesome tactic!

    i smell somthing fishy there.
  9. Invisibleguy

    Best carriers (...at least I think so)

    quote:Originally posted by Grayson: quote:Originally posted by DarkCommander: Megaron, plain and simple, iv killed so many ships, inclueding super carriers and not taken a spec of damgae to the shields, much less my armor. Well that's just skill! I use the Megaron too. It's a good solid ship to take around the black. all it takes is a bit of planning, and good aim. i've taken out firestorms and strom carriers in my megaron before they even bring their guns to bear.
  10. Invisibleguy


    do they even do anything? or are they just there to give people a target that doesn't return fire? i suppose they're there to defend the planet form ots launches, but they don't do that. at least not to me they don't.
  11. Invisibleguy

    Ship speeds

    Einstein's relativity theory is intentionally flawed and incomplete. einstein didn't want the responsibility of entrusting mankind with the power of what his research was leading into, so that's where we get the line. "as you reach the speed of light, your mass increases to infinity" (Oppenheimer's Quilt Trip Syndrome) i'm not a physics guy, but i have a few friends who can't stop talking about it. When you mean TeslaÔÇÖs classified Research, are you referring to his running a current through an array of super-conductive coils mounted on a US Navy Destroyer in the pennsylvania Naval shipyard?
  12. Invisibleguy

    Pilots not improving skills (DF & BA)

    whoot! one of my guys BA went up a point. don't know how or why because i wasn't trying to do it.
  13. Invisibleguy

    Pilots not improving skills (DF & BA)

    i haven't seen DF or BA increase at all. but to tell the truth until lately i've been playing GalCom and getting t'd-off and starting a new character when i get exp-points stripped away for reasons out of my control. ie friendly starcarrier kills neutral diplomat or even allied station kills neutral diplomat. But usually I deploy 2 fighters when trouble comes around, and I keep them out and about until their charge levels are around 30% or below, then I call emÔÇÖ back in, and while theyÔÇÖre readying if something goes haywire I still have two fighters I can deploy, and if I do they stay out til their charge is about 30%. Now if thereÔÇÖs BIG trouble I might use all 4 or in some cases 8 fighters (supper carriers) but IÔÇÖll call back the extra fighters asap, so that I donÔÇÖt get blasted because all my fighters are ÔÇ£used-upÔÇØ. Now usually my pilots get about 30-50 kills each, and AI factors of around 50 or so, but no DF or BA improvements. Oh, and yes I know IÔÇÖm a rambler; sorry, but itÔÇÖs just who I am.
  14. Invisibleguy

    Best cruisers (...at least I think so)

    don't really use cruisers, but i do like two. first i like the Garid. I like the shape, it has good mainguns, turrets, shielding, armor, shuttles, and fairly good hyperdrive. and i also like the sunflash for many of the same reasons.
  15. Invisibleguy

    Best carriers (...at least I think so)

    IMHO the Megaron is the best all around carrier. It has good firepower (mainguns are fairly powerful, spm is high, and range is also good) shielding is fine, and the point defense is tight and fairly powerful, above and below is a deathtrap for fighters, armor is sweet, good array of fighters (i love zenstars), and speed/hyperjump is ok. this carrier is the best balanced of them all, once again IMHO. there may be carriers that are faster, or have better main guns, or stronger fighter cover, but they have somewhat major drawbacks, the megaron is balanced and the only drawback i can see is its slightly sluggish hyperjump engines. but it's not really that slow, or it seems that way to me.