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  1. it could have been shorter for that beginning part, just to know how it all started like the training in Starship Troopers. Then they could have started it up with the story of when the war actually begins. Thats the only one of the books that is really important anyways and then they could end it on the bridge with seeing some object in the distance over the gas giant... THEN they start with the vid game story in the next game.
  2. There is not going to be a war. At least not in the remainder of the prezidents term. i dont beleive that Iran will push this very far and wont certainly make nukes after what just happened to Iraq. I think the US has every right to plan for a worst case scenario though. This is a terrorist haven like Iraq and nukes getting into their hands would not be good. escpecially since many hiding ex-iraqi regime members are now in iran.
  3. The truth is that these days movies are relying too much on computer effects and action. It ends up clouding the whole story and in the end everyone just forgets about it like all the rest of those failed movies. (For the most part). Halo is going to get a lot of box office right away but if it isnt good no one is going to see it again. I hope that Jackson can put more into the characters than just the action/battle sequences of the movie. When I first heard about the halo movie i was disapointed that they werent going to start with the Fall of Reach which make an excellent introduction to the story. I hope they can find a way to at least include some of what happened during John's (Master cheif's name) training and all the other spartans. I think all those who have read the books can agree with me.
  4. Yeh I liked War of the Worlds and E and R hated it. I did hear a lot a bad stuff bout Doom with the 1st person thing. I dont know, Halo might be good, and Peter isnt going to let this ruin his reputation after LOTR and King Kong. This movie is either going to suck totally and shoot Bungie in the face or its going to be really awesome and make somebody a freakin billionaire. Im hoping for the second one.
  5. i never saw doom but i heard it sucked. like REALLY bad. this is of course not my own opinion. Ebert and Ropert (dont comment on my spelling) said it was the #7 worst movie of the year or something.
  6. Ooh, quite interesting. (I cant say I wasnt paying more attention to the hotties than the photoshop stuff.)
  7. DOWN WITH THE ISLAMIC INFIDELS!!! "We should jail the lot of em'!" -Officer George Betty. lol.
  8. With the movie in production, what can you expect from another game-to-movie after recent failures like the DOOM movie?
  9. The radical Islam as a whole is getting out way out of hand (not that it wasnt already). They are a scourge upon the free world and are exactly the people we've been trying to stop in the war on terror. I say that Palestine and any nation that supports it should be declared an enemy and brought down before the entire region falls into complete chaos.
  10. Yeh, the U.S is probably going to own all those countries in the future, Nomad (not to mention probably the whole world) so lets not even get into them... Go America.
  11. Oh how interesting... This forum sounds like its going in the same way as the one I just dominated. And Nomad is here too...
  12. Here's a revolutionary RTS game for you: The Battle for Middle Earth (the second game is also coming out soon). For anyone whose ever played it you know how good the game combines awesome graphics, superior animation for basically every object in the game, and great game physics and model proportions (all units are exactly to size and reality hit points, etc...) Although this is a different RTS genre, I think this game would be awesome if it could incorporate characteristics like that.
  13. I think he means he's going to look into the game since it isnt out until march yet anyways. For all those hard-core RTS strategy players out there, this game is something to check out seeing how awesome the first one was. It's warcraft, Age of Empires, LOTR, and Command and Conquer Generals all in one (Obviously taking place in Middle-Earth without any fighter jets. There are flying Nazgul though. Dragons coming in the second game.) Check out the first game too. Even if you arent a LOTR fan you still might like this game just because the graphics, game physics, and animation is so real unlike in most RTS games like the recent AOE 3.
  14. I've watched all of the trailers and interviews. Looks like it's going to be great. What is your opinion and what are you hoping to see in the game? Please refrain from using all caps in your subject. -Sho [ 01-29-2006, 05:44 PM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]
  15. That is really mean that they did that- BUT IT'S FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!! (sorry, I just got this picture in my head of a fat santa advertising pictures to little kids and then kicking them out the door when they dont buy any)
  16. Somehow I find it interesting to watch...
  17. WOw that isnt true but it is funny to think. The moon hoax is a hoax in itself. I will say no more.
  18. Wow, another al-queda loser. They're good sports, they always stick around to get blown up again...
  19. Whoever degrades or says bad junk against our troops in Iraq should go burn in hell. That includes John Kerry.
  20. My opinion on the movie: Was a great movie in my view and followed the story well through the book. It was quite an improvement over previous attempts at the movie which were not even worthy of recognition. The battle scene at the end was amazingly well done seeing as the battle in the book wasnt so spectacular they really did it well. Unfortunately though, there were many times in the movie that seemed kind of phony and they rushed through the story so fast there was hardly any time to see changes in characters. Example: One moment Peter is wielding a sword for the first time and then he is already using it three minutes later against wolves. Twenty minutes further in he is hot in the middle of combat slaughtering hundreds of evil combat veterans. I think they tried to hard to make the kids look like magnificent heros. I still have the dumb scene of Lucy at the end with her bow in hand shoot the dwarf (Just to show the world that she too is a dramatic hero) in what I consider to be the worst moment in the movie. you see this several times through in the movie at different times. While the movie, in all, wasn't bad, it seems to lack the development and quality of what we saw in the Lord of the Rings (best movies of all time). Still I hope they can continue to do well in the upcoming adventures in the Narnia series.
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