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  1. I bought Firefly (season) on DVD and I bought both the Widescreen and Fullscreen versions of Serenity. I'm doing my part.
  2. I use the same name here that I use in EVE. Private Convo me sometime if you want to chat there.
  3. I played an English demo version of Parkan 2 at the CPL in Austin, Texas in the Summer of 2004. It crashed and the game was very confusing... I lost all track of the game until now, and after reading the forums (what I could understand) I see why. Seems to me the game was a complete failure.
  4. Actually, I believe I played a demo copy of this game at last Summer's CPL. This game played pretty neat. I wonder how much of it will be the same when/if they release it?
  5. Typical. They claim to hate the game, and it's almost a sure thing that none of them have even downloaded it, let alone played it. They read what their friends wrote, and think that makes them an expert. It's ridiculous that times haven't changed even though BC series has just gotten better... Oh well, what can you do?
  6. Me either. I was shocked when I read that quote...
  7. Ahh, Kalshion, I understand much better now. Sorry, didn't mean to get "upity" on you. I really get upset over claims (by anyone) that video games cause violence. I realize that if I sat in a room for most of my life playing only a violent video game, with no other influences, that it could potentially make me a violent person. I also agree completly that the parents AND the kid should be strung up for this. If they want to try and blame the game, fine, but to use that "excuse" they need to then defend themselves on why their kid had the game and why they apparently didn't realize what a dramatic effect it was having on him. "Not knowing your child" is no excuse either IMHO. This particular topic gets me so worked up it's difficult for me to stay coherent. Maybe I need to stop playing GTA? Just kidding.
  8. I have to agree with Jaguar. Video games do not cause violence. Parents should: 1.) Know what their children are playing. 2.) Know their child well enough, that they can tell if a game will cause or is causing a problem in their child. 3.) Take the game away if they feel it's causing problems for their child. Furthermore, Kalshion, you stated that GTA was the "only game" that causes people to go out and kill other people. A few years ago, it wasn't GTA...it was a game called Postal by a company called Running With Scissors. At Columbine, it was DOOM. About 15-20 years ago, it was a rock music. People attempting to toss the preverbial "hot potato" to someone else so that they do not have to be responsible for their own actions....I don't understand how it can be seen as anything other than this? Kalshion, does playing BC make you do violent things? There is technically violence in it... :shrugs: My two cents...
  9. I have "deja vu" events the begin and last up to...30 seconds. I've been able to change the outcome of a conversation (I think) because I distinctly remembered the exact thing happening before. Deja Vu just doesn't seem to be enough to describe the experienc at times...
  10. You died in WoW? Wow. (No pun intended...)
  11. When put in perspective, the situation is downright.....frustrating....infuriating.. :grumbles:
  12. Hell yeah....it was really funny. Story was totally zany, but it worked well in this movie. The actors really worked well together as well. I definetly recommend this if your in the mood for a comedy. 8.5/10
  13. Sounds to me like the devs almost lost control of their players. For the record, if this doesn't kill SWG I will be shocked beyond belief. What kind of mindset does it take to ban 45,000 people? Even if all of them were cheaters, from a business perspective, you can't ban that many people and expect to stay in business...
  14. Actually SC....this game has been around for awhile if I'm not mistaken. I think I remember reading something about it a year or two ago...
  15. They don't know when to quit it would seem... http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/08/19/news_6105215.html
  16. EnB's failure helped out EVE immeasurably...sooo mnay refugees. Hey, we'll take it. :-) Now we just have to hope that the devs don't lose sight of the fact that they are making a game that the players want to play. So far they are good about communicating with the players, and actually fixing things the players demand fixed. Oh well...a good read either way.
  17. EVE is doing good. Thats nice to hear for sure...
  18. quote: Write to NASA explaing the need to add beam weapons to their spacestations and satellites.I've heard NASA actually gets those kind of letters all the time...
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