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  1. I think at the start of his post he said he "read the manual appendix several times". I've read it too and I agree, it does leave something to be desired, but it is what it is.
  2. I think that the only back-story on the other races is left up to the player. There are a few details given for each race, ex; the Droidans built the jumpgates, wormholes, and fluxfields that you find throughout the galaxy. ex; the Valkerie (misspelled?) and the Gammulans have been long time allies, and the Gammulans have lost two wars to the Droidans (or possibly the Credians I'm a little rusty on my lore). I could be completely wrong though, SC might have tomes of GC universe lore locked up in an underground vault on the moon for all I know. I just fill in the blanks with my own stories. Take what the game gives you and roll with it.
  3. Whoa... that's a deadly piece of hardware. I'm playing the free edition and I'm able to jump right to the ODS's without taking damage. Perhaps it's as SC said, and it's just not getting a good fire solution on my ship. I kind of prefer it this way actually...seeing how deadly they really are.
  4. I've never been shot at by an ODS, nor have I seen an ODS fire on an enemy in close proximity to it. I frequently see interceptors jump close and destroy them (after a good 5 minutes of breaking down the ODS's thick armor) without taking a single hit themselves. I've just been treating them like props.
  5. I've been scanning the boards and have come across different peoples accounts of their adventures. I've decided to begin a log of my own. Here are the adventures of Commander Fenrih Lyra II, the only clone of a decorated Commander in the Gammulan Military Star Fleet. (In case you're wondering, Fenrih Lyra I was destroyed in a cataclysmic, universe shattering event known as "I deleted his save file on accident". His clone carries all of his progenitor's experiences, but unfortunately not his bank accounts) Lyra II began his campaign from the Cyclone station on Cyron VI, on the borders of the Gammulan sector. His vessel, a Violon class heavy carrier named "Al Samad II", (a tribute to Frank Herbert and his world of Dune) was new, his crew fresh, and his enthusiasm high. His orders were to patrol the outlying sectors and assess the raider situation on nearby Pravis. After following the standard procedure of dropping mining drones to the surface of Cyron VI the voyage was underway. After a quick jump through the wormhole, the ship arrived at Pravis. The station in orbit was indeed being held by raiders... Droidan raiders. The Droidans sent out a wing of fighters to intercept and escort the Al Samad II to the station where it would no doubt be disassembled for parts and the crew murdered in the way that raiders are so proficient; prolonged torture followed by revival so the misery could be carried out as long as possible. Lyra would not have it. His interceptor pilots were new and inexperienced and if they were launched now they'd surely die. The Droidan interceptors had already made the jump to hyperspace and were moments away from emerging. Lyra quickly ordered the Passive Target Acquisition System online and charged to full power. Taking manual control of the ship he tipped the bow end of the giant vessel down. Its back, where the most defense turrets were located, would be facing the incoming threat. When the two ships emerged they were met with a torrent of plasma that ravaged their shields and burned through their armor. They were left disabled and helpless, ironically in the way they preferred their prey. The commander sent word to Cyclone base that a threat had been detected. Preparations had to be made before and assault could be mounted against the station, but the Commander had his first taste of real combat. Until adequate funds could be raised to acquire the necessary weaponry and take over the station, the Commander spent time familiarizing himself with various trade routes. After multiple ore runs between Kruger and Otura-9, the funds had been amassed, and the assault was ready. Al Samad was moved into position by the enemy's ODS and final reconnaissance was conducted. Lyra knew of star stations powerful defense turret arrays but had never seen them used against a carrier. He consulted the intelligence files from the Gammulan Military defense network (aka 3000AD forums) and learned of a cunning tactic. All he needed to do now was execute it correctly. He ordered the ships cloaking system online, and the flight officer computed a jump profile to the enemies supply station. He grew tense as his ship closed the distance to the enemy station. Soon it was in sight, and in the shadow of the nearby planet it was truly a menacing one. So far all had gone well and the enemy seemed unaware of the approach. The ship moved into position, and, still cloaked, a full volley from the forward laser cannon was ordered. The stations shield was whittled down, and the lasers began to bore into the hull of the station itself. Finally the comms officer received an SOS signal. They'd done it. Without any bloodshed the station was captured for the GM. Handshakes were exchanged, fuel supplies were replenished, excess ore sold, and soon they were on their way once more. Before they launched, the station's long range communication dish picked up orders for Lyra and his crew. They were from the GM High Command. Word had reached them of the successful capture of the raider base and they were eager to utilize the new tactic. The Al Samad II was ordered to tour the nearby systems of Cyrian, Krynon, and Xyon, and expand the Gammulan "footprint". Essentially it was a purge. And it was only the beginning. In one day, a single rotation of Gamma-1, Lyra conquered the entire Gammulan quadrant. His rank advanced more rapidly than any Commander in the GM. He received standing orders to root out enemies of Gammula. His mission had become a crusade. Though it was not a bloody one, it was a far reaching, and devastating purge that spanned the entire known galaxy. According to the GM defense net other such "victory laps" had been waged in the distant past, though they left no visible scars on any of the planets. Before the "lap" was even completed Lyra achieved the rank of Supreme Commander of the Gammulan starfleet, and had obtained well over 75,000,000 galactic credits. Gammula's enemies were crushed. Even the Terran Military and their self righteous "Galactic Command" were beaten into submission. Orders were sent to Lyra and his crew. They