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  1. Oh, please! You gotta love it when people who have no clue about mathematics think they can devise some sort of "formula" for the lottery. Almost as bad as a Philosophy Prof. trying to make a mathematical proof. Total bullshit....
  2. Whoa, combat looks extremely Babylon-5-esque. I love it!
  3. Interestingly, by switching FSAA from 6 to 4, has helped a lot on the stability issue. In fact it hasn't crashed after 5 hours straight gaming. And I'm still running full acceleration for sound and have graphics set at max (except FSAA). Performance is good. I did get a corrupted savegame (I died and immediately restarted with the "resume" button) but it's not that big a deal, restore still worked.
  4. No I wasn't getting personal. Got better things to do than start flamewars. I was just responding to what initially seemed to me a "it's not the game's fault because its perfect, you must have a crappy system or don't know how to use one" attitude. I don't think that's the case anymore. The spacestar's right engine glow (when in bitmap mode) is angled incorrectly I think, might wanna take a look at it. I picked up an Audigy4 and running on full accereration now. It is generally stable now, but I still occasionally get CTDs in FPS mode.
  5. Hm, found another thing. I'm missing the large green oval in the center of the screen(the one that has SVI/VMI, AID and SHI/FPI in it) as shown in the manual. The rest of the ITD is showing up correctly though. Didn't see anything about toggling it on/off. If I were going to buy a soundcard, would the latest creative model work? I know there's been issues in the past with those and know of your preference for Turtlebeach, but the shops around here don't carry the more exotic sound cards. And just for the record, I have read pretty much all relevant faqs, the manual, the forum etc. I've been following this forum long enough (since 1999 or whenever I bought bc3k v2) and know about the RTFM and similar responses. So I hope you're taking my posts about "game related" issues seriously and have a look at it. Oh and you're right, UCSE cannot be compared with BCM. While I was never a real fan of the earlier games, UCSE is the first one that's really appealing to me so PLEASE help me get it to work. That way we'll both be happy, cuz I'm gonna play a real good game, and you won't be bothered by me again .
  6. I did read the appendix (just checked it again). Didn't see anything about a ship computer. Still, wouldn't explain the pic in perscan. When saving during hyperspace jumps and reloading the game, the hyperspace effect is pointing in the wrong direction. Yeah, problem is they don't update the nForce 2 drivers (and incidentally the onboard sound) anymore. Don't tell me I have to buy a soundcard for this game, I was quite happy with my soundstorm. I was still playing Millenium before I bought UCSE and it didn't crash once. Which reminds me, didnt SC say something about a third party sound system being implemented for the more recent games. Maybe that's the problem. As an aside to SC, it appears to me that you're terribly defensive of the game. You know I'm just trying to help by pointing out the flaws that I see from my "non-fanboy" point-of-view.
  7. Aw crap, that last observation was a bit premature. It still occasionally crashes with any setting for npc gun sounds. Only turning off sound fx makes it run stable.
  8. Ok tried a few things with sound. Changing acceleration slider in dxdiag didn't help. I had one particular savegame where I'm surrounded by interceptors. Changing to external view always crashed the game. Either turning off sound fx or changing the gun sound of npcs option to something other than "all" fixed it. Also, I'm pretty sure the game was patched correctly, it says on the title bar of the window version 1.00.00 of august 24 which is the release date of 1.00.01 isn't it?
  9. 1. Huh? Non destructive? Image being loaded? Don't know what you're saying... what does that have to do with the wrong portrait showing? BTW I noticed that the wrong portrait shown (as in perscan and prompts) is different from the one in the Roster menu when actually playing a female. Maybe its an older residual portrait left inside that should have been replaced by a new male and female portrait? 2. Don't know what I could have done wrong patching the game. Press that lil button that says "Check for updates" and let the computer do the work. I'm not THAT computer illiterate! BTW it shows the correct version in Multiplayer. 3. Ok, updated video driver to todays current version. Tried different ingame settings. No change. Don't tell me my desktop color depth or similar settings would have an effect on this. Other than that the options were set to application preference or what its called. 4. If it's what you want, ok. Still, I would suggest slowing it down, cuz it just looks weird. Well its not that important, I'll just turn it off. 5. I read the FAQ that came with the game. If there are others, sorry didn't see em. But yes I think it has something to do with sound. Turned off sound fx and music and it didn't crash in combat. PS: Just read through this post and got the impression I'm giving lip... I'm not so don't hit me.
  10. I posted these earlier in the First Impression thread, but got deleted. Yeah, I forgot to put that sig thing on. Anyway just wanted to make sure that these issues are being acknowledged, if so go ahead and delete again. 1. Starting Roam game as male shows a female portrait in Perscan and other situation for example the prompt when quitting the game. 2. Main Screen for Singleplayer does not show correct version, mine shows v. 1.00.00 (I have the most recent D2D version) 3. Textures on GHQ get messy when hitting F9 and zooming in as close as possible to the CC. If you zoom out a bit its gone again. 4. That cloud texture in space rotates way to fast (so far I've only been around earth so I don't know if it is just that planet, or maybe its WAD? 5. Most significantly, I keep getting CTDs in space combat, pretty much everytime in fact. Can't see exactly what causes it though. Sometimes it CTDs as soon as hostiles enter the area and sometimes I actually get trough combat and it CTDs with the next wave of hostiles. Again, I've only been around GHQ so far(haven't had a game yet that lasted longer than 10 mins)
  11. Kalshion I think you misunderstood something. The criteria are as follows to receive MS. 1. Graduate at a Nevada HS after May 2000 (which you did) 2. Pass the Proficiency Tests (I assume you did) 3. And pass with a MINIMUM of 3.00 weighted OR unweighted GPA if you are prior to the class of 2005, otherwise its 3.10 4. Your school has nothing to do with the scholarship, it is state run So from what I gather, you are eligible. Besides, asking for the scholarship won't hurt you even if you didn't get it.
  12. Do as Grayfox suggested, I've never seen a shooting at UNLV! And they really do take everyone. Do they still have those millenium scholarships in Nevada?
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