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  1. AniaSin

    Pc Game Piracy Examined

    Yeah, i deserve to be launched via the airlock i admit it ... wait I'll just sign up 1 decade to the GalCom foreign legion, to earn my amnisty. seriously, the article point it right : easy free access (it is often easiest to pirate a game than to buy it), misinformation etc, the temptation is really huge. I won't lie, i did it more often than not - really this article made me take the firm decision to never, ever do it again - pirating also loves to hide behind false reasons and being something anecdotic is one of them. Now, the article speaks of 4/5 copies being pirated that's a plague.
  2. AniaSin

    Pc Game Piracy Examined

    Woah, took me 4hours to read it all, was well worth it. I was one of those "casual thief" and never thought piracy could be one (if not the main) reason of quality and depht decrease in PC gaming nowadays ... I'll never do it again, even to "try" a game! Well thx for the link, Mr commander -