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  1. Just another example why people have to 'triple check' their credit reports and credit cards. I check my credit cards on a regular basis,(weekly) since I had a break in a few years back.Yes, I cancelled those credit cards. The internet, both friend and foe, can help.
  2. Ok, here is the 'Sampler' if anyone is interested: Sampler. Source is included for all scenarios.
  3. Good or bad for who? It depends on which side of the dollar sign you are on.
  4. I was trying out the SF marine career, and found this problem: If you start a roam as a SF Marine, the default asset is a shuttle craft.If that craft is destroyed the game will hang. Freeze. It does not crash to desktop.Have to bring up the task manager to stop the process. Tried MP and the same thing happens. Sequence of events: Start new roam as SF marine.Hit <contrl><alt><E>. Say 'yes'. Game hangs. No explosion graphics.
  5. Jawohl! Aramike says... Dude, you can edit your posts. Therefore, please refrain from posting consecutive posts in the same thread in order to keep this site easy to search and read. Thanks. [ 06-06-2006, 03:27 AM: Message edited by: aramike ]
  6. ...and still got a free copy of BCM. Complete, with the manual. Just seems strange.
  7. If you want to buy Doctor Who videos , the best place I have found is BBCAmerica . Click on 'Shop' and hunt for Dr Who. They have the best selection I have found yet. Amazon doesn't seem to have a good selection.
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