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  1. quote: And you are still missing the point. People are not born into slavery. So when one is born, he does NOT own you their life just because you build a road from here to there, or a park that he will use. During the course of his life, if he wishes to use that road, he will have to pay for it through taxes and if he uses that park he will pay with fees. A person starts off with a clean slate. Don't you EVER claim that a person is born with shackles around their ankles. However, because of people like you, the society makes us slaves to all the sickest, poorest, laziest, dumbest, the criminals, the looters, and the leeches in this world, only a slave does not get to keep the product of his labors. The sooner you realize it, the faster you will have your life back. You're wrong. First of all, most people┬┤s parents require your part in completing the work load since they have supported you for so long. Same way does the society. But you are also right. No man should be born in slavery. And thats why they are free(well in most cases they are free) to leave the society they don't feel to fit in. Anyway, point of my arguing were partly towards the people claiming here that socialism won't work. It works here in Finland. We don't take in lot of 'leeches' coming abroad. We have very small amount of imigrants here. Despite the fact we have our own leeches, hight taxation etc, most of Finns are still willing to stay and work for the society as a whole. There might be reason for that tho. We have always been a small nation between two giants(well, Sweden ain't giant anymore, but it was quite an empire few centuries back). Russia tried to invade our land not longer than 70 years ago and since there, it's pressing presence was always there, untill the most recent years. We are used to stick together. That MAY be the reason why we want to support even the leeches, that they are available in the time of need. I'm not saying that everyone should live in the way I do. In your case, you must be happy you live in US and not in Finland. Cheers, 'twas nice talking to you anyway.
  2. quote: ---You can burn all you want. You know what you will be remembered for? NOTHING. As far as US a neo-nazi state, LOL, how about you being a good liberal and go campaign your government on claims that US is voilating human rights, is a neo-nazi state and cease all relations with us, and I mean ALL. It is a fact that US is violating human rights. At least goverments of Germany, Sweden and Finland are requesting official explanation from US goverment due the prisoner flights of CIA through european airfields. And what comes in to ceasing all relations to United States, I'm ready for that. In fact, I've stated that in publicity too. quote: ---You must have seen a little too many westerns. Do you know about Europe, there's a little country there called the Swiss. Their gun ownership is unsurpassed even by US. Yes, there may be countries with more guns on avarage than US, but M.Moores Bowling for Columbine showed pretty well that there is something wrong with US people and guns. Your northern neighbour, Canada, has quite as many guns in avarage per person, but there are far less gun related crimes. quote: ---What are their names? What political party do they belong to? Back up your accusations with facts. For sure there are political prisoners in US, and there are a lot. Here are few for you(http://www.prisonactivist.org/pps+pows/pplist-alpha.shtml). Besides, my wife has a penpal that used to sat in prison for political reasons, his wealth confesticated. And furthermore there are these Guantanamo prisoners, and that reveals the question about human rights again. quote: ---In the next paragraph you mention the Maslows pyramid of needs. Then why are you surprised that people think of themselfs first. After all, if every able man sacrificed himself for every unable man, we would all die out. That alone should be a re-inforcment for thinking about your wellfare before the wellfare of others. Second being a simple fact that MY wellfare I feel on my skin, YOURS should be just that, YOURS to worry about. I'm not surprised that people think of themselves. But I wonder why people, that have basic needs well satisfied, aren't willing to share. quote: ---Apparently you haven't studied the pyramid and the text accompanying it. For you simply CAN NOT satisfy the higher needs before you satisfy the lower ones. There you are absolutely right; basic needs must be satisfied first. But I was referring on the people that already HAVE basic needs satisfied, yet they cannot feel compassion on those less fortunate. If we all were like those people, mankind would still be small tribes fighting against each others. quote: ---That's where you are wrong. Let me disprove it with one statement. If wealth of one was possible because of the society around him, then EVERYONE would be WEALTHY. As we can see that is not the case, which leades to the conclusion that ones wealth is possible because of HIM. Now isn't that circular reasoning? It is not difficult to succeed in modern society and people(at least in here where I live) have quite equal chances to succeed in their life(whatever that may mean), yet some people fail to live up with society. I am not denying the fact that one can make his wealth without society, but surely there are far better chances to that with the support of society. quote: ---Do you even know Frances social security system? Do you know that their companies CAN NOT lay off workers? Do you know that you get a paycheck for life regardless if you work or not? Do you know that all you have to do is show up, breathe, and you get a place to live and food to eat. That's a hell of a way to be "outside the system" and have your Maslows pyramid needs taken care of. If they are "outside the system", where does "inside the system" start. When you have governemnt provided 10 acres of land, 3 acre house and a Ferrari? I know something about French social security system. In here we have similiar system. Even the most