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  1. Uh, I keep inventing powder over and over again, lol. -v
  2. I forgot. You got baldness? I have, and it's funny that some people are so ashamed of it that they try to brush their hair(whats left of it) top of it in order to cover baldness. When I was on elementary, our school's principle used to have that kind of "cover baldness"-syndrome and he was one of a wacko. Maybe it tells something about people. Duh, should've posted this on jokes section. -v
  3. Answer to the question why President Bush is so good with his speeches. -v
  4. quote: You attacked Sobak on a specific subject, I chose to respond. Believing that global warming is caused by man, has to be one of the silliest things that a lot of people fall for, hook line and sinker, they don't bother to research it themselves, and therefore get suckered. You attacked, I responsed. THe subject at hand, I do not need to respond to, Soback does quite well all by himself, especially against you...LOL Thats kinda contradictory when you say that Soback is doing well against me and yet you need to come trolling. Sorry, this whole discussion is losing it's meaning. You've done well. Congrats. -v
  5. quote: And you being just as clueless as usual... Of course I am. It's difficult to compile a bigger picture from pieces of information. But why to bother when we have Jag who knows how things really are? Since you are so clever, why don't you state your opinion(which is also the truth, I suppose) on the issue at hand, instead of trolling the thread? -v
  6. Yammy. I remember this dude for critisizing British and Finnish food. He's italian prime minister or something and he surely is such a gourmet. ROFL. -v
  7. Soback, you are correct. In principle, one cannot be forced to sell something on lower price than he wants to, especially when there isn't many alternative suppliers around to fill that demand. Of course competition sometimes drives prices lower than production can sustain, but it will quickly results to collapse of those who are willing to sell under profit marginal. I think thats only "economic evolution". However, in my opinion problem in middle-east is more complex. Of course, as it is hard to say anything about true relationships behind these systems as they often are being covered up, and yet claim that the information acquired is still consistent according to classical defination of knowledge. I'm not expert on economy, in fact I am pretty poor at it, I have never read theory of marketing economy for example(have you?). Although I know that economy works in certain ways, and in theory it should benefit(in a short run) everyone involved. However, this is only valid when context of the system is consistent and working. But the obvious reason for gaining from internal disorder of some arab nations would be that they need quick cash to keep fighting with each other. So those controlling the supply - in my view - are motivated to sell it far worse price what it would be if the coutry would be internally undivided. Norway and other countries that are capable working towards same goal are perfect examples of this. There is at least one examble how secterian fights are being fed:BBC article. What comes to the crusades, maybe you're right there. It wasn't only for economical explotation although it occured, or would you think they went there and came back without looting a bit? Those crusades were not cheap to organize and I highly doubt that those kings that were involved, went there purely because of faith. Hi Jag, this thread wasn't on climate change. Although you're being just as intelligent as usual. -v
  8. I'd like to emphasize that you have concluded that their resources aren't being exploited. I am still standing my ground on what I've said. I am not trying anything as you'd like to imagine. Or did I say "taking away" somewhere? Exploitation and not paying enough are kinda the same. quote: Fourth. Secterian fights are NOT being fed by foreign governments any more than they are being fed internally. So why to write huge pile of BS just to agree what I have said? I never said that sectarianity didn't exists already. How to feed them if they don't exist? quote: As far as Christian crusades go, and you saying that they weren't in response to Muslim invasions but rather a smokescreen to economic expansion, it leaves one baffled as to what kind mazes and dead ends of convoluted fictitious "history" you had to read to conjure that up. First, please don't alter what I've said. I never said expansion, I said exploitation - again. Second, fictitious history you say? Then you link a page which has information based on some religious order of christian methodists? Get a grip dude, really. I prefer even wikipedia to be more reliable source, which as a matter of fact tell us: this. Please, don't make yourself look any more ridiculous as you already are, or this is going to end up just like issue where you stated that global warming had nothing to do with man made pollution. This is the last reply I gonna give you unless you don't post something constructive instead of constant spamming with bizarre ideas that comes who knows where. -v
  9. quote: You are talking like the western world is breaking into the middle east and taking their resources (oil) by force. So, lets correct that. The oil is being BOUGHT from them. Yes, but they are not getting decent price of it. And the money from the oil isn't going to the people. There are ofcourse nice roads built in main cities of some arab states, but how many of the people can afford a car? Ofcourse one might say that it isn't our problem. But I say its beginning to be, as the hatred towards west is on the rise. Besides, I'm not talking only about oil, I'm also talking about potential labour amongst other resrources. What are the labour costs for a entreprise working in middle-east and one that is working on norweigian sea? Howcome norwegians are a lot more richer than arabs? I think it's because society in Norway is working well compared to those in middle-east. Sectarian fights there are being constantly fed by foreign goverments in middle-east. It's the old "divide and rule"-philosophy, but altered on the form of "divide and profit". Old Machiavellian stuff. What comes to my knowledge of history, I'm not good at it, tho I know that europe(and US later on) have been exploiting muslims in middle-east ever since from 1700 when the european imperialism started effectively. You seem to be intentionally avoiding this in your address. quote: There's a reason that Crusades started AFTER 1000 AD. The Crusades were an answer to constant Islamic invasions and raids. Crusades were not response to islamic threat rather than to spread Christianity and to secure holy city of Jerusalem, which obviousley were smokescreens for economical exploitation(just the same type of riding that you say muslims were doing). Offcourse, in these debates, it seems that one can choose the interpretation of his liking. -v [ 03-25-2006, 04:09 PM: Message edited by: Voli0 ]
  10. I'm not sure whether this should be posted on joke's section or here.. Maybe it's too serious matter to be posted on jokes tho.. This dude was elected as a president of belarus with more than 80% of the votes. International inspectors have expressed that the ballot was unfair. People have been demostrating for almost a week on the streets of Minsk. According to his hairstyle, he surely has something to hide -v
  11. Uh, is there a way to edit posts after few minutes have passed? Before I was registered user, I somehow thought that registered users can edit posts anytime they want to.. do they? I have a problem here. The topic of this thread is misspelled, and I just received email from artist himself that he'd like to have his name correctly spelled. -v
  12. btw, it's Stenvall, not Stenwall. -v
  13. Hi, I'd like to present you certain finnish artist - Kaj Stenwall. I hope you'd like it. I don't want to reveal my interpretation of it, just make up one of your own. However, I'd like to unveil something.. There's no book on duck's right hand... Originally presented by Kaj Stenwall -v
