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  1. We all have those moments where we need to have extensive repairs or upgrades that take time, plenty of time for a game that is, so we all need ways to pass the time while engineers do their work. The following is some of the stuff I do to pass time, but UCSE and all previous and future variants of it have almost infinite possibilities of what you can do. So get creative if you want. One thing I do is take a tour of the galaxy on a shuttle. I get a marine as a pilot, load up a buggy (you can load a tank if it makes you feel safer, more confident, bigger downstairs, etc.)and I go cruising. When in space I usually fly the shuttle myself, but if I have the need to explore a moon or planet, I switch the shuttle to autopilot, turn on Tacops comp, and order the shuttle where I want to be dropped off in my OC and where the shuttle will wait for me. When I hit the ground, drive around and have fun, explore, of even conquer a base if you feel like it. Another thing I do to pass time is plan massive ground ops if I have control of my launch bay and get rid of an insurgent base (I'm Terran Military usually) or two, depending on how much time I got until my ship is fixed. I might even just go ahead and jack a tank or fighter instead of watching others have fun by teleporting my AE next to any vehicle I choose. I prefer teleporting to a building and sniping any infantry that would kill or bug my marines on ground ops. The next few ways to pass time are the most productive money wise. First the simple one, get in a fighter and take down some enemy freighters, and use a shuttle to pick up the pods or tow back the disabled ship. The slightly more complicated way is to deploy Mining Drones to the closest moon or planet, then you can raid nearby ships like I said above. Doing these things yourself is more fun than ordering someone else to do it for you, unless you think you need to be aboard just in case of emergencies. Up to you. So far I was assuming you were playing a commander of a ship, but if you are a planetary defence pilot or marine, check out your surroundings, get in a DJP and check out other bases, essentially keep moving and hope that a battlecruiser will show up and make your day. Nothing much more to do in the enlisted careers (I'm going into the Army, and I hope I don't see action, but this is a game, action is its BLOOD! BRING ON THE PAIN!!) and if you get bored as an enlisted man, be a commander, much more to do. Any other ideas are welcome.
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    Well then its all good...Well only problem is I don't have the game yet, so I'll get onto that and check out BMT Micro and their Printed Manuals.
  3. Hello, first of all I want to say I already own Universal Combat Gold and I love it. I am about to buy Universal Combat SE and I was wondering if my system could run it with no hiccups. Soyo Dragon 2 v2.0 motherboard AMD Athlon 3000+ CPU 1.5 gig of DDR400 Ram GeForce 6800 GS video card Sound Blaster Audigy SE 24-bit sound card Lite-On DVD Drive Windows 98 SE, Windows XP, and Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 Linux OS's Also, I was wondering if theres the possibility of Universal Combat SE running on Linux natively or under the WINE compatibility layer. Just asking, as I like Linux for the fact that its generally more robust than M$ Windows. Thanks in advance.
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    System Specs

    Thanks for your quick reply. I just remember hearing about some sound card issues some people had a while back and I don't know if it was fixed since AWA and SE. Also I think I will just wait a bit and get the Collectors Edition when it comes out, Q3/07 shouldn't be that far away. Thanks for your time Supreme Cmdr.