miserable junkies get their paycheck every month, plus some money they manage to cheat out of system. Yet I'm not complaining and I happily pay their fun. I'm not sure where goes the boundary between inside and outside the system, but when you live in a country and the goverment(and "original" people) refuses to accept you as a part of nation, it certainly raises some displeasement. Why they let you enter the country in a first place? To put you on hard work with low pay that the originales refuse to do? quote: ---I HAVE been placed into a society with less than $1000 dollars and no ties or institutions backing me up. I REFUSED government GRANTS for schooling. Everything I have today is because of my mother, her hard work, and ME and MY HARD WORK. Considering what I have today, my own car, my own motorcycle, being a pilot and food on the table, I say I've done ok, and COULD have done better. Which takes us back to the FIRST paragraph. Society is NOT the reason you have things, the reason one manages to achieve is because of his OWN POTENTIAL. Which is proven by a single fact that there are people born in US, into middle class family, and yet turn out complete and utter losers, with nothing to show for their lives but a wellfare check. How can you claim that there weren't institutions backing you up? For surely there were law enforcement to quarantee you had equal rights than other people. Unfortunately your refusal for goverment paid education shows in your way of thinking(I'm not saying you're stupid person, for you are not, since you managed to establish a good life for yourself in foreign society. What I mean is that your way of thinking is very egocentristic.). I'm not denying the fact that middle- or upperclass people may end up complete loser, seen that aswell. quote: --- You have concluded that since everything that I have paid for with my taxes is there for me. However, you haven't explained as to WHY others are entitled for my money. I have PAID for the infrastructure to be there for me, WHAT makes you think that because I have PAID for the infrastructure to be there I should ALSO PAY for others? Does the meer fact of me having money to pay in taxes means that I also have money that others are entitled to? Haven't I earned that money myself? Haven't I paid for the taxes for the government to run? What makes you think that you are entitled to the money that I have earned? It's not YOUR labor that earned it. Does the condition of being poor entitle you to a paycheck? No, I claim that everything is there for you. From the craddle to the grave. When you were born, there were roads and stuff even tho you haven't paid a cent. And that is why the society supports the life of individual. Thats why the society is entitled to even your money. I agree that the system supports even those, who wont even try to live proper life, but then again it's not always their mistake. They may have different mental disorders, physical limitations etc. In my opinion, we should still help those whom may not even deserve it. I wonder what your opinion in wellfare social security system would be in case that you'd get seriously sick and your paid healthcare can't cover the expenses of that sickness and your treatment would end? -v
  3. I've done quite a lot of searching here in forums for last couple of days and I've found no answer yet. Thats why I thought of posting this topic anyway. I'm still hoping someone can recall the trick to make bcm stable. And about that system profile, I think I need serial number for that, and as a freeware bcm user, I don't have one. Although I wrote up my system specs in first post, check it out if needed. Cheers, thanks for answering. Hopefully I find the answer soon. -v PS(again). I've noted that windows paging file grows steadily every time I open tactical computer menu in-game. It seems almost like bcm version that I have has a memory leak. This can be noted in windowed mode, I dunno about full screen mode, because I can't look at task manager in full screen. In full screen mode game just hangs and quits like I've descriped in the 1st post.
  4. Sorry, my mistake. My topic was only moved elsewhere and I thought it was deleted. How stupid can I be? This meaningless mumbling can be deleted. Sorry again. Me --> <-- the other me I love you all.
  5. quote:ROFL, same old same old Nomad. Can't come back with a coherent logical argument for re-destribution of wealth. Can't say anything constructive when I ask: "What makes you feel that you are entitled to my money?"I can tell you why others in society are entitled to your wallet. It's because your wealth is made possible by the society around you. You see, there are infrastructure and institutions like schools, hospitals, police, fire department and etc, that allows you develope or "repair" yourself if needed. There are lawenforcement to keep up the society agreement, there are this there are that. Everything is there for you, and you wonder why others are entitled to your money? If you are suddenly placed into different society wihtout any connections or institutions backing you up. How good are your chances to make yourself a wealth? They are not good, I believe. And thinking this way, it ain't hard to tell why imigrants in France were rioting. They live in almost connectionless context. I know, you gonna say: "but I pay taxes". But you dont want ppl to have social security system. What about then when you have enough those outside the system? You gonna have France. The slightly socialist system that we have in nordic coutries is working well and there is definately no sign of crumbling. In Finland, where I am from, the voting percentage in govermental elections is decreasing because of the general satisfactionary of people. They have nothing to complain, since the system works pretty well. Actually they are setting pressure from European Union towards the nordic wellfare model and most of the citizens are very conserned about that. They fear that the pure capitalist thinking is pushing thru and the social system might be history in future. That would be sad.
