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  1. I have Universal Combat "vanilla" version, not the Collector Edition or A world apart and I remember that I played it online years ago...but now, I just reinstalled it and I can't see the online option in the main menu. The first strange thing is - during install process the game didn't ask for my serial code...anyway the install completed "succesfully". another strange thing is that if I run the uc.exe file the game doesn't start at all, I had to find a nocd version of the exe in order to let it run but i still can't see the online or multiplayer option in the menu. The game also ask for language.lan file that is missing , the workaround I found is to rename the english.lng file to language.lng file , then it runs. But all those problems I think are very strange Before you ask, yes my copy of UC Is original.
  2. Hello ShoHashi, thanks for your reply, I read the post but I can't find UCCE 1.0 to buy from the 3000ad website...should I have to search through the web (amazon, ebay or else) to find the right version? Or do we have some other option to buy? Edit: I have my original copy of Universal Combat, I was playing multiplayer some years ago but now it dosn't run anymore (win7 64bit) If i could be able to run it it would be ok anyway, I would let my friend buy Universal Combat just like me and we are done... thanks a lot
  3. Hello everybody, it's been a while since I didn't come to this forum, well I am here with a question for you Recently I introduced Universal Combat series to a friend (scifi addicted just like me) and he seems to be enthusiast about the possibilities of UC (of course I said!) Well we would like to play and roleplay together online and we was thinking about to buy the steam version of UCCE , but I read that that version has not the online multiplay... So my simple question is: today, which is the most recent Universal Combat game should we buy in order to play online together? And where to buy? Of course if any other commander would join us during the future multiplay game...is welcome! thanks in advance!
  4. Finally, my hopes are becoming true, or at least a possibility to see a Battlecruiser remake. Thumbs up my money are ready to leave my wallet heading to 3000AD my pc is ready to finally take off from this planet.
  5. Hi all, I just started working with GBSIII from my Universal Combat because I would create some custom missions, just as I already do for other games like Arma and Arma II... But I to know if I can play my own ACM with my friends or theese custom scripts are to be played in single player only. Thank you. Skylee
  6. Hello there, I am going to buy UCCE retail box version directly from 3000ad. My question is: Will I have the opportunity to upgrade my version to the graphic enhancement ov the V2.0 ? I'd like to get the manual, map and all other stuff coming with the box, but I'd like to play with the better graphic above all... thanks for help
  7. Me too... Today i just opened a thread asking news about Knightblade, but....someone deleted it. I wonder why, please could anybody explain it ? thank you.
  8. hi folks we are trying to meet up with people from all over the galaxy in order to arrange multiplayer sessions. So, contact us ( me , Makinavel or RT) and l join our group stay tuned!
  9. Here I am , ready to learn how to play online =) I can provide a standalone pc for server purposes if needed. I write from Italy so my time is CET +1 Hope to play soon guys Skylee
  10. 2 more words just to say that the official "videogame" of battlestar galactica, is simply.................... I wonder if one day the battlestar fans could ever play a real spaceship simulator game like UC, settled in the bsg scenario.... that would be THE ultimate videogame!
  11. I've never watched the old series of battlestar galactica, but I just falled in love with the newer... I think this is a perfect merge of scifi and human drama , with dark atmosphere and cool scenes. I love the "poor" technology in this remake, such as NO shields on battleships, NO lasers, NO exotic weapons... just, missiles, bullets, and nuclear warheads. Even the smoking people aboard the bsg are so "true" people, the launch system very similar to the actual carriers is real cool. Well I loved this fiction, and ( please don't shoot at me for what i am about to say =) ) Every time I play Universal Combat, I'm dreaming to be like Husker Actually, UC is the only videogame that gives me the feeling to be a real starship commander, and I love this game for it! Skylee
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a newcomer of this forum , even if I read it for several months, and finally I decided to write this post. I'm a role player since I was 8 y.o. (classic stuff, D&d , vampire , stormbringer...and so on ) and I still love this kind of game now as well. I always loved space games , expecially the ones that allows you to explore , roam the universe... all the games that were able to let you feel the sensation of infinite around you. Well I started to play battlecruiser few years ago....and of course it was the only game that gave me the real freedom on my spacecarrier... ok, to the point... ^^ Nowdays the multiplayer games are the only way...well there are a lot of games that focus players to fight each other...1 vs 1 or team vs team. I think that for the Universal Combat fans, the right way to combine the multiplay - with the power of this game is to design a space game like universal combat , that will give you the whole command of a big spacecarrier with access to the all subsystems , just like a real admiral with some other things: Crew game: 5 or more players are the main characters of the spacecarrier. one player will play as commander , will take typical decisions of a spacecarrier commander some players will play as fighers pilot , using the spacecarrier's fighers , taking off...landing...fighting... some others will play as marines, protecting the spacecarrier , or boarding the enemy ship, and then fighting for it... I think that a game like KnightBlade could be the perfect place where to start developing this idea... You can walk around the various decks, roaming around the different rooms...meet other players in their quartiers....or flight deck. Well , maybe this could be too a much expensive work, but I think that this could be real difference from all other products actually on the market. Or maybe that will be only in my dreams Thank you for your attention ! Skylee - Out.
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