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  1. Well, the Kickstarter campaign was a success, Elite: Dangerous was funded with 52 hours to spare, tonight around 8:40pm CET. It just picked up over the last three to four days. The so-called hockey stick effect as they say. Either way, it's good to see more space games being worked on.
  2. I'm not sure about the odds for them to get the entire sum through crowd funding, but there is an entire generation that played the originals and who are excited once again. ED isn't overly ambitious as far as I can see, except maybe for trying to find mass appeal in this day and age.
  3. I was curious to see what the opinions were going to be here about Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. It's safe to say that most of us have high hopes for both projects, but the risk of getting disappointed yet again always remains. I hope Derek is wrong about this, but unfortunately he hardly ever is. At least the fund raising was quite successful for SC. All they have to do now is make it happen.
  4. My last SH game was SH3. The mod community did a great job at making it playable. When SH4 came out I hesitated for a long time before deciding not to buy the game after all. With their new DRM scheme Ubi made that decision for me not to buy any of the products anymore. That's no way to treat your customers. I didn't even know they made you pay for patches. Microsoft would be out of business if they did that...
  5. Very interesting read, as always. That is indeed an amazing turn of events. You probably didn't expect this going in.
  6. There's some actual gameplay footage up on GiantBomb's website. Clip 1 (60 minutes) Clip 2 (50 minutes) Clip 3 (64 minutes) The presentation is nice, the sound effects are trekkish. Another time sink in the making.
  7. stingray


    Saw it, loved it, 'nuff said. If you don't want to know how the story ends, don't scroll down.
  8. Yeah, I've heard someone talk about the new decade as well. I guess it can't be helped. We can't save everyone. Deal with it.
  9. I applied but didn't get in. I got access to second-hand impressions though. I can promise now, Derek's going to enjoy tearing it to pieces.
  10. Somehow we've all seen the new Star Trek film before... I kinda liked the movie for what it tried to do, but if you expected anything along the lines of the ST movies with Kirk, Spock and McCoy, you'll run indeed the risk of getting somewhat let down. Pros: Overall the new cast did a great job, but it somewhat lacked the charisma and experience of the veteran actors, which is understandable. The action and battle sequences were amazing, as far as I can tell, the amount of bang for the buck in scifi movies is cumulative over time. The ship design of the Enterprise is nice for the most part, with the exception of the engine room which looks like it was taken from the Wonka chocolate factory. Kirk, Spock, "Bones" McCoy, Scotty and Uhura were perfectly cast. Not sure why, but having a scene set on an ice planet is always a plus. While I liked seeing Leonard Nimoy reprise his role as Spock, he took away precious time from Nero (see below). Some funny moments. It's a roller-coaster ride all the way through that ends five minutes before the end. Cons: I thought Eric Bana's Nero was underused, it's never good for a main villain to play third or fourth fiddle (I guess he could have really used the time spent on Leonard Nimoy). Furthermore, where did they find those Mad Max Romulans?? I didn't really buy the casting of Chekov (his exaggerated faked/real accent being the least of his problems as the curly haired actor is Russian) and Sulu who acted in a too generic way and didn't really get anywhere near George Takei's personality. It wasn't the actors' fault, IMHO just the wrong choice. No Klingons, 'nuff said. Of all classic ST Aliens, except for the blue ale, the Romulans are the least interesting as they come across as just Vulcans with an attitude problem. Here they just shaved them bald and gave them facial tattoos. Talk about aliens on a budget. I know this isn't supposed to be Star Wars (see clip above), but the physical effects team didn't have much to do this time. The why-the-long-face guy at the bar was very funny though. Scotty's pet Ewok with scales not so much. Plot pot holes. The transporters have been relegated once again, if not consistently so, to magical plot devices. I have no doubt that the franchise still has a lot of life in it. Considering what came after ST: TMP, they couldn't really go wrong with this one. There is no going back to the original show and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. It's a reboot, not a remake. 7.5/10
  11. The original title of the new Star Trek film.
  12. That's what I want to know, because I'm not a Fileplanet subscriber. Thanks for the Beta invitation anyway.
  13. "...what can you do with Hayden Christensen? He's as close as we have to an android actor." - Wesley Morris, Boston Globe Looks like it has potential to suck... I haven't seen it yet, so I'll refrain from making any further comments about the movie at this point. On the other hand, I kinda like Summer Glau's portrayal of a good killer-cyborg in the Sarah Connor Chronicles... so playing an android isn't necessarily bad per se. But if you act like an android, make sure it's required by the script. Somehow I knew this movie was going to happen, seeing as how much fun time travel has been portrayed in Heroes, it was just a matter of time (pun intended) before some Hollywood-type would see the potential in making yet another movie about it. The topic of time travel opens up a myriad of possibilities, unfortunately it also includes the bad ones.
  14. stingray


    Rambo Movies Death Chart I haven't seen it yet, but apparently someone went through all the movies and counted all the casualties (with and without a shirt on, no less) and the results are in (you just need to scroll down on that page I linked above). Apparently this one tallies up the most kills. I only liked the first one, the two sequels were just rubbish IMHO. I'd rather watch Hot Shots 1 and 2 again. At least I'll get a few laughs out of it.
  15. Interview with Co-Writer and Executive Producer Robert Orci I like what they are trying to do. Maybe we'll get an Enterprise reboot out of it too. (To misquote Scotty: "This is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, with no frakkin' A, B, C, D or E."
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