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  1. I and others have had this issue with random mission zones. Nothing you can do about it as far as I know.
  2. Yup, I got a key in december, tried it but the beta was unstable to the point of being unplayable, so I gave it up. I should give it another go and be more useful Still it looks great, but it's still very generic sadly.
  3. As for your question about resolution, I can't really tell you for sure as I don't have any screen supporting that resolution, but I would make a guess and say yes. And if the game doesn't give you the option, you can still modify the .ini file storing resolution by hand which should work (but don't tell Derek, he hates users doing unsupported tweaks and then coming and ask for support ).
  4. Nah, the free version of UC dates back to some years ago already. I'm not too much into legal stuff, but as soon as Derek's deals with the people selling his games are over, he provides the games for free with some limitations (UC free is singleplayer only) instead of greedily clutching to them. So the latest version is Universal Combat: Collector Edition, which is still on sale. It features all of the campaigns from the previous games (including the battlecruiser series) as well as all of their Instant scenarios. I can't remember if it adds any campaign/scenario but that's very likely. It comes in two flavors, UC:CE V1 and UC:CE V2. Though I bet derek would urge you to buy V2 as it's using the graphics engine from Galcom: echo squad which is way nicer, and the adds the engstrom carrier from that very same game, which I must admit is a fine craft, I would personnaly recommend that you buy UC:CE V1, as I think it is the most stable game of the whole UC/BC series, and it's quite nice looking (some slight graphical improvements over the free version of UC), and if I remember correctly, UC:CE V2 has no multiplayer while V1 has. It doesn't feature any of the scripting tools that V1 does either. There, you have my opinion
  5. I bet my post was a bit misleading, IIRC the free version of UC is the latest version but not the latest installment in the series. The latest installment is UC:CE, as canshow pointed out. Before that were UC:AWA and UC:SE, which all feature a reworked graphics engine, but don't have the wildlife you can find in UC. Anyway, this is irrelevant to the topic. I'll try to think some more about what's causing you trouble with your input. Btw, did you check if maybe that would be a display issue only? As in, type in some junk (you're in the AE's name field), press enter, type in some more junk (you're now in the asset name field), then try to start the game? The game will refuse to start if the character name is empty (doesn't care about the craft's name, if it's empty it defaults to "NONE").
  6. Oh, wildlife, that's quite an old version of UC Well obviously this is not an AA issue.
  7. If you're not forcing it on the drivr, try turning off antialiasing in the game options also if it's on.
  8. Are you forcing AntiAliasing in the card's control panel? If so, disable it.
  9. Hey Pip and welcome. Using the Crew tab of the Tactical screen will allow you to send any crew member, including your alter ego, to any support craft on the ship. Your alter ego is in the officers list, all you have to do is click the assignement button next to your AE and send yourself to any craft that still has room. Once your AE is onboard the craft (you can check using PERSCAN), all you have to do is launch the craft as usual from the bridge view. Then the view will switch to your AE's. The whole procedure is explained on page 44 of the AWA/SE/CE manual.
  10. Trial and error Usually the game gives you barely enough time to get to the location of your next mission. What this means is, often the mission already began when you get there, some targets are destroyed already, some of the ships you should have escorted are gone, etc. In your first ACM campaign ,you're probably not going to win every mission, not going to earn every medal there is to earn. My feeling is that this is the way the game is meant to be played. You can't win every time, and sometimes, well, bad stuff happens at random. Though the campaign is very linear, the world around you continues to live and breath, thus producing lots of unexpected situations .You can't shield yourself against every one of them, so you have to get over it. My own experience is that unless you do have prior knowledge of the missions, some of them are impossible to beat. It's all right, I think I've gone through The Future Is Now campaign quite a few times before I managed to beat it perfectly. Overall this makes for some frustrating situations, but it also keeps you constantly on edge, always anxious of what's going to happen. I quit enjoy it that way.
  11. Saw that trailera couple months ago, made me wonder why nobody though about the concept before.
  12. It's always interesting to get some insight from you. As for Indie titles, that's where most of my purchases have been going lately, and I can't say I regret any bit of it.
  13. I bought it around a year ago, it's great, though I wish Notch spent more time fixing the various non working features in SMP.
  14. I'm usually available just every sunday, as long as you warn me a day or two before.
  15. Eh, thanks for the reminder Sho, I had forgotten about it already.
  16. Hm? The steam version works just fine for MP.
  17. I just got my new GPU, so I'm available.
  18. Most probably you have to increase the power allocated to engines in the logistix screen. It is only set to 50% by default.
  19. I definitely will when I get my new graphics card and buy a joystick more suited for WW1/2 sims than the Cougar. RoF looks great, it may be a good replacement for my aging Red Baron2
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