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  1. From the appendix: Player awarded EPs for capturing stations: EP MEDAL AWARDED Each Station + 5000 1x Combat Shield Third Station + 10000 1x Order Of The Wraith Sixth Station + 20000 1x Commander's Shield Ninth Station + 30000 1x Star Of Merit Tenth Station + 50000 1x Order Of The Universe
  2. Well playmod isn't shipped with GBSIV, so I'm not sure there's any for UCCE, let alone UCCEV2. You could use the /opt_cheats_on option to your game shortcut to activate the cheats menu, but you can't alter your crew or add cargo items to your craft like you could with playmod.
  3. The music is in OGG format, you can use VLC to convert it to mp4.
  4. RT


    Happy birthday Raziel!
  5. I wish Gameforge spent less money on their shiny graphics (who's playing browser games for the graphics?) and more money making actually interesting, non generic games (Ogame and its dozen clones anyone?). Well, at least that was a nice battle scene.
  6. So, I just tested on UCCE V2, and it indeed seems the ODS wont fire at all. Well, too bad, but they never played an important role anyway. At least your fighters wont get obliterated by jumping at it right after they're out of targets Both versions of UCCE are now considered legacy so there wont be any change.
  7. What Kalshion said. I'm using fraps, the vid I made with Fraps was around 400mb, Vdub took it down to 8mb.
  8. Ennemy crafts usually have a destination in mind and wont change their orders even if you attack them. You will notice that though they don't attack you directly, their PTA system is still targeting you, as it's not tied to their current target. Same goes with the crafts launch system, ennemy carriers' fighters will launch if you get into radar range even though the host craft will ignore you. The problem here is that most ennemies you meet have a RTB order which basically overrides any situation-specific threats, such as you firing at them. If they were given patrol/SAD/escort/defend orders and you got into radar range/were a threat they would definitely attack you.
  9. ODS definitely DO fire in 1.01.04, here's a demonstration. Canshow, please notice that at around 00:56 in your video you got hit by something. I suspect that was the ODS, but then its rotation got your in the blind spot (ODS systems have them just like ships and stations). The fact that you were flying around so much don't make it really easy to make sure what was happening. Overall that wasn't a very helpful video. Please make another video where you'll attack the MUL/RAI ODS in Lennen from the Barnard's Star wormhole and turn your PTA OFF. And STAY STILL and in target view so we can see what's happening from the ODS pov. Oh and get rid of the damn watermark in the middle of the screen (buy fraps or something). Sadly I can't test V2 as I got rid of my beta build ages ago, and didn't buy the game either since then.
  10. You can't add new models into the game as they're not in a regular format and I bet only Derek has the tools for converting from common 3d formats. You can however alter the textures of existing objects as they're in plain TGA if I remember correctly.
  11. Everybody can create custom scenarios using the GBS tool which is freely available.
  12. It can't be modded. You can make custom scenarios, that's basically it.
  13. I played the demo a bit but hold off my purchase after checking their forum and finding out the game isn't finished. It looks like a neat game, and it seems even with a fe thousand stars it runs fine (things start getting really slow when you try to generate a 10k stars galaxy though). I'll wait some more before buying it, though I think I'll end up buying it anyway as it isn't very expensive.
  14. Commodore Hector Malori, present and still active.
  15. I'll be present this time, I promise!
  16. Some misc items have a purpose: combat kits, medpacks, vacpacks, nutripacks and radiation control units. The rest is only meant for trading.
  17. Space is dark to the naked eye. What you've seen is false color images, long expsure shots, and overall photoshop work. I like my space dark, I'm tired of all the colors. Also, I find it quite ironic that they would go that way given the name of the game.
  18. Can you replace the (OVERSATURATED) skybox textures by some black images? I'm tired of them colored backgrounds in SPACE.
  19. Depends of what kind of game we want. The official servers all have different settings/scenarios.
  20. Hint: your cruiser DOES have a lot of targets on board.
  21. You say it reported it couldn't "write over". I bet that's going to be either you're trying to patch while the game is running (so the exe will be in read only mode), either there's some fishy access issue with the folder/exe. When I switched to Windows 7 from XP, I noticed it suddenly became rather bohersome modifying files/folders in the Program Files folder. Make sure you have write access the the UCCE folder and rerun the patch?
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