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  1. Hi all, I have gotten round to getting a copy of UCCE after playing: (UCCE is downloading from GG now woot!) - BC Millenium - UC - UCSE And I must hand a huge round of applause to Derek and 3000AD for such an excellent series of capital ship focused space games! (Although they are more than just cap ship really, there is so much I cant think of a proper specific genre!!) BC Millenium and UC had me entertained for years and never left my hard drive apart from a few formats From my point of view nothing out there comes close in depth and immersion than the games produced by Derek and I am continually impressed by the consistant love and attention Derek puts into his games! which has meant the BC/UC series has been up to date and top notch for such a long period of time. The sheer intensity of the larger space battles when they happen is amazing, dont we all just love watching beam weapons in action in large cap ship fights!! The whole thing based around play it how you want it is very appealling and the series is never the same each time you start a new campaign, this is something which will always keep me coming back for more. I look forward to getting involved with the the more fighter orientated games, but I will always be a solid cap ship lover So all in all a big thanks to Derek and 3000AD for making quality games and I think we all owe them a big hurrah and best wishes on future releases! Cheers
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    UCCE: 1680x1050 ctd

    That makes alot of sense actually and it really would not surprise me in the least. Might be worth me checking on the issue on future revisions of the driver when they get released, although im not holding my breath hehe After reading that, I did it for myself to see and I can understand what happens now. If I get lazy I might just write a little batch file that I can run before opening the game to copy a version of the .ini with 1280x1024 into the game directory so it is reset to that value when I start 'er up! of course totally at my own risk Mind you, im going to have to be a little on the bored side to do that hehe Thanks again mate.
  3. Hi all, I was unsure whether to post this up or not as it could be a problem with the configuration of my OS, but after alot of testing different configurations I thought it might be worth posting here, perhaps someone can reproduce following my steps? Description When the game is set to run at 1680x1050 when I leave my ship\vehicle\etc and enter first person mode a ctd happens, this also happens when loading up an Instant Action scenario which begins in first person mode. When the game is first installed I go into config to setup my settings and I go for 1680x1050 for resolution, then if I were to load up a marine IA scenario or leave a ship in any campaign mode, first person mode will work fine. If I then exit the game then run the game again (even after reboot) and try to load a marine IA scenario or leave my ship vehicle in any campaign mode the game will ctd every time even after restarting the game. System Spec CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo QX6700 2.66GHz (Quad Core) RAM - 2GB OCZ Platinum Extreme GPU - ASUS 8800GTX 768mb SND - Creative X-FI Platinum HD - 750GB Segate Barracuda SATA 2.0 16mb cache (C:\ 40GB for booting and running OS) (D:\ 710GB for storing data and running programs) OS - Windows Vista Ultimate X64 edition Graphics driver version - 7.15.0011.6925 Sound Driver Version - 6.00.0001.1283 Monitor - 22" Samsung Flat Screen Replication: (These instructions ASSUME you are capable of running 1680x1050 resolutions) Game version: Gamers Gate 1.00.05 - Run UCCE - Click config and change screen resolution to 1680x1050 - Click SAVE then EXIT - Return to main menu - Click Instant Action - Open MI Marine scenario "Last Man Standing" = The scenario should open ok and first person mode does not cause a crash.... proceed to next steps - Close UCCE - Wait for full closure of the game client - Run UCCE - Click Instant Action - Open MI Marine scenario "Last Man Standing" = The scenario will ctd when finished loading (Usually displaying the infamous "Windows send error report" dialogue box) The steps above can be repeated in campaign mode but exiting any craft when planetside with the same results. Workaround I have been able to find a workaround to the issue however by doing the following each time you close the game: (These instructions ASSUME you are at the main menu with intent on closing the game down) - With UCCE open at main menu (after exiting a scenario\campaign) - Click Config - Change screen resolution to something like 1280x1024 - Click SAVE and then EXIT - Now close UCCE Then when you next play UCCE... - Click Config - Change screen resolution to 1680x1050 - Click SAVE and the EXIT = I now experience no ctd when leaving craft or running marine IA scenarios. The above process must be followed each time the game is closed or I will experience ctd with loading first person mode next time I play. END\ I hope these instructions for replication and workaround are clear, im not hugely talented on writing structured reports or instructions I have no idea if can even be replicated on another machine. Would appreciate any input that anyone has, I am more than happy to provide anything which may be of use to diagnose it. Of course it could just be my computer Cheers muchly Terry
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    UCCE: 1680x1050 ctd

    Ok SC thanks for the input and looking into it. Its worth a try, dont ask never find out I'll go back to digging around graphics and sound settings. The workaround I detailed there works fine for me, so im more than happy to do that, just a couple of extra clicks is all
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    Round of applause for the UC/BC series

    Which is pretty sad, but then again I think this series was the only one of its type. The only other I can think of which is frankly not space related, is the Falcon 4.0 series which I am an avid lover of with its totally dynamic campaign environment! But even that sort of flight sim is a dying breed. I certainly cannot bring to mind any others which are like this with full capital ship control in a dynamic environment. Boy do I love cap ships All I can say is keep making cool games SC!