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  1. exaclty the same problem here.. must add I have a DD version.
  2. good to know SC. thought it was my d2d version because the thin' is still in the manuals! that and the reference that we can dock 25k away 8)
  3. I have d2d with the latest patch and can confirm that the bug is not fixed. CTD everytime when I try to access tradcom after capturin' the station.
  4. ok I think me figured it out thx to my uber 'puter skillz! and to that pirate comment - I only see one pirate here and his name's above the pirate flag btw, stuff doesn't rot in Canada.. too cold eh?
  5. this topic was originally posted in the tech support forums but was moved by the mods down here.. silly mods. anyhow, don't know how to make my specs show up but I'll give it a try.
  6. my first one was firestorm. picked for its cool name. my second and present CC is Megaron and I love it over firetorm. it's much faster and 'bout as much firepower with lots more shield to back it up! nice managable crew and a good compliment of fighters/shuttles. it's a winner. firestorm is just way too slow...
  7. I just started a new game. it was bugged beyong rpair
  8. I also recall one of my shuttles overpowered by intruders and I managed to get it back after it was disabled. then I repaired and used it. perhaps that caused the problem?
  9. yes I got it from GalcomHQ station in Sol.. I think it's a bug or there's somethin' on board of my ship that messes with its computers... everytime I launch a fithter or a shuttle out my ship will attack 'em unless I disable the turrets. quite a pain in da rear...
  10. ok this is the problem. the battleship I command shows as a red enemy target to me on my radar. evertime I leave my own ship in a shuttle or a fighter it shows as a hostile target and will try to attack me. when I pilot my battleship it can be seen as a hostile target on the TACOPS as well. my crew is fine and on station and no intruders. it's been like this for some time but I think since I purchased and flew that shuttle to replace a destroied one. didn't catch exaclty the moment when it accured. I have downloaded this game about one week ago and this is my first roam compain as a ter commander of a firestorm super cruiser. I have the latest version of this game. appreciate all the help. [ 05-25-2006, 12:28 PM: Message edited by: Wolferz ]
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