  14. Cheers dude.. and now that I have finally a clue.. bye Cicuc..err?
  15. I found it very reasonable restriction. They have to make some profit too! -v
  16. In case it wasn't ordered, I find it strange that so many persons were involved. 27 individuals mentioned + at least seven occurences of unknowns(in finland's defence force, one company consists of 31 soldiers.. I think that includes almost the whole watch, allthough I'm unfamiliar with the system.). And there was that OGA(Other Goverment Agency) dude around too who killed one of detainees... On my current knowledge, only 4 have received a sentence. Seems like a good comedy show. -v
  17. bye command & conquer? -v ps. Sorry, I've been enjoyin' few too many old beer tonight.. couldn't resist to say something stupido. But to be honest, I don't have a clue.. of anything. But.. but.. another class of joy, jesh
  18. Uhh.. I'm not even sure if I want to live beyond 30. This place is turning fast into a nightmare. I'm not talking about my life, there's everything ok with it. I'm talking globally as usual. At the moment, humankind is decadence. I'm not seeing change on that in near future. As a clue, I'm futurologist(hopefully not good at it, though). -v ps. wanna work till ye'd be 100? Because with current trends, it is whats its gonna be unless there isn't going to happen change in values.
  19. quote: ...poor manners... Somehow, if people are being banned for this, I wonder how you or I are still here? -v
  20. quote: It is foolish to believe that ANY of these countries is ready for a genuine democracy. Cultures evolve at the pace of their own internal clock, and frankly, the Middle-East shows quite some similarities with the religious obscurantism that reigned through Europe from the fall of constantinople up to the 18th century. Exactly. Besides, from the weak signals that are slowly becoming visible, this islamic fundamendalism(or call it whatever you like) is becoming a way to resist the western cultural and economic imperialism. It is very obvious, no matter what religion or ideology you represent, that when your national(and scarce) resources are being exploited by foreign nations, you'd try to resist, no matter what. I see kind of Lockian(see Locke, John; two treatises of civil goverment) thinking in modern american(read U.S) view towards cultures it defines "lower". For those unfamiliar with Locke: He discriminates the insurgency of lower culture towards higher(supposed) culture. In Locke's views, they(rebelling lower culture) could even put into slavery because they don't "understand" their best. Another great problem is that one of relativism. Can we say for sure that western way of life(with capitalism) is something that they want? Is it something that they value? We have to remember that there were times when arab culture was way beyond of European correspondent. Their science were far beyond of ours(europe). I.E in medical sciences and astronomy. Without arabs, our knowledge of Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles would probably be lost. It were arabs whom preserved those writings, while europeans were burning those in the name of faith. Just look at them now! Mostly rotten societies, ruled by greedy opportunists who knows how to please west. And why is this? It is because Italy(Rome or Vatican), Britain and France have been practising Machiavellian philosophy on that region ever since 1st crusade, destroyed their flourisihing cultures, drew border zones again, feeding sectarian quarrels, etc etc. All that UK and USA(amongst some other nations) are doing there right now, is to trying to preserve their influence. To preserve their "right" to resources. Democracy is just the sugar covering the cake of shit. It has all been just conflict of semiglobal cultures where islam is losing. In the light of preceeding paragraphs, how could one even expect the religion that was born somewhere around 500 AD be peaceful, keeping in mind that first crusade started shortly after 1000 ad? The oppression(although varying in level of seriousness) has continued ever since. quote: As long our societies are so dependent on their oil, our industry and our politicians will look the other way each time an event doesen't cause public outrage. Alternative energy solutions are needed if we want to interact with culturally unfriendly cultures without being the victims of the requirements of our lifestyle. According to latest scientific proof, we don't have oil problem at all after few decades, but we have a lot of other problems though... -v
  21. Well thats understandable nomad. I wish I would've gave away my character to someone who would've taken care of him while I am away.. Now I have trendemous step to take if I ever come back to eve, because his skill development isn't running Well I guess having a 20 mil skill point dude is better than entering the game as complete newbie. If I ever will... -v
  22. quote: Hell, I'am in one of the best PvP corps around... You don't happen to be in WOR??? What's yer AE in Eve BTW nomad? I wonder if we've ever met there.. Mine was Zibun Ionic. -v ps. most commonly used defination for n0ob goes like this(although the idea can be expressed in various ways): n0ob = loses BS to cruiser and then gets publicly pissed about it and probably petitions to GMs about grieftactics(no matter how old character). newbie = new player.
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