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  1. Just an FYI. I haven't reloaded UCAWA, I'm still waiting for one more componet to finish my systems upgrade, so I can't say I'm having a problem. I did download & apply the Directx Feb (2006) update, After which I had a problem with Windows Media player 10 & Rhapsody. The WMDRM on my machine had become corrupted.
  2. OldHead3750

    E-mail address confusion.

    I received your email, Thank You. I did discover that Comcast uses Trust Watch by GeoTrust and they had 3000.ad as not verified. That could be a reason for the challenge not being returned. I corrected that. I still have the original BC that I got from Chips & Bits way back if I remember right, loaded with all your patches on my old 486. Thank You again and best regards
  3. OldHead3750

    E-mail address confusion.

    My thoughts are Comcast somehow is filtering it out and not providing a report, which I'm suppose to get. I know I did respond to the challenge. Thanks for the responces. I'm off to do battle with Comcast. I have in at Comcast,I hope, My son-inlaw is an accountant for them and work directly for the director of the depatment. Yeah right
  4. OldHead3750

    E-mail address confusion.

    I did receive the new CD-Key, thank you. I have checked my comcast spam filter and there are/were no trapped responces back to Choice Mail One. The only thing I find interesting is that I did respond to the numerical challenge from Choice Mail one, I think on 2/7 0r 2/8, but that was with my first Comcast email to [email protected], but I did not have any reference to UCAWA spelled out in the subject or text. I was not challenged at all when I used my old AOL address. The one you received. I sent two tests today to support with the Comcast address, one without any reference to UCAWA spelled out and one with UCAWA spelled out completly in the subject box and the text area. I was not challenged on either one. Both browsers are installed on this system plus IE, but I only use Comcast, Comcast is the default browser. I don't see that to be a Problem. Any thoughts. When you have the time. Again, Thank you.
  5. OldHead3750

    E-mail address confusion.

    I thought that posting this here would be okay, since it does impact the way in which I need to comunicate with 3000ad. A couple years back I had an AOL account, when I registered my copy of UC. I just recently purchased UCAWA, I registered the game and also registered with the forums, but I now have a Comcast account. Having had some problems with UCAWA running on my system I began upgrading my system & used all my original reactivations. Using my Comcast account I could not get through to support to request a new CD-Key, out of curiosity I logged onto my old AOL account(that account had been tranfered and is in my son's name) and I got through to support instantly. Long winded, I know. Sorry. Anyway, my question is how do I go about getting the old AOL email address removed from your db and replaced with my current Comcast email address to avoid this in the future.
  6. OldHead3750

    Product Activation

    [email protected] I have sent no less than 5 requests to that address. Each email has contained the full name of UCAWA, both in the subject box and in the text message.
  7. OldHead3750

    Product Activation

    I was wondering if you have recieved any recent email request for new reactivation CD-Keys. I have recently submitted a request. Thank You