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  1. Reshawn

    Planet Minerals

    Thanks. Looks like I am going to have to go mineral surveying sometime.
  2. Reshawn

    Planet Minerals

    I was just wondering how the game determines which minerals you get when you send a mining drone down to the planet. So here are some questions: 1) Are minerals just given based off of some chance, or are there different concentrations for each planet? For example, is there a planet to go to where you will be more likely to harvest radine? 2) Assuming that you will be more likely to get certain minerals on certain planets, has anyone compiled some sort of list of where to go for different minerals?
  3. Reshawn

    The Elder Scolls - Oblivion

    Been playing the game for roughly 40 hours, and only advance the main quest slightly from time to time. Wonderful game, though a bit prone to crashing as was already mentioned (appears to me to be when events are triggered sometimes, or sometimes when trying to do the autosave). Only closed one oblivion gate so far, the one at Kavatch, but I am planning on closing many more before too long.
  4. Reshawn

    ACM Question: TOD4 M1 *Spoilers*

    Oopse, you are right about the mission, it isn't a tour of duty. As for paying attention to my coms I was and here is more or less what happened: This was my second time through so I knew that at the end of TOD3 I would be returned to Sol. So as soon as I was able I headed that way so I would be more or less on time. 7:00 I got the mission. 7:06 I arrived in Mars and was told where my Mzone was. 7:11 the Starbase comes under attack. 7:15 Nat Mason yells at me saying "You were asked to report to Starpath immediately!!" despite the fact that I am in the Mzone and arrived at Mars more or less on time. Because I was yelled at I guessed that there was something I was missing and thus that I was probably missing out on some Experience Points (despite the fact that at the end of the mission I had no penalty). I am guessing that my arriving early is probably the reason for this after thinking about it some more. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to answer my obviously silly question.
  5. I have a question about a portion of this mission that I haven't figured out how to do yet, and I am guessing that it is because I am missing something obvious. Oddly, this is the only part of the whole campaign that is giving me problems. Even protecting the GCV-Gecko wasn't nearly so hard. Anyway, I have not had problems defending the starbase in the mission zone. The fighters are easy to kill, and when the enemy marines land I already have my vehicles deployed around them and a large marine force is transported down into the battle. No real problem defending the starbase. I am even able to get the ICV-Tripwire without many problems. My problem comes from the 'Report to Starpath' portion of the mission orders. How am I supposed to do that? Here is what I have tried already: Flying to Starpath and Docking in a shuttle. Flying to Starpath and docking in the CC. Flying to Starpath and waiting outside for a bit in a shuttle. Flying to Starpath and waiting outside for a bit in the CC. Even tried going back several times during the mission, both in my CC and in a Shuttle. So I am guessing I am missing something very obvious and am wondering if anyone would be so nice as to either post or send me a PM with some suggestions/hints to start me in the right direction. Thanks.
  6. Since I am currently in the RP wing of Orion Fleet, figured it was about time I made a post. Only ran this through spell checker, so sorry if there are any weird errors. [RP] GCV-Falcon; Questar Heavy Cruiser Sol System Asteroid Belt Command Test in Support of SAD Mission Cadet Reshawn watched the Tacops computer as the GCV-Falcon slowly maneuvered through the asteroid belt in Sol in search a raider Garid which had recently fled to this area. There really wasnt much to see there, but that was mostly due to the interference from all the debris making sensors mostly useless except for at very short ranges. All the interference made the work slow and tedious, only slightly helped out by the two Mantis medium fighters on loan for this particular job. Several times he considered boosting the power of the sensors to increase their range and maybe speed things up a little bit. However at the same time he knew that it would make his Questar light up like a giant target for anyone who happened to be watching at the time. While all the floating debris were making it hard to locate anything, they were also hiding the Falcon from its prey. Or rather its intended prey, Reshawn thought, we may not be able to find it in all of this shit. There were several other cruisers searching the debris field as well, along with a Battlecrusier MK3 heavy carrier. Somewhere it was suspected there was a raider base which had been conducting smuggling operations in Sol and harassing trade ships. Obviously command wanted the base taken out, but that was easier said than done. Mantis 1 and Mantis 2 are reporting they are at bingo fuel, sir, the Comms Officer reported. Reshawn looked at her and thought for a moment, trying to remember her name. Technically this was not his command. In fact, technically he had no command. Instead it was a test to see if he could handle the stress of being in command of a ship before Orion Fleet decided if he would be given a ship of his own. As a result he had only been on board for a few days, and the names of most of the crew still eluded him. There is a refueling craft up already, right? he asked. Yes sir. Starpath launched one a little while ago, and it is in position for refueling operations now. Good. Tell both Mantis 1 and 2 to rendezvous with the tanker and return once they are topped off. Yes sir, the Comms officer answered, Mantis 1 and 2 Reshawn turned his attention back to the Tacops computer and zoomed the view out until he could see the other cruisers and the carrier helping sweep through the asteroid belt. With a little disappointment he noticed that the GCV-Falcon was starting to lag behind, though he hoped it would be recognized that he had also been assigned one of the more dense areas of the belt. Without the fighters to check out things with their eyes, the going would be even slower for awhile. Sir, Im picking up a slight heat signature, the tactical officer reported, it might be that Garid we are looking for. But it is too far away to tell. He glanced over the Tacops computer until he spotted the contact the TO was talking about. It wasnt quite in their path, but it was larger than other heat signatures in the area. The biggest question was if it was what he was looking for, or if it was just some sort anomaly. Our escort fighters are still refueling? he asked. Yes sir. Very well, launch a probe and try to give it a course close to this one. Helm, take me to that contact as quickly as you deem safe. Aye, Aye sir. The deck shifted under his feet slightly as the Questar turned toward the contact and accelerated. Looking out through the ITD he watched as the Falcon past hunks of rock. While the final speed of the Heavy Cruiser settled far below the maximum speed of a Questar, 250 m/s seemed to be flying compared to the crawl they had been doing previously. When they came around a particularly large asteroid Cadet Reshawn saw in the distance the distinct glow of a ship engine. Slow down! he barked out quickly, Is that thing up there the heat signature we detected? The TO ran a quick sensor sweep and then shook her head. No sir, what I detected is still a ways off. That looks like it is probably our Garid, but what we picked up earlier was something else. Cadet Reshawn thought for a moment, closing his eyes. The Garid looked like it was heading toward whatever that other heat signature happened to be. Also, the other cruiser didnt appear to have detected them as it was moving very slowly through the asteroids. Perhaps he could let it lead them to the base, if there was one. Send an encrypted message to the nearest friendly, he said, placing his hands on the top of the tacops computer and leaning forward slightly due to his excitement, Inform them that we have made contact with the Garid and are currently in pursuit to see if they will lead us to that base. Afterwards contact our fighter escorts and inform them to be ready to come to our aid, but stay out of visual range. Aye, Aye, sir, responded the comms officer. Helm, keep us in visual range of the Garid, but dont bring us too close. Combat, keep an eye on the target, but do not get a target lock on him yet, we dont need him spooking for any reason yet. Yes sir, both officers responded almost in unison. Watching the glow of the other ships engines in the distance it was difficult to not order the Falcon to attack right away, but he managed to restrain himself. This was a test after all. It was a time to make sure that he proved he could make sound decisions and convince the Orion Fleet he was in fact worthy of his own command. Finding that raider base, however that would be enough.
  7. Reshawn