  6. So what if Europe gonna burn again? So what if we take in muslims and people who think in diverse ways? At least we trying to bring people together, while you americans fear the difference. If we burn, we burn for good cause, while US will remain in history as a neo-nazi state, that will thrive thru weaker. The problems in France are caused by the inability of their politicians. They cannot level differencies between incomes nor they can get rid of the extreme poverty. For few you yankees(who've been talking in this thread) I would recommend turning your eyes towards your own country. Your politicians allow torturing; CIA planes carry prisoners into the countries where torturing is allowed, or at least common. Almost everyone there has a gun because they fear their neighbour who might have different skin color(and a gun). There are A LOT of political prisoners in US(how sick is that, in the country of free?). I wonder what is wrong in socialism? What is wrong in people helping each other out? It might be that mankind isnt ready for such advanced thinking. There are still too many people thinking only their own wellfare. I bet many of you know Maslow's hierarchy of needs; it can be compared aswell to the group of people as well as to individual. First there are the basic needs, like having shelter, food and etc.. Then there comes higher needs like social interaction, arts and selfpresentation and so on. Apparently some people can't ever ascend over the basic needs, even though they are well satisfied.
  7. Ok, most of you doesen't even know what this rant is about, but at least there is one that does; the topic for this forum section says that this is the place for threads that aren't suitable elsewhere.. So I did asked question related to bcm techniques for which I was unable to find answers by searching these forums. Since bcm is unsupported, there ain't no discussion forum for it anymore, so there is no place for these questions, except the place of 'general chatter'. As if. My post was deleted and now I am going to get a ban, but actually, I don't care; I found it that these forums have such a ill mentality that I don't want to be part of community where they limit what can be said and what cannot. I thought that after trying out bcm freeware(such a fine game), I would get some of UC series, but now it certainly seems that it going to stay in gamestore shelf for me G'bye How do we know that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were just a bluff? - U.S dared to attack.
  8. Hello all, First of all I have to apologize that I post this thread in here, but I know no other place to seek help. I've looked and searched about the forums for few answers I desperately seek, but I am unable to find answers I seek. I am pretty new to the bc-series in general, somehow I managed to miss this awesome game for many years.. But now I've found it and I'd like to give it a try. Anyway, there are few things prevents me really immersing in game, it's the instability. I know it is old game and not supported anymore, and thats basically the reason I gotta ask help here in general chatters section, and I probably will get booted by doing so. I know there are few gurus about here who have been with the game pretty long and have huge knowledge about it.. ..if anyone bothers to help me with my problems, I'd be delighted. Problem #1: After playing Battlecruiser Millenium for sometime it crashes. It's not happening frequently, but more like randomly. Sometimes I can play few hours before crash, sometimes it happens pretty quick. Here is what happens: The game freezes for about 10 seconds, then starts running again for another about 10 seconds and then it freezes again and after few seconds of freeze it crashes to desktop without any error messages. Anyone know workaround for this or know what it is about? Problem #2: Although game keeps crashing constantly, I've found it such a fine game that I persistently kept playing it and I've managed to establish a career and done some mining, fighting and trading.. Anyway, once an intruder fled into one of my fighter crafts(FC) and FC became unavailable. My marines killed the intruder, and FC didnt took any damage(at least it doesent show on damage reports), but still its unavailabe. FC's status is ready, and it surely has pilots in it. What seems to be the problem? My system specs are: WinXP SP 2 AMD SEMPRON(1,8ghz) GF 5200FX 128MT(I think, but GF 5000+ serie anyway) Onboard audio(C-Media AC97) 512 DDR RAM Standard optical mouse, Wireless keyboard CD, DVD All my drivers should be pretty much up-to-date. Thanks to anyone willing to help. -v PS. Is UCWA or older UC's playable with my specs? I don't dare to buy and try unless I know for sure the game runs smoothly..
  9. O well, thanks for not booting me for my questioning before reading the sticky See, now I have useful hint for someone Anyway, for those with 2+ monitor desktop I would recommended following method(this works on BCM, dunno about UC-serie, but prolly it works well with those too): Before you start the game, open html-appendix(the one with charts, bases and tech info etc.) or any other helpful file into to secondary monitor, then launch the game with -w2 parameter. Game will start in main monitor, with desktop sized window allowing you easily to refer the manual or other stuff you have open in secondary monitor. Heh, no need for printing anymore, tho I did it already -v
  10. ----------quote, Raziel---------------------- They'll leave their post to eat on their own, when they get hungry enough. More details to be found in your manual, located in the UC:AWA folder. --------------------------------------------- Sorry, my question was actually about BCM - couldn't find the info from its manual files. Sorry if this were wrong forum - I'm all new to the battlecruiser series. Voli0
  11. Hi, I've noticed that the hunger factor increases all the time even I have food stuffs in my cargo. How I make crew eat and make hunger factor go down? And how does hunger factor affect? TY Voli0
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