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  1. Meneliki

    Capturing Stations with Cruisers

    quote:Originally posted by Moonbrooke: Ok, I've heard it said that it IS possible to capture a star station with a cruiser, if you can get in it's "blind spot". My question is, what's the proper tecnique to even get CLOSE to the station to reach the blind spot? It starts firing LONG before I am in range, and I'm dead in seconds. Any suggestions? I do it with a cruiser quite a bit. I just hyperjump to the supply station, and fly as fast as i can, right *into* the station, out of it's arcs. Usually my shield holds long enuf for me to get in there. But some stations have either really powerfull turrets or just alot of them and your usually dead before your even outta hyperspace. For those, you gotta hyperjump around and come at them from a different angle.
  2. Meneliki

    Avoid this mistake

    quote:Originally posted by Darkling: quote:Originally posted by Meneliki: ... you cant skip right to the top upgrade. I've always just skipped right down to the top upgrade, at least when I've played in the FireStorm, you sure this is correct? Actually yeah, I just noticed that I can do it now too. I seem to remember trying it before (maybe with the original UC) and it not working. Oh well, that's good news.
  3. Meneliki

    how to kill a storm carrier

    quote:Originally posted by TheBunny: get a fast ship. load as many missles as you can. fly up its butt shooting missles. try to disable it flying towards a planet. when it lands R.A.N.D.O.M the planet. it should be dead. could someone test that theory. im too poor and too inexperienced to even get close to that monster . I've got a pretty good strategy for killing Stormcarriers. 1) Point main ship guns at Stormcarrier 2) Fire
  4. Meneliki

    Name your favorite ship!

    quote:Originally posted by Vandal: And please, a little originality here, try to play something else BESIDES the Stormcarrier, it's big, it's bad, it's got more fighters than pilots, but who really wants a *challenge* eh? eh? Here's mine, which I have to admit was love at first sight, Questor - Heavy Cruiser. Sleek lines, scores of turrets and impressive speed and moves. Can't beat the quadruple green exhaust either! Asthetically, all of the ships look damn cool and I can't really decide which I like best. But as for raw power, I truly do not understand alot of the posts I see. "How do you beat a Stormcarrier".. "Send out your fighters and hope they beat the opposing carrier.." etc etc. I'l tell you how I beat a Stormcarrier. I point my main guns at it and blast the living piss out of it long before it's even so much as scratches my shields. In any class of cruiser that I've played so far, this is alot easier than i just made it sound. Since the AI doesnt seem to use it's ships main guns, I simply can't fathom how an NPC carrier (Or even a large group of NPC carriers) could ever begin to threaten a player cruiser. That being said im not even sure why you'd pick a carrier, except just maybe for a different flavour. Even capturing stations isn't hard with a cruiser. Well, most anyway. Some stations will blast you to peices before your even outta hyperspace. But even those, there's ways around it. Without C&C. I just hyperspace around and come at them from angles that their turrets can't cover. But this is just what I've experienced so far. So since all i've got to go on is asthetics... Either Starwarrior or Firestorm.
  5. Meneliki

    Crazy Stuff You've Tried

    quote:Originally posted by Matchoo: I thought it would be fun to list some of the crazy things we have tried, whether they worked or not. Last night I was playing UC and I noticed that at 50.0km from earth your ship automatically planet-falls. I took my megaron to 50.1km from earth, gave it a halt command, then took my AE out for a little spacewalk to see if my AE would planet-fall. I could picture the little guy entering the planet and falling to his doom. SC thought of everything, though, because as soon as I hit the 50.0km mark, the game ended and it was reported that I was KIA. Hey, I've got a good one. This one time, I decided to play the tutorial mission.. so i clicked on it, and as soon as it finished loading, it immediately reported that I was killed in action. Wow did I ever learn alot from that tutorial.
  6. Meneliki

    Avoid this mistake

    Took me a while to figure this one out too. Basically the first thing you gotta do is look in the glossary HTML file that comes with the game, and determine what upgrades your particular ship takes. Print it or write it down (Cuz at least I cant alt-tab from the game). Then you gotta buy the next upgrade up from what your using.. you cant skip right to the top upgrade. Once youve purchased the upgrade, leave the space station and go into your Logistix screen. Then select your CC, go thru the decks until you find the system your gonna upgrade. click on it and the "upgrade" button should be highlighted. Click it, and assign techs to do the swap. the more techs assigned, the faster it'l happen. Since its usually a slow process, i usually fly right back to the station and have the stations techs help as well. I dont understand why you cant do it right from the station when you buy it, without leaving.... if you can, i dunno how. Anyway, the part will be swapped immediately.. and basically will start as though its damaged, down to 50% and what theyre doing is essentially repairing it back upto 100%. Hope this helps.
  7. Not random, totally reproducable. Explosion noise heard, screen goes black, "target destroyed" is heard, CTD. Latest drivers, latest directx, latest game patch, etc etc. M