were to make their way to the star station "Gammula" so they could be commended for their efforts. The course was plotted and they were under way. Meats, tobacco, alcohol, and other luxuries were loaded into the cargo hold; a special treat to the crew who were now bored of their constant diet of Nutripaks. Lyra dreamed of statues being erected in his honor, and that of his crew. He knew these dreams were foolish. His military training taught him to be humble and not seek reward for doing his duty, but what he achieved was great and was worthy of recognition. Many hours, and many more hyperjumps later they arrived at Gamma-2. Gammula station was available for view on sensors. It was a magnificent sight. Not in the whole of the galaxy was their so unique a station. It was the pride of every man woman and child, even those on distant colonies who so rarely had a break from their expansionary duties to visit the engineering marvel. Coordinates were set and the hyperdrive was activated. Suddenly, out of nowhere, enemy vessels started showing up on radar. Droidan, Terran Military, Credian, Empirians, what were they doing so deep into our quadrant, the captain asked himself. The Al Samad emerged from hyperspace 2 or 3 kilometers from Gammula Star Station and was moving into docking position when two new radar contacts were detected. But it couldn't be. There must be an error in the IFF system. The new enemy contacts were GM interceptors. Missile threat indicators sounded on the bridge. The EMD field was quickly activated and just in time too, for the indicator pings were less and a half of a second apart. We've been betrayed, the captain thought to himself. "Emergency evasive maneuvers!" The shield was being pummeled by laser fire from the interceptors. The ship moved out of the way just before the shield was breached. "Con, get us the hell out of here!" It was a conspiracy. Thoughts raced through the commander's head. Who could have done this? I've grown to powerful. They want to dispose of me. It's so clear to me now. They advanced my rank so I would continue to do their dirty work. I'm just as disposable at the rank of Supreme Commander as I was at the rank of Commander. A course was plotted out of the system. The captain had to think. They would take refuge in the wastes. They traveled there once before when they crossed the bridge between the Gammulan and Syrion sectors. The great debris fields would shield the ship from enemy sensors and make them difficult to pursue. Besides, the flux fields were so unstable it was unlikely anyone trying to track them would be led to the same sector in space. He and his crew had been exiled. Lyra needed time to figure out his next move. Until that time, the Al Samad II was adrift in the lonely desolation of space without a friend, and without a hope.
  6. I decided to treat my earlier save file (the one that I deleted on accident) as an advanced tutorial. Now I'm a Supreme Commander with over 250,000 xp and 75,000,000 credits. Woohoo!!
  7. Oh that's good to know. I assumed they only needed to prep for combat when they're going to a planet surface. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Nwah: Me too. I find that I rarely ever need combat kits either, which usually sell for a 2000-3000 depending on the station. canshow: That's a good point. I hadn't considered the role-playing angle before. I typically only trade with items that have a large payout like weapons and upgrades, but most of my income comes from lucky cargo pod finds (I got 3 STO's last night in a single cargo pod. I nearly wet myself). I don't think I've ever had 18 intruders on board yet... sounds intense.
  9. Thanks for the speedy reply. I'm curious to know how effective it is to trade with these items. They're usually priced very low (with the exception of Plants, Radiation Control Kit and Craft Parts 1-3). Any thoughts?
  10. I've scoured the game manual looking for the answer to this question, but I haven't had any success. Do the miscellaneous trade items available at all the star stations have any other purpose other than trade? For instance, if I run out of Nutripaks will my crew use Canned Foods, Vegetables, Juices, and other AG items for sustenance? Also, if I purchase books and magazines are they considered to be stock for the on-board Library, and made available to off duty crew members?
  11. Amen to that. After some trial and error you'll develop tactics to avoid hostile castes but it's tricky. That's what I love about this game. It's not for your average shoot-em-up gamer.
  12. I'm newish to the game too. I learned 99% of what I know about it just by reading the game manuals and hints included. I know they're lengthy but there is a LOT to this sim. I see some other folks answered a few of your questions already but I'd like to put in my 2 cents if I may. 1: As stated earlier by Nwah (cool name btw, Morrowind reference?) you can't speed up game time, but I've found that reading or doing housework between hyperjumps and repairs is a good way to pass the time. Besides, the more time you have invested in your crew and making a name for yourself in your player caste, the easier it is to role play. 2: I've never played a Diplomat before so I don't really know what's expected of them, but as it says in one of the start screens, you're only limited by your imagination. Diplomats might just take a little bit more imagination than other castes. You'll definitely need to mine though as Nwah said. If you need any help figuring that out feel free to ask. Most of all, don't be intimidated by the scope of the game world or the menus. It just takes time to learn.
  13. I was trying to clean up some extra save files on one of my profiles and accidentally deleted the profile itself from the menu screen. I deleted it from the game menu, not from the "3000AD\Universal Combat\save" folder, so it does not appear in my Recycle Bin. Is there a way for me to recover it or does the game permanently delete it from the hard drive?
  14. I got really pissed off one day at this GCV-WARMONGER ship because they were firing on my Jenstar, so I dispatched one of my shuttles that was out on patrol to go tow him to GALCOMHQ...It was so easy, and all I had to do to take his cargo was decouple the tractor beam and let GALCOMHQ's PTA systems take him out! I do that alot now so I wont have to get shot a whole lot and I'll get experience points and cargo...once i got a Trancor ODS which got me something like...about a couple million I think!
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