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  1. I see I had no idea of that. However, it became from that sewage to the english language, originally. Unofficial translation of Cloaca Maxima was "Big Butthole" as stated less vulgarly, altho it real meaning was Greatest Sewer, which sewage of Rome was at the ancient times. -v
  2. quote: Originally by amerika.. oops, aramike Now, however, what's the solution? I dunno, learning by living? -v
  3. quote: Originally by LostInSpace This whole thing is really scarey. Yes it is, makes me to think the state of honesty and trust in this wicked world. -v
  4. quote: Originally by Cruis.in why pop miners? in other games there are RoC, or rules of conduct, just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you should. Because I'm teh bad man, pirate and a terrorist scum in game. -v
  5. quote: Originally by Wolfrez Oh, and that's an interesting name for your Corp. Do you guys lay alot of eggs? Heh, I think we do.. AFAIK it means the main sewage system of Ancient Rome. In this ocassion, it refers to Amarr empire.. -v
  6. Public School - Bad. Home School - Bad. Why? Because they both are indoctrination. In public school you are being offered state-approved indoctrination, and in home schools you are being offered parents-approved indoctrination(which can actually be a lot worse than the state-approved in reality-wise). Let them indoctrinate you I say. Bigger the lie, harder they fall. By this I mean that when someone grows up and begins to realise that he have been brainwashed(=lied to) all along, more he will lose faith in dominant system. -v
  7. I dunno if this topic really belongs here, but couldn't figure better place... This is something that everyone should know if they have a house and certain type of lock in it.. Not sure if its only "european" problem. You tube - Bump Keying -v
  8. I guess that I must be bored to dead already, but I've been playing more or less actively more than three years. IMO its one the best MMORPG's out there. I'd imagine things in eve will get even more interesting when they include planets to the game, which they've promised. You don't have to play years to have fun or to be succesful in Eve. With some imagination or with a cunning plan you can have fun even with the 14-days trial account. What comes to me, I started PvP at my first month of gameplay, and was relatively successful in it.. Yet I've done mining(not that I had to), trading, convoy busting, fighting, stuff building, doing missions and so on. When I get bored with one thing, I'll move to another. Furthermore, I've been soloing most of time, yet I have had fun and have lots of wealth and stuff to blow up just for gags(once I blew up a miner in safe space with my battleship just because I was annoyed that they think they're safe there.. Well as you can guess, I lost my battleship to AI police, but I managed to blew up that miner too! Then I calculated that he lose up to 60 millions while I lost only 10 millions because my ship was insured, which was almost runned out, and I had only crappy tech1 equipment fitted in it.). I've calculated that I can buy battleship every 3rd day of play. Most people seem to have somekind of mining fixation, inherited from fantasy MMO's that they can't come up with anything more constructive.. Anyway, I'm in corp called Cloaca Maxima[CMX]. Its just me and my pal, and no plan. We are doing stuff almost in every area in eve, from pirating to industrial and merchanting stuff. But not only to tell positive sides of eve, I must say that sometimes it can be painful to play it, since the server is sometimes very unstable(especially when they patch or extend the game). -v
  9. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: This is nothing more then Kim Jong Il, trying to suck money out of the 1st world countries that he is trying to scare. Every time he pulls this garbage, we pay him off, until he's broke again, because his economy is unsustainable. So we give him money, he plays little dictator, then when he runs out of money, he raises hell, then we give him money, and when it runs out, he raises hell, and so on and so forth. It is extortion pure and simple, and we need to quit playing and let the little pissant country collapse, and watch the citizens kill the little tinpot midget, then we go in and help them. That could be. I think that madman just built world largest hotel or something.. I bet there be lot of tourists in that! -v
  10. Few of his videos: Police State 2000 Bohemian Grove I'd like to know what you guys think of this dude. Is he a complete madman with serious political hallucinations, or does his rants actually have a point? I hear he's pretty popular already. They claim that he predicted nine-eleventh also. IMO, he have really stated some real issues, and at least those that can be easily verified, were true. He's host of prisonplanet.com and infowars.com and most of his work does have the stench of propaganda in it. Interesting nevertheless. -v
  11. quote:Originally posted by Prez: I know the story well. I bought "Winter War" on a recommendation from some miltary buddie from www.belleandblade.com (great website, FANTASTIC movie) and that peaked my interest to learn as much as I could about the Russo-Finnish war. I do not, however, get what you're hinting at. At all. Could you possibly spell it out for us thick-headed people? Surely you're not saying there's an equivalency between the Russo-Finnish events and the U.S. and Iraq or Korea? I hope I am mistaken, for that would indeed be a hopelessly ridiculous comparison. You know me, I usually make ridicule comparisons To be serious I'm not making exactly a comparison, but merely pointing out the possibility. Nothing have happened yet, but if NK were to launch a test missile(parts of their previous test missile were found in alaska, at least media claims so), US could shoot it down. Well, that could actually lead to war. Hopefully not, but it could -v
  12. ROFL, ya potheads No wonder why your worldviews are so twisted! /me jokes off Should be legal tho, because alcohol is. Pot is lot milder stuff and causes lot less social problems. Hey, I got an idea: Why not to replace topacco with pot, yay! -v