    UCAWA Review - Strategy Informer

    I just thought I would take issue with the point he trys to make about air traffic controlers having problems with this game. While I am not an air traffic controler myself, I am a private pilot and have seen the job those guys do. Air Traffic Controlers have a much harder job than that guy can ever immagine, and if he thinks they are too stupid to play this game than he has no clue what the hell he is talking about. I honestly do not understand how the people running ATC of my local airport are able to do the job they do. If an Air Traffic Controler were to not play this game it isn't because it is 'too hard' or because he is 'too stupid' but rather because his job is so hard all of the time that he would rather play something easy.
  8. Reshawn

    tradcom items

    Check the appendix. You should have some files that were installed with the game that you can read. Appendix is one of them. Gives a list of all items. It also tells about all the types of missiles and the differences between them. As for what items do. Spare parts are used to repair/upgrade your craft. Weapons are... well... weapons. Most minerals you don't have a use for excpet for Repair Minerals, Plutonium, Radine, and Irridum. Most misc items don't have a use except for Radiation Control Unit, Vac Pack, Med Pack, Combat Kits, and Nutripacks. Also try reading through the game manual again. Pretty much everything I have told you can be found in there.
  9. Reshawn

    Orion Fleet Pin Board

    And I have gotten Game CQ working (apparently, nobody was on when I tested it) so all I need to know is the time of the meeting.
  10. Reshawn

    Orion Fleet Pin Board

    I can get on after about 1900 GMT, I must get off around 0100 GMT on Monday, Thursday, and Fridays. Tuesday's and Wednsdays are pretty full for me.
  11. Reshawn

    CTD and intruders

    I have experienced this problem as well, though I haven't had time to play much since getting the last patch because of the whole moving to college thing. I'll go find time and get some intruders to replicate the problem. However I will say that it doesn't -always- happen for me while I view perscan. There may be some trigger for it, though until I look at it a lot more closely I won't guess at what it may be.
  12. Reshawn

    Orion Fleet Pin Board

    What time will this meeting be? Also, is there a thread or document that I could read to figure out how to connect to the MP chat lobby?
  13. Reshawn

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    ATM, I am busy with school (and don't have my joystick in any case) so I am going to have to go with RP. If I find myself able to free enough time up for MP, I should be able to.
  14. Seems to me this would be better served under Technical issues, not Game Discussions.
  15. Reshawn

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Yeah, I had already managed to find the charter, but didn't know about the fleets database thing. Just submitted an application to that.