  13. quote: Originally posted by Black Ghost: Its disturbing news to hear that a power hungry dictator does have nuclear weapons. Thoughts/ reactions...? I just LedMAO because that that preceeding quote is almost best sarcasm I've ever read. I dunno if you meant it that way tho Then being serious again: I have a real story to tell and I think that many of you didn't knew it previously: It was 1939 in wintery Finland. People around the country heard disturping radio message telling that Finland had attacked Soviet Union by opening gunfire at the eastern border. Finnish officials offered to research the matter together with Soviet officials, but Soviets retracted the non-aggression pact with Finland and tried invade it right after. 53 years later, after sorrowful events of world war II in europe and winter war between soviets and Finland, Russian president Boris Jeltsin finally admits that it was Soviets themselves that shot their own soldiers with their own guns for pretext to conquer Finland and to make Finland appear as aggressor in eyes of other nations. This story is harder to find in english, but you can try if you want by googling 'shots of Mainila'. The lesson of the story is: Learn from the past. And what makes this story credible, is that the evil-doer in this case was former Soviet Union. But it couldn't be United States.. Right? -v
  14. quote: Originally posted by Prez: Keep playing that "THE US GAVE IRAQ WMD" tune. It's and oldie but a goodie! America is evil, blah blah blah. And did we really need to "fabricate" anything to attack Afghanistan? They were only harboring and funding Al Qaeda. Of course that's not enough for you Volio, since they didn't attack you. You wear you "President of the Blame America First Association" hat with pride I see. Good to know you still keep repeating the same garbage over and over Volio. If there's one thing I love about a person, it's predictability. Ouch, I've been hit Seriously, you can bash me all you want, but one day you may have to admit that crappy old v01i0 was right after all. Fear is awesome tool for controlling masses. Just take your time and think about these things for a while, and you might find out even Al Qaida might be a fabrication of your government. For your amazement, I don't think that america is evil. Same things could happen in any country in europe too. I'm only sad to see how things are developing there(here also, only in smaller scale); how easy it is to manipulate people. To be honest, I'm afraid of what some governments are actually capable(in evil sense) of. -v
  15. I remember US Government telling US people that Iraq had moving chemical laboratories(I think it was stated by Colin Powell), as well as Donald Rumsfeld reporting huge fortified bunkers with all fancy equipment inside those before attacking Afghanistan after 9/11. Those things were never found. Donald Rumsfeld(like so many others of your current administration) have been caught several times of altering the truth. IMO, mainstream media is not guardhound of power, but instead it is its soundhorn, a megaphone. Then people that have no time nor interest to check out these "stories" buys them without hesitation. It doesent matter much if 20 % of population knows the truth when rest of them are fooled and indimitated by mass media. Ofcourse WMDs were to be found from Iraq, because it was US that gave them to it. -v
  16. Heh, 70 years in prison is what he got. Anyone knows if he have been delivered into US so far? -v
  17. Okay, which type of Shadow Governemt this means? 1) The one that lies kind of invisible and works underground to rise in power ultimately by replacing the legit government by its own people? 2) Or is it government within governemt, like that the legit government would be shadow govs. puppets? 1 or 2? 1 or 2? huh? Or something else... -v
  18. I read through some of Nostradamus quatrains, and found them very elusive. I wonder how anyone could've made out such explicit interpretations from them as shown in nostradamus-online.com. quote: The problem I have with Nostradamus followers is that they *never* acknowledge when so prophesy fails to come to be. Instead, what in almost every case happens is those followers say that either the interpretation was wrong or they spin current events to match claims.Yeah, thats commonlike in religions also. Never regonize the facts, just stick on what matches. -v
  19. Can't really say anything before delivered with original copies of Nos-man texts. -v ps. yet there are whole lot of ingredients for third world war.. scarce resources, colliding cultures, powerful nations with insane leaders. You mention it.
  20. quote: Originally posted by $iLk: In regard to the vaporization issue, I do have pictures of a plane slamming into a concrete wall and basically is vaporized. Most crash landings are somewhat controlled so that the plane is still together or in just a few pieces... someone intentionally hitting something would have a much more drastic effect. Strange that a landing gear would penetrate through several reinforced walls as in pentagon case, yet other parts of the plane vaporized. Then those flight manouver that the pilot had to make to hit that wall were unbelievable. Somehow I think that B7-series would've done more damage. quote: Originally posted by DeepFreeze: What I'm concerned about is the timing of all this. We've had this information on hand now for almost five years, and internet conspiracy theorists have been doing their thing for just as long. But now, seemingly out of nowhere, it's starting to gain a lot of momentum. Why now? Better late than never
  21. quote: originally posted by Supreme Cmdr 6. A foreign group of agents (The Mosad?) had a part to play in 9/11 Might've been Mossad. This is interesting. Then again, they might've been just happy when they realized how good it was for israel. More about dancing isrealis. Anyone knows if those few "hijackers" are really alive? Its strange that no arabs were on passenger lists in those flights which hit WTC. -v
  22. quote: Originally posted by Prez: Seriously, I don't know the Bush Administration people well enough to know if they're vile enough to do something like this (but I kinda doubt it), but I'm pretty sure they aren't smart enough. Definately they weren't clever enough to cover it all up. Yet many from U.S administration studied in Yale I think. -v
  23. Prez: Although you have point that you can find almost anything from internet, both false and fiction, yet there can be also true information. It is easy to say that 'its internet' don't take it seriously. Illusions. Yes, in internet you can get fooled easily, but when you see it from 'serious' media, you won't doubt right? However Prez, I agree with you partially. Official story could be true, but it is alarming that so many people have doubts about it. quote: Originally posted by Wolfrez: Again I say it's way past time to bring those fothermuckers down before they finish what they started. I bet, if I could get a few of those cronies alone with me and my .303, I could get a confession out of them. Carefully dude, or you might get accussed of planning act of